Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Black!

Let's face it, blogging is so 2005. Facebook is so popular today they even get their own movie. So I'm shifting to a newer platform, a testament to show that I can move along with time by creating a page to write all I want, when I want at nobody's expense.

How many times do we have to visit a blog we like just to know that there is no update. When you do that 100 times, it kinda gets old and we start to be fed up. Fret not with liking a facebook page, when there's an update, you'll be automatically notified via your newsfeed. Hassle free for you, pressure free for me, I no longer have to force myself to update 4 times a week just to maintain readership, and you don't have to waste your time by visiting again and again just to check for updates. This is the new black.

So like my page if you'd want to get some updates from me and perhaps a little reading pleasure to fill in your time.

Andrew Ho,
A new label, the same great taste!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I have been fine

"From my facebook note"

I have been fine. That's if you do care about my well being. Although there are times when I don't feel great, nobody wakes up every morning feeling like he is the king of the earth. I am a very regular person, almost like you. Of course there are probably a few of you who are reading, you probably wouldn't want to agree that we are the same. Mostly because you are an arrogant person thinking that your acheivements should be respected and admired. It often puzzle me if one is so great, why are they spending time acknowledging me disacknowledging them?

All greatness is built upon humility. Not the other way round.

To write something correctly and to write something interestingly isn't the same thing. I have been interesting.

This morning over breakfast my pastor jokingly said a new covenant Rabbi is like an oxymoron. They can't co-exist together. I replied religiously, saying which is why this is something new, a new creation. We all laughed. And then I said a guy from church in west Malaysia cannot understand why I had been angry with my former pastor, as he had experienced similar thing. I said that's probably because he's like 30-40 years old when he left church? I was 13 when I got hammered with ridiculous counselling, spent years being discriminated in a church I faithfully attend as believing in ocultic doctrines. My teenage years were beautiful just as it was painful. I was just a kid.

But anger can only last that long, we all learn how to forgive in time. Now we laugh over it. There are no wounds, only scars. I keep them to remind myself that the Lord has been good. Just as He always will be.

I am so sorry if I am not smart enough to write something more intellectual or impressive. I'm known to be a very simple person. It's very difficult to live a life trying to impress people and gain acceptance all the time. You're only sensational when there're people to love and hate you at the same time.

So I have been fine. I do sports, I eat my vegetables, I go to church and read the Word, I got some time to spare. I got plans, I plan to stay calm and keep on believing that miracles happen to people who believe them :o)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Live About Being a Christian

If you don't take time away from the routine of the day and reflect a little about your life. It can slip away so easily you wouldn't even realize it. So every now and then I would sit down like this, I would take some time off, just to see how am I going about in life. Am I doing what I am supposed to do, or have I gone astray.

I do not have a very regular life, not the one I wished I had nor would I choose the same road twice if given another chance. We don't get to choose everything in life, esspecially those pre-determined factors. But how we deal with it or Whom we choose to believe, that we determine.

I guess by now you have realized I spelt the word Whom with a capital letter. The greatest decision I have made in life, to say it plainly is to believe in Jesus Christ and God Himself. I am not going to convince you to join Christianity, my imperfection is glaringly revealed in my lack of interest to bother about your salvation. I am here to declare the gospel, in the clearest way, as accurately as I know how, not to sell it.

I'm afraid the church that I know of, might not be the same as you have perceived. For a start church is not a place where we go and learn what is right or wrong. People know what is right and wrong. They just don't have the power to do the right thing all the time. We all struggle in this area. And some of us feel bad about ourselves for the things we've done. We don't need another religious teacher to remind us of what we should and shouldn't do. What we need is a Saviour.

There are no formulas on how to be a good Christian. Mostly because there is never such a thing as a good Christian. One can be better than the other, but none can be good enough.

My former pastor used to ask us to wake up at 5.30 a.m. in the morning to pray. Read the bible at least one chapter a day.They call it spiritual dicipline, they also have spiritual warfare from time to time, it was mostly chanting against the air. It is believed that when you do such things, somehow you will get closer to God. They did it in vain. I know so because I did it with them.

I am not asking you to try another method that works, I am asking you to please stop trying. We tried so much, we got so full of ourselves. We wanted to do so many things. For a moment I thought I was God. Trying to save this world from spiritual warfare. Have you gone astray?

This is the gospel. Jesus loves me so much, His love was beautiful, but my sins were ugly. Against a God that cannot possible tolerate my sinful ways, Jesus paid a ransom to save me. He paid up His life, so that I may have mine. I cheated death.

And so it was the story goes, it was never about me. It was and still is, about Him. I don't go to church to learn what I should do, I go to church to learn what He has done. There is nothing left for us to do because Jesus has done it all, it is therefore - finished.

Our lives is a finished story written about on a cross. One might worry about what He should do now, because I've clearly said so that there is nothing left to do. But human, being human, we must do something less we can't rest. I say you stand on the mount of crucifiction, and you look upon the now empty cross. Perhaps if you stared long enough. You might just realize what I am trying to say all this while.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Judging Sermons

Super Short Talk: I posted this on faccebook note a few moments earlier. Indeed, facebook has taken blogging away. We all have to face that.

