Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Black!

Let's face it, blogging is so 2005. Facebook is so popular today they even get their own movie. So I'm shifting to a newer platform, a testament to show that I can move along with time by creating a page to write all I want, when I want at nobody's expense.

How many times do we have to visit a blog we like just to know that there is no update. When you do that 100 times, it kinda gets old and we start to be fed up. Fret not with liking a facebook page, when there's an update, you'll be automatically notified via your newsfeed. Hassle free for you, pressure free for me, I no longer have to force myself to update 4 times a week just to maintain readership, and you don't have to waste your time by visiting again and again just to check for updates. This is the new black.

So like my page if you'd want to get some updates from me and perhaps a little reading pleasure to fill in your time.

Andrew Ho,
A new label, the same great taste!