Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Drown On Me

God might be able to help those who doesn't help themselves, but I truly fall short of the glory of God. It's just plain difficult to teach people who doesn't take things seriously. I was helping a friend in his studies, but halfway down it I realise it was just impossible. A day before exam, he would wake up feeling sick, slept half the day, woke up to go play basketball, came back to sleep, went to gym and came home at 10.25 pm, an hour later, he came to my room and ask if I could teach him. Oh I remember back in my high school days, I would wake up early in the mornings, drove to my friend's house just in order he could help me revise chemistry and physics. It's difficult to help people who don't take things seriously. I sincerely believe people like that should fail in terms of academics.

It is not good to underestimate the value of the people around us. I would be willing just as I have always been keen to learn from every knowledgeable person around me. It can be anything, I'll just pick it up. If you're good at folding clothes, I would learn from you. And that's how we learn. This is an honest confession. To tell you that I'm stupid would be a blatant lie.

Like recently, I learn that if you can make Avatar, you can make anything at all! 911 is a conspiracy! Hahahaha. Years have passed since the conspiracy theory came about, I still find it hard to believe. That's probably because I first learnt it in "southpark". It is a waste of time, really it is to read news like that on the internet. Mahathir is an old man, a remarkable one, he had really lived for a very long time. I think people can actually place a bet on whether or not he'll outlive Lee Kuan Yew. I think it'll be better for these two legendary politicians to share us their secret to longetivity than their views on movies.

Haiti is the poorest country in the world. And they have again just burried 150,000 victims from the earthquake. It is sad. Yes, we may not feel it strongly from Malaysia for we are under-educated and ignorant. But it is indeed sad news. While on facebook...

A blogger was arrested for insulting sultan on his blog, but no action is to be taken on him as he had apologized. As a top-notch responsible blogger myself, I strongly condemn the blogger and his irresponsible action. XD

I just thought I would mention also about the dragon boat tragedy in Penang. My eyes got wet reading the news, not of the headline where it said how many people died, but of the report on funeral services. I saw the boys wearing those Leo Club vest and uniforms, I just thought if I were one of them and if the deceased were my friends, I'd have gone insane.

And that's the check in this week, I'll see you again next.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Of Those Moments

Tonight must be the night of nights, because I can't sleep tonight. I've been sleeping too much lately. And when you sleep too much, you'd wake up in one of the odd nights at 2 a.m. And then you couldn't sleep again. And if you're human, at this hour of time, there'll be a lot of thoughts that come rushing to you, all at once. It's one of those time when sex doesn't seem so appealing. It's one of those time. It happens. First to artist, then to those who suffer a bad mid-life crisis. Nah, actually it happens to everyone with an IQ above 100.

It's one of those time you think about life. Specifically your life. And then you think about the lives of others, and how it affect you or how it doesn't affect you. And then you think about your life again. And then you'd feel empty. You'd feel as if life is suppose to have so much more than what you have now. You feel as if you should be out doing greater things than you are now. You feel that there is so much more that you are missing. And then you catch a breath.

Well that's life gentlemen. That's life. It's one of those time and it happens to everyone. Nobody really capture that moment of their life down. Few poets perhaps pen it down in their poetry, but it happens and that's life. I smile at my life. I smile at your life. Tonight I smile to the world and wishes it well. Tonight I smile to the boys and the girls, and to friendship and to whatever good is left in this world and wish it well.

This is one of those time where you would never understand what it is, unless you too experience the same. You're not happy you're not sad. There is no reason to be sad, but there is not much to celebrate. Nothing is what it seems to be. None. And that's how it feels.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I think that West Malaysian should take us East Malaysian as a role model. For one thing, we never fought over the word Allah. And for the second, we can live together much peacefully rather than having a dogfight every now and then, which is very unlike to our west counterparts. It comes to show that East Malaysian understand better the knowledge of maintaining peace and unity. We took the higher road of saints.

What's next with the Allah word issue? I am not taking sides as this is a sensitive issue, but what if our west counterparts has successfully ban the word from their Christian brothers. What do you win? Take an airasia flight down to Jakarta or Bandung and you'll again find millions of Indonesian Christian using the word Allah in their churches. Obviously these people are not well schooled, or else they'd have known that the world is much bigger than your 950 square feet apartment. Which is why I discourage people who study theology solely and disregard other principles and fields of studies. God gave us a brain, don't waste it. Think. Think a little further if this whole issue is politically motivated or has been politically abused. Think if you are a politician how can you use this scenario for the benefit of your party. We can read that Anwar is using this issue to slam the goverment, which is cunning but not entirely baseless. The government which first failed to draw a distinct line regarding the protests and practised double standards does not help. Now hooligans are burning churches for fun, and then you come out and condemn them. Superfluous.

On the other hand, 2 people are involved in the 2 stolen jet engine. So I guess each of them carried one engine and swam to Argentina for resell. Relevant enough. What I don't understand is why punish them? It's just two people. Why don't you put a big bucket of shit in front of KLCC and let everyone go there and eat. It would have bee better than this jet plane drama. Admit that you're corrupt and keep quiet. If you want to battle corruption, battle it seriously. It seems to me like the more goverment tries to battle against corruption, the more stories of corruption we hear. Ridiculous. Did you know that Hong Kong's ICAC had in many years ago sent their officers to study our "anti-corruption" strategy and we contributed partly to their now corruption free goverment? They learnt from us and became master while we still remain, whatever this is. I'm restricted from calling the goverment bad names directly due to my imaginary increasing influential power which doesn't exist. Damn.

And what's in store for us this coming week? Perhaps another series of attack or another series of protest, anyhow the joke continues. And I say peace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A=Average, B=Bad, C=Crap

Last Sunday I returned to KL in order to start my new semester. How nice would it be if life can stop at one pleasant place and never move on. But that doesn't happens too much doesn't it. You move from one place to another, one phase to another. December was great but this is January, it will come again but only once a year. If only everyday could be Christmas and every night is New Year. It would be pleasant.

I'd wish all my friends can be at one place at all time. Around me. But that doesn't happen a lot too. Some studies elsewhere, some plan to work elsewhere. Some don't belong to this country. And from time to time, they move on, and when they do, we have to move too. The direction we're heading would not so much be the same, perhaps someday we'll meet again. Perhaps we'll forget each other in time. Perhaps "moving on" has another meaning, it also means "letting go".

Obsession is a curse that I hope would never happen to you. But it does, when it does, it's bad. I've heard that the fastest way to get rid of an obsession is to get a new one. But when you can't find a new one, you learn to let go. It's the hardest part of growing up.

On an unrelated matter I got a B for Business Econs. So no mood to blog, New Year just started, take it easy la.....