This is an unqualified opinion written by a self-proclaimed rabbi and how he thinks that he shall one day be the greatest preacher this nation has ever seen or heard or will ever see again in a long long time. If you're already offended by the first sentence, there is no reason for you to read on for I have nothing to impart on you. Haven you read the scriptures, where Jesus said that we shall do greater things than He did? Of course you read it, but you have problem believing it. And that by far is not your biggest problem yet. Before you go on, it is advisable that take a deep breath and make yourself a cup of coffee, you have to relax. I am not your every day reading material.

When I used to blog actively during the blogging hayday, I was a very inspirational one. Do you know what is more inspirational? Bak Kut Teh. I love Bak Kut Teh and myself have a fine taste for food. While having a conversation with my pastor and elder over Bak Kut Teh last weekend, I've decided to write an article to show the world how much I love food. Quoting from the food critic in 'Ratatouille", he said "I love food, I love it so much if it is not good, I will spit it out of my mouth". I may not yet be the greatest chef ever, cooking the best food, but I've spitted quite a good amount of sermons throughout my years of being a young Christian.

Rule no.1, there is only a good sermon or a bad sermon. Anything between it, is rubbish. You can either be hot or cold but if you are lukewarm, nobody's gonna drink you. But some of you would say, I like it lukewarm. That's because you are not a good food connoiseur and you are far away from being a serious CRITIC! If I happen to attend your church gentleman, trust me, I am the worst congregration you can ever get. There is no balance between law and grace. 99% Grace mixed with 1% Law, Legalism, Old Convenant thoughts, Religious ideas, is rubbish. Whatever is of fear, of insecure or just a long confusing message, is not right. There is no justification for it, you as the preacher must be accursed. And if you're not ready to hold the poupit, perhaps you should join me sitting among the congreation. I don't want to see you cursed, I want to see you blessed!

You don't understand Andrew, in order for you to fully understand the dept of my sermon, you must first understand this this this this this and so on. Well let me ask you a question which you will not be able to answer. When you preach a sermon like that, who on earth is going to get saved? Since anyone who listens to you, have to understand a lot of the bible first before they can receive, perhaps you should share your thoughts in my synagogue among the holies of holies instead to the general public. As a preacher it is your responsibility to break down your sermons to the simplest and practical form ever. So that everyone can receive it. You cannot say your cooking is amazing, when you cook a dish so complicated, people don't even know how to eat it or which part to start eating. If you're a good chef, you cook a dish that everybody enjoys, as simple as that. No justification, go and improve yourself.

As a preacher, and this is my unqualified opinion. You don't owe it to the congreation for a good sermon. You don't owe anybody anything. This is not your battle, you're not the boss in charge. God is, it is His battle, let Him fight it for you. Let Him anoint you, you carry your responsibility and do accordingly to His Word and He will deliver the victory to you. And this is the same in all things. I visit different churches, and if there is a universal truth, I believe that the poupit is so important. That a church, the management and whoever in charge should NEVER just let anybody preach on the stage. Being generous is one thing, being stupid is another. If I'd let other random preacher feed my sheep poison, I bear the responsibility for killing them.

My pastor share with me also a story about a mega church in Singapore, I will tell it plainly. I believe it was Copeland ministry which were invited to speak in New Creation Church. A seminar it was, in this Seminar, Copeland ministry, clearly from the word of Faith circle made a mistake while preaching on the 2nd night. They were talking about love, and focused the whole idea of love being that we must love God. It is we, us, we and us and nothing else. It is clearly imbalanced. It's like trying to talk about sex and focus the whole idea into self-masturbation. Which is wrong. Sex is not like that. So on the next day, Sunday, the pastor of New Creation Church in charge changed his sermon immediately, and explain to the congreation the right concept about love in the bible, focusing back to God, that God is love and that it is Him who first loved us, therefore we are empowered to love Him back and so as others. It doesn't matter if it was the Copeland ministry. A bad dish is a bad dish.

I do not write to condemn, I write for people to hate me. And if in all the hatered towards all the offensive sentences that I have used. If you would grab only one truth or a simple right thing in my thousand words long article. My job is completed. From your friendly neighbourhood Rabbi, Andrew Ho.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stupid People

Live goes on like it should, the way we wanted it, the way we don't want it to be. It has been a while since I write anything. It's probably been a while since I can settle down with a little bit of sound mind. Being young is being ruthless I should say.

I have to say that blogging had seen it's hayday. But due to the lack of intelligent people around the world, it seems like reading has become a less popular hobby compared to facebook. Today I want to talk about stupid people.

Stupid people are those people that do not understand things. They are the people who spam your chatbox, they are the people that have a very low understanding about anything. They are short sighted, they say what they think, they think what they say, they cannot go beyond a very superficial surface of thinking things. This people are often failures in life and cannot survive without the support of their parents until they are 55 and finally die a meaningless life. That is a stupid person. And there are many of them around us.

Next I would love to talk about my hatered for stupid people. What can I say, stupid people is very irritating. They are like the pest of the world that needs to be destroyed. They must be eliminated before they destroy us. We must educate them, we must elevate their low state of mentality. Their 3rd world mentality, we must save them before they destroy themselves and us together.

Stupid people exist. They are reading this. Forget blogging, go make babies.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


My works are philosophical, they are not biblical or clinically tested. They cannot be applied to real life situations all the time. They are to be pondered and hypothesized in an ideal world.

I have never studied philosophy. I have never read a book from Socrates, I only learn about Confucious from the movie Confucious. But I know Socrates did not read a book from Socrates too. And Confucious's teaching defer much from his teacher Lao Tzu. So I know if you're good at something, you are gifted. You don't need to study it in an in depth manner, and even if you did, you may as well do it in vain. Which explains why many people ended up doing different things than that they majored in college.

My works are simple for they are meant to educate simpletons. This is by far my GREATEST PIECE OF WORK THIS WORLD HAS EVER WITNESS. AND IT WILL FOREVER REMAIN ALIVE FOR ALL TIMES. Liken to the dead sea scroll which made up your bible. This will last many lifetimes, and many people will read and remember me by this. They will remember me in their history, in their literature, maidens will sing songs of me for this master piece. Movies and documentaries will be made, Leonardo De Caprio will be asked to play ME. and this URL will be auctioned in millions. With this, I proudly present: The Best of Teoh Beng Hock Inquest.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Namewee Should Go to Jail

Namewee should go to jail. There are many ways to condemn racismn. But making a video asking people to suck cock is not one. He learnt nothing about chinese culture in Taiwan. A shame to chinese people and school. What difference does it make if we fight like that? What's next, throw shit at people like our neighbouring country?

Monday, August 16, 2010


There is a saying that the wants of men is an unending journey. Once you had acheived what you wanted, there is always a feeling of emptiness inside. A vacumm that voids your heart. And then you'll want to start it all over again. We always wanted more, we always wanted to know what's next, and we don't know when to stop. Perhaps we shouldn't stop.

But a sane man would stop once in for a while, and think about what he has done all over the years. About the things he has done to others so as himself. And pounder for a long long time.

I just got back to kuching after first year of University. Frankly speaking I don't miss home that much. Not the places, places are just places. Without the people and the company, places have really very insignificant meaning. Sometimes it's just sad to visit an old street you used to walk on a lot. If you know what I mean, nostalgia does not always give the best feeling.

Moving back can be very difficult once a person has moved on. Even if it were a better choice, it is still difficult. I think the human nature has the tendency to move forward in almost all the things they do. We don't usually like to look back. We probably don't like to remember, the mind, in some sense are made to forget things. The best therapy ever is to simply forget things.

A year in University had given me much experience in dealing with people. I can say that I've grown up a little more. I've never felt time pass so fast in my life. In a twinkling of an eye, I had neglected blogging for a year. Not that it is very important, I'm just mentioning.

When I close my eyes in the night, and I think about all the possibilities of my future. None of them really fancy me. And we all most probably ended up with the question "why? why my father is not Li Ka Shing, I want an easy life that requires less thinking!" And I really don't know what to expect. But I know, someday, somehow I'm going to make all these worthwhile. I don't know how, I just know I will.

May you feel the same too =)

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Insignificant Life

There are many insignificant things that I want to talk about. There are so many of them sometimes I wonder why would people bother to read. The pursuit of happiness is a road filled with many fatal errors. In this pursuit people tend to lose balance, we all forgot what are the more important things. When career, work, relationships, friendships, beliefs and everything else comes together in a mix. Most people focus on one or two of these rational goals and disregard the others. So in the end, what did we live up to?

When you have a rich father, and I got no problem with that. Chances are that you can acheive material success more easily, provided that you don't ruined his wealth. When you don't have a rich father, you probably have to work your way up. Maybe your father aren't rich, but your children's father can be rich. Think it like that. But maybe you can work all your life and never be a billionaire, but it's okay, you have sufficient to eat and spend. As this world was never made to be fair, most people cannot be super rich, thank God we don't have to be super rich in order to acheive happiness.

Relationship is a bitch. There is this saying, the one you love most is probably not going to end up with you. Of course, I mean, how many people can miss California marry since so many people would "love" her. There is no theory that fits all. But most vagina can fit your penis, so, like I said relationships is a bitch. The best advise I can come up with, and it's true to everyone, is really: don't be too stuborn.

Belief I have 3 paragraphs to write, but since most of you wouldn't read, I would summarized it to 3 words instead: Believe in Jesus.

And these are the few things, not all of them, but a few that made up our lives. How we manage them, and how we see it decide the level of satisfaction we get. Ultimately it makes our lives meaningful.

There are many insignificant things I want to talk about, there are so many of them when you add them up. They made up your significant life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

You can make me as rich as a billionaire. But I still wont want it if I had to look like Jho Low!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How am I doing

I had just read kennysia.com a moment ago, and he was discussing about people who likes to call themselves celebrities when they are not really one. That was just one interesting idea, it made me feel like calling myself a celeb too! But of course, my humble nature would never allow it, calling myself a celebrity when I am not is just too much. I am not a celebrity, I am a superstar! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. And that is 6 seconds of your life you will not be getting back reading me.

It has been nearly a year since I entered University. And I have to admit that life being busy means lesser blogging. Of course when I said busy, I was more refering to busy playing rather than studying. But thank God I still update this piece of blog from time to time. Although the interval may be quite a while.

I have learnt much since I came here. Not academically, but I believe meeting more people helps a person grow up. Especially those from different places and culture. I am currently still enjoying it while waiting for my internship. I applied a few in Kuching but had not receive a reply.

If there is one thing I dread now, it will be graduation. Who needs to graduate when he is having so much fun? But again it is inevitable. A big part of me has always dread about growing up, growing old, take responsibility and all those good things. I guess most of us do. And we aren't given a choice really, life just drives us about. We can either be the passenger or the driver. But we aren't allowed to stop the car.

I am going back to Kuching next month for a short 10 days. And coming back again, am also spending Hari Raya in KL. To sum it up? Nothing much.....

And oh ya, mum was not feeling well. Her right leg felt weak says she. and she fidn it hard to walk. She Went for a brain scan and the doctor found 2 black dots as small as half the size of a 5 cents coin. Doc said it is unlikely to be a tumour. But will have to observe and asked her to scan again 3 months later. Her blood test however was fine. So I would keep her in prayer. And even if it was just a short 10 days, I had to go back.

For we all have lives and our challenges.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why is Life Special?

My friend asked me while I was cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, "Andrew, do you think life is special?" I hesitated for a moment to answer. Because I know it is a difficult question, a difficult one to explain and also to understand. People like to ask all sorts of questions sometimes, and although I can give a good explanation, many times I just ignore them because I don't believe they have enough depth, knowledge and critical thinking skill to accept what I have to say. But since he asked, I thought I would just try to enlighten him and the rest of you who may be reading.

For a start, you cannot answer the question "why is life special" in one sentence. Many people who ask questions expect a quick answer to their enquiry. Let me tell you something, in a world of philosophers, it takes 30 hours to think, 20 hours to rethink, 10 hours to recheck the logic to give you a simple statement. To give you a one sentence answer to whatever complicated thoughts you have is simply impossible.

So to answer the question, there are 3 parts you have to carefully understand. I will try my best to make it as simple as possible. Number 1, instead of telling you why life is special, you need to know first what kind of people think that life is meaningless. I always say, "if life is without God, there will be no meaning to life. If we are all an accident of science, and that this life on earth is all we have, it doesn't matter if I die today, tomorrow or have lived a little longer. At the end, it will all mean nothing. All the emotions, all the attachment, the love of families, friends, they will all be meaningless. It is better to die immediately than to go through all that unnecessary steps before we finally die". In short, people who don't believe in God will not find much meaning in life. Life will not appear very special to them. This is provided they can think deep enough to realize that. The general population cannot think like that.

Part 2, people who believe in God but has no idea who and what God is or they have a wrong conception of God will not find life special. Yes, one can say, I believe in God, so what? How does it give more meaning to life? Well let me explain, if you believe in God, you are no longer an accident of the nature or science. It's not, owh, suddenly, you appear as a baby and you have a life! No. It is not like that. You are not an accident. God made you. God gave you life. Of all the people that could live, God especially created you. Not anyone else, but you. Does that make you feel more special already? And because you believe God exist, life does not end on earth, you would as well believe in enternity. You would believe that there is much more than life on earth.

You might again say, ya ya, I heard the eternity stuff before. If you do good you go to Heaven, if not you go to Hell. What so special about that? And that is what lead us to part 3.

People who do not understand God and His nature will not appreciate life. They always see God as this Punisher or this Judge that is ever ready to punish them when they do wrong things. People who think like that do not have a solid foundation in the understanding of the bible. A person can go to church for 20 years and not know anything about God. I can guaratee you that because I myself had gone to church for 10 years. And I have spent a great amount of time in church. I would like to throw you a question. On the cross, Jesus had die for our sins. He had took all our sins on the cross and God had severely punished him. So all our sins were dealt with. Now, back to 2010, supposedly if you had done something wrong today, this "sin" they you have commited should be dealt with and punished 2000 years ago on Jesus, right? So if God punish you again, isn't He punishing the same sin twice on two different people? Does that make sense?

For those of you who has a weak foundation in the bible, you should get confuse by this moment. And to obtain and understand the answer for "why is life special", you have to talk to me personally. That is however a priviledge I don't easily give out. But for those of you who can still read, I would tell you here.

When you see God today, you cannot see him as the punisher anymore. He is done with punishing people. Today He is a God that is FOR you not AGAINST you. When you see life like that, would you think there is no meaning to life anymore? When you understand that there is a God who loves you, a God who bless you, a God who cares about you, who created you at the first place, who made you for a reason, for a purpose. YES, God created us all for a reason and a purpose, and what purpose and what plans God has in store for you is for you to find out. It is for you to seek Him. In his Word He say, Seek and you shall find, Ask and it shall be given. So you aren't created just to live and to die. You have a God that is gonna back up you, that is gonna lead you and MAKE A MEANING OUT OF YOUR LIFE. A God that is not a punisher and someone who cares only how to torture you. No, God don't do those things anymore. THERE ARE STILL SOME FUCKING PREACHERS OUT THERE THAT PREACH HE DOES, A LOT OF THEM, AND I CURSE THEM FOR SPEAKING THE WRONG THING. I CURSE THEM FOR CONFUSING PEOPLE. AND I LOOK DOWN ON THEIR LACK OF REVEALATION AND THEIR WHOLE BEING OF EXISTENCE.

And when you have understood more of this, you would have find that life is more special. And it is not something static, it is a progress. Which means, the more you understand God and His love, plans and his Word, the more you will see that life is indeed special. Different people will understand this and will apreciate life at different level. Mine perhaps is higher, yours is lower but I hope we all end up in the same place someday.

You see, this is what happen when you want an answer to a difficult question, do you have to brain to understand it just a little?


Monday, June 28, 2010


I was afraid to face the future. Not because of how uncertain it is, I was afraid if it will happen just as I predicted it to be. The thought of graduating university, find a job, work, earn some money, find a mate, mate, have kids, and live a quiet and peaceful life. That thought itself scares the heck out of me.

I've always wanted life to be a little different, a little more exciting. A little more unpredictable. I don't want to end up just as I plan it to be! Of course, I was educated, I was taught if you don't plan, you plan to fail. But what if you plan and everything falls right into your planning? And that planning wasn't an amazing plan to begin with. It is a normal plan, it was a plan drafted by the norms of the society. It was a boring plan.

So plan something different I thought. We need to give room for more surprises in life. We can't shut every door and discount every opportunities. We have one life to live and we ought to live it as daringly as we could. I want to walk out this door and tell the world that I exist. I want to walk out this room and make meaning out of my life. Wouldn't you want to do that? Why give a chance to be small when we all could be much BIGGER?

Instead, if we were to just sit down and wait for surprises to knock at our doors, it will hardly come. We don't wait for surprises we make them. Life is always boring, it is up to us to make it interesting. SO DON'T MISS OUT LIFE! DON'T LET IT SLIP THROUGH YOU, DON'T WAIT TILL IT'S TOO LATE, DON'T WAIT TILL WE MISS A CHANCE.

"If we don't change direction soon, we will end up where we are going"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Top 10 Andrew Quotes

10) They didn't remember me as someone bad, they didn't forget me for I wasn't average.

9) I didn't mean to hurt you, I only return the amount of hurt you first gave me.

8) I thought we could be friends forever, I guess forever means a very short time.

7) I was afraid you would forget me as time moves on, I realized you didn't. You just didn't care that much anymore, which is worst.

6) Random people who met randomly would most probably end up randomly.

5) I have gotten rid an addiction with a new one, now the only way to ged rid of the new addiction is to go back to the old one.

4) Life is about sex, sex is about life. Both building lives, and ruining lives.

3) If life is like a drama, mine's a comedy and you are the joker.

2) A longer penis doesn't mean a higher stature. It only means you can suck your own cock much easier.

1) Someday I'm gonna be great, and I will pay you a special visit when that day finally comes. Don't worry, I will track you down.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been a long while since I blogged. That's probably because it's been a long while since I had time to sit down like this. Life is a never ending story, until it really ended. Others will still have their life to continue with. So to talk about life is like watching a hokkien drama that has 900 episodes. We all give up bothering about it half way.

Politics is also a never ending story. After following it for years, you get kinda fed up with the same character. Sometimes you just feel like grouping them together and throw them down the ocean. Both the government and the opposition. They are like these flies flying around your ears. Annoying it is.

It is the World Cup now. And the performance of all the countries in general really make it looks like a World Shit Cup. It seems nothing and no one is so legendary after all.

I've recently learnt how to solve the rubic cube. I can solve one in like 5 minutes now or lesser. The sultan of Brunei decided to divorce his Malaysian wife. I guess people who has too much money are prone to changing wives. It is an absolute understandable but unexcusable mistake.

I have been watching movies. Have been visiting the cinemas quite often. Will be catching Toy Story 3 tomorrow. But I didn't even watched the 1 or 2 before. Not quite a cartoon fan, sometimes we do certain things not to entertain ourselves, but to entertain people around us.

Anyway, furious indian wife slices off husband's penis.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quoting Kenny Sia:

"We used to always hang out together, help each other out, tell stupid jokes and laugh our heads off. These days I gotta watch my words so much. If not, things I say might be misconstrued as something else."

and also:

"A place is only as meaningful as the company you have over there"

and I think it makes so much sense! [Like it]

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

None Taken

I hesitate a thousand to update my blog because updating facebook status is more fun.

I am currently looking for an internship to do at the end of the year in Kuching or KL, depending on what job is offered. If you are a Barrack Obama and you happen to click on my blog by a terrible mistake, and if you'd like to offer me an INTERNSHIP in the white house. I am happy to accept your offer. If not, work in Najib's office I also don't mind. If not, WORK AS ANWAR'S PERSONAL AIDE ALSO I DON'T MIND. I BELIEVE I WONT GET SODOMIZE. EVEN IF ANWAR WANT TO ALSO I THINK CANNOT, I COULD HAVE EASILY BREAK A FEW OF HIS BONES WITH ONE HAND. HE'S A 60+ YEAR OLD MAN. EVEN A DOG IS NOT AFRAID OF THAT.

So.......... I really hesitate a thousand to update my blog. Recently my emotional has been stable and I don't feel the urge to bring anyone through any emotional crap.

Really, life sucks sometime, but not all the time. Fix it.

And of course, if you get too bored with reading my blog. You can always add me on facebook! And this is not some fans profile. I am not so popular yet. Soon will be but not now. So you can add me on my personal profile straight. How good.

Friday, May 28, 2010

KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid

As years go by and we grow older, we understand that as life gets older, responsibility too grows heavier. Challenges grow bigger and reality seems to get more real.

I too like you wish I could live among my imaginations and fantasy everyday. Without the slightest worries and care. But it isn't so.

When we were children, we live today as today, tomorrow as tomorrow. We gaze into the future and see endless possibilities. We did not worry a bit about life. We did not care about pressure, we didn't know what it was. We did not live to survive, we live because we sincerely believe life was good.

We didn't care about who is richer. We didn't really mind who was prettier, we didn't really differentiate people by their colour. It seems like we had picked up all the bad habits as we grew. Most kids neither smoke nor drink. They aren't addicted to porn or masturbate compulsively. They weren't sexual. They don't hate each other with great hatred. But when we grew, environment and society taught us shit. Since when did smoking become cool? You live a life addicted to a rod of grass. You deliberately jeopardise your own health and other's as well. Which part of you is really cool?

When would we in all our insanity learn how to think properly? Most of us wouldn't. Because when life gets older, responsibility too grows heavier. Challenges grow bigger and reality seems to get more real. Most of us just couldn't handle it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Keep Breathing

There isn't a lot I have to say recently. And the reason I am updating today is of course, DAP wins! Politics is like sports, you pick your team and you support them. If you pick rightly, it benefits you. If you don't, you get screwed.

I like to put words in simple form. So that those who read it can understand. Even if it were a very complicated thought. Life is difficult enough, other things should be made easier.

If you'd walk with me for a while. Over a cup of coffee and read the things I have to say. You'd know at the end of the day I had wanted nothing from you. I just wanted to chat and get a few things across my mind.

If we look around us, we wont so much see a world full of love. At least that's what I think. People are always getting angry with people. Trying to find problems. Trust is not common, even among friends there lies doubts.

In these darkness we all try to shine, we all try to burn a little brighter. Channeling a little more positive energy. We all try to smile a bit, when really smiling can be a difficult thing to do. So we're cool.

Being pessimistic is not a way of life. But if you're going through a hard time now. Do not feel depress. You are just as normal as anyone else. Keep breathing. Just keep breathing. There are times I know when it is hard to breath. But if we don't keep doing so, we had chosen to give up before we fail.

So keep breathing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The M Word

Human nature does not differ much from each individual, even though they may have different character. It's like masturbating, 90% of all boys do it, 10% lie about it.

There is a saying that all of us are unique. And the truth is we are. But when you put 6 billion of unique individuals together. It makes some of us look very average. I'd like to think that we're all special. But no, we aren't really so. If you think too highly of yourself, it is hard not to degrade others. So I'd like to think that I'm a regular person and I masturbate additively.

I like to be frank. There are already too much pretense around us. Some do so to avoid being embarrassed. Some are too shy to admit who they are and what they do, others just follow the norm of the society. There is no norm in the society. We had long differed from it.

And I don't like it. I met an interesting friend the other day who came for a visit in KL. I barely know him but he was far more sociable than anyone I've met before. In a few hours time, we have already started hanging like we've known each others for years. I'm not easily impressed by people. But he was impressive and very frank. I've always wanted to be a little bit more like that. And we all should.

Open up a little more of our heart. Be a little more vulnerable. Get embarrassed a little bit more than we should. And be human.

Don't judge others before judging yourself

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a Thought

It's been a while since I updated my life. All I've been doing was really writing some erroneous passages and expect people to read. At this rate, I don't even know if people read me anymore. Well, my life...

....is actually good. Except it being very Indonesian. Like how I've known 2 new Indonesians friends again this week, they came to visit KL on a holiday. I don't usually like people that fast, or so to speak, I don't usually like people at all. But surprising I hanged out with them 3 full days and spent the night in their room. Thank God anyway that their visit lasted a few days. Else I'd be much poorer than I'm now since all the freaking Indonesian Chinese I know are freaking rich. Nobody gets as middle class as me when they have businesses like 11 gold and jewelry shops. Which further inspires me, next time, I should venture into businesses too.

Making random friends is always fun for me. It's like one night stand. You come together, you have fun and then you leave. Perhaps you keep in touch, or else, you just move on. But I'm not so bad though, I do keep in touch with people, if I like you. I'll send you a facebook greeting once a year.

Other than that, I turnt 21. Celebration wasn't so much, just had lunch with friends and hanged out. I bet I wont delight so much in birthday celebration again, because I am really getting older. Before 21, I was "growing up" and not "growing old". You see the difference?

I had an awful long sit at starbucks the other night. Rethinking my life. It's just one of those things I do every 4-5 months. I seldom feel so relax. I really don't. Usual days are just usual days, even when you sleep, you don't sleep in that much peace. Busy days are even out of the topic. But I'm having my holiday this week. So I decided to take time and rest a little. I was just staring at the ceiling, like the one in the picture. I was just looking at them. Like you I see woods lining up in different paterns. And I just thought to myself, the only thing that differenciate those woods is how they line up themselves. Like how we're all people, human. The only thing that makes us different or special, is really how we decided to line up our "paterns". It was just a thought.

So I had quite a lot of thinking about "what am I doing now", "where am I heading in life", "where do I want it to be like" and "am I doing it right". I thought we all should just have a little idea of it. It was just a thought.

Friday, April 23, 2010


If I've ever told you that I do not care. I was lying. And how could we not be bothered in a world which is so far away from perfect. How could you and I let go of the past if we know it will always be repeated?

I wanted you to be right, right all the way. But how could someone like me who is equally wrong wishes something so naive? We always wanted things our way. But we never bothered, not even for a second, to see others as mirrors which reflect ourselves. Your dirt is my dirt, your sin is my sin. But we're all too quick to judge and too selfish to understand.

A soldier was running from his enemies, when he saw his colleagues that ran even faster and even further than he was, he laughed at them thinking they are cowards. Greater cowards indeed he thought, but was he himself afraid? Not everyone could have turn around and fight, most of us had only succumbed to the temptation of the flesh. We ran as cowards, all of us we ran into it.

At the end of the fight, when all things calmed down for a second. We look back and see what we've done. But it wasn't important anymore. Because people died. Because a piece of our soul was sold to the devil.

At this point of time, we needed no more condemnation. We had already condemned ourselves far before anyone else did. What we needed was redemption......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today Is My 21st Birthday

And there is no way I am blogging today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Can Write Bahasa Malaysia Too!

Sudahlah lepaskan semua. Aku sudah keletihan mengerjarkan mimpi-mimpi yang tak mungkin berlaku. Sesungguhnya, kalau seseorang harus membuat perkara-perkara yang bodoh untuk menjadi dewasa. Rasanya, aku sudah dewasa.

Semakin hari aku semakin tua. Rasanya selama 21 tahun ini, pencapaianku pun tak seberapa. Kemungkinan kehidupanku juga tak bawa seberapa banyak makna ke atas teman-teman di sisiku. Setiap hari kita kan berubah, aku pernah mencuba sebaik yang aku mampu. Namun sebaik yang termampu masih tidak mencukupi.

Aku lebih pandai dari kalian semua dalam soal berpura-puraan. Berlagak baik, menggunakan bahasa sopan, membilang kata-kata manis. Tidak susah jika aku mahu meminta sedikit cinta daripadamu. Aku banyak mencuba, sesaat yang lalu, aku terpikat sama si cantik. Seaat kemudian, aku binggung kenapa hatiku berubah dengan begitu cepat.

Tanggungjawab itu satu perkataan teori sahaja. Jika kau hendak mencari-cari satu hubungan yang mengasyikkan. Yang serupa cerita dongeng dalam wayang-wayang, tanggungjawab harus diabaikan. Ikutilah pergerakkan hatimu dan bermain sewenang-wenangnya. Jika hatimu diremuk pada akhir-akhirnya. Apabila kamu merasai kepiluan yang tidak terhingga. Kamu seharusnya sedar bahawa kamu harus bangun dari mimpi-mimpimu.

Sudahlah lepaskan semua.....

And for those who doesn't understand Malay, this is what google translate thinks I write!

Woe miss everyone. I am tired mengerjarkan dreams may not occur. Indeed, if one must do these stupid things to become adults. It seems like I have grown.

The day I get older. It seems like for 21 years, not even as pencapaianku. Chance of Life did not bring as much meaning for my friends in the "I. Every day, right change, I have tried best I could. But the best is still not affordable enough.

I am smarter than you all in terms of make-puraan. Good posture, using polite language, counting words sweet. Not hard if I want to ask for a little love from you. I have a lot to try, a second ago, I stuck the same beautiful. Seaat later, I binggung why I changed my heart so fast.

Responsibility is a word only theory. If you want to look for a relationship exciting. Similar tales in the movie-movie, the responsibility should be ignored. Follow the movement of your heart and played carelessly. If your heart diremuk end-end. When you feel the emotion that goes. You should be aware that you need to wake up from a dream-dream.

Woe miss all .....

Super Short Note: This passage is for literature purposes only

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Next week is my finals. So you know what that means.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Philosophically Right

Super Short Talk: It has been long since I talk about politics, but Chua Soi Lek won the MCA election. So we lose.

Philosophy is a real smart and a real stupid thing. We all know a little about philosophy. We all know about the right things of life. The ones about love, the ones about principles, the ones about how to do things. We all know a little, and we almost never do any of them.

It is exciting to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about this and that. About the rights and wrongs. It is exciting just as it is nothing. We all know about feelings and about love. And about the right person, but if the world should wait for the "right person" to tie the knot. Most of us will not be getting a life partner at all. It is philosophically right but to perform it is foolishness.

If tonight you have a bad breakup, and it hurt you so much you cannot sleep. It hurts so much you stare at the walls in your room, waiting, just waiting for the feelings to go. But it never does. If you've lost someone and you miss him or her so much. You went down to the mall and you saw something pretty and the first thing you remember is buying for them. If you have gotten to that stage, you'd at least had one valuable lesson about relationship. In an ideal world, I would tell you that what you feel right now is temporary, in a few months or maybe longer, you would finally have to move on. And forget about it, so what you feel at this moment is purely superficial.

To say that makes me philosophically right. But saying that doesn't help. It is as good as I've said nothing. I know it because I've lived through it. You pay a price for a pretty face like this. A dear price.

I've spent nights, depressing nights staring at empty walls. The worst of it is spending a month in my empty apartment with those negative thoughts and emotions in KL while all my housemates went back to their hometown. And I've not really gotten over it. If this is one of the learning process of life, I'd say it sucks. I'd say some people around me sucks too.

It is true that most things in life, are easier said than done. But I know I have to do them. I know I have to summon a little courage here and there. I know I have to learn to be brave. I know I will need a little support from you. I know I need some friends around me. I know foolishness is to ignore all the trees in the forest for one that is already dead. I know it now, but I am not sure if I can still think like this by tomorrow morning.

I was philosophically right. =)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today father mother come visit me. Blogging can wait tomorrow. Bye bye.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To be wise

Note: This post is purely literature and is not intended to attack any person

Today I want to talk about something very abstract. Yet as abstract as it is, it is very true in our lives. The topic is, stupidity has no cure. Some people screw things up in your life. Sometimes it is bad and it makes you unhappy. Do you know why? Because stupidity has no cure.

You try to help these people. You think they could be helped. But no, the more you try to help them, the more trouble they give you. Why? Because stupidity has no cure.

These people lay on their bed at night, thinking about their little dreams. On how they want to get more for themselves. How they want to achieve more for themselves. More money, more glory, more people to admire their little achievement. These people are full of themselves and care little about others. Why? Because stupidity has no cure.

Selfishness is the first trait you will find in them. They neither think nor care about anything else besides them. They would sacrifice you for their convenience. Even if they don't want to, they would still do it. Why? Because stupidity has no cure.

You get angry at those people. But I would tell you my dear, don't get too angry. It is not good for you. There is no reason to get angry at a stone being hard or the sky being blue. Because stone is naturally hard and the sky were painted blue since the beginning of creation. Likewise there is no need to get angry at those people. Do you know why?

People who refuse to think about the big picture is a fool. It is like getting a girlfriend and all you could think about is having sex, a lot of sex with her. You don't think about the future. You don't think about the next 3 years. You think now. You think this moment. You don't foresee, you don't plan. You don't hold responsibility. You are a real fool.

So how do a person becomes wise? Ironically and I would say it is a big irony. It starts from someone realizing how wrong he is. It starts from someone admitting what a fool he is. It is difficult, but let me be the first one to admit, that many times, I am the biggest fool in my life.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is Good

I learnt a few things while growing up. For example when people are in a bad mood, the best way to deal with them is to leave'em alone. Because an angry person don't think logically. A person who thinks by logic at all time is perfect, but sadly these people don't exist.

I also learnt to relax and let go of people and things. Although it is not the easiest thing to do, sometimes we don't really have a choice. Look at the world, look how many people lives with us here. Imagine how complicated it is. People and things change, they change every now and then. If we are too stuborn and we don't know how to deal with it, the only person that is going to end up getting hurt is you.

I also learnt that people do come back together. Not all things are bad. Don't think to the negative extreme. I've seen broken friendship mended. I too have forgiven many that angered me at once. Although I do not think that it is all their fault to begin with (wink*), but yes, forgiveness is the next sweetest thing beside honey.

Being young gives you plenty opportunities to learn. It also gives you plenty opportunities to give up and to fail. I admit in some things, I've failed. I've failed so terribly it doesn't make sense. I've also given up. I don't see it as an absolute bad thing though, sometimes giving up is the easiest solution to our problems. I may give up in some things, but no, I never said we should give up on life. No one should. Because life is good when you believe it is good.

There are also things I have not learn in life. I hear people say in every end is a new beggining. What if I see an end and yet not know where is my next destination? Well, I guess I'll just have to find it out myself. Perhaps it is out there, perhaps it is waiting for me. I just haven realize it yet.

I've also not learn how to control myself well, I have not learn how not to step foot into sinking sand or the world of which I don't belong. But I am learning. And I believe it will turn out good. Because life is good when you believe it is good.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Kind of Proverbs

The inability to learn from the past is the very definition of stupidity. Repeating the same mistake twice is understandable but unexcusable. This is the reason why people fail again and again in different aspects and areas of life.

We have heard probably a thousand times, if we fail to plan we plan to fail. It doesn't necessary mean if we don't plan we will fail. It simply means we are letting the enviroment takes control over us rather than we controling our enviroment. We are not taking chances, we let chances pick us. And most of the time, it's not going to end up well. Because chances hate you.

Goal setting is meaningless if not carried out. Carrying out a plan to acheive a goal is useless unless there is dicipline and consistency. Dicipline and consistency is by far the hardest thing to keep. The human mind is simply not design to keep a set of rules and laws.

A person easily influenced is useless. There is no need to set goals or resolutions. A wavering mind can acheive nothing. Before anything is done he will give up to try other things.

The lack of wisdom is dangerous. The lack of knowledge is equally bad. There is no need to strive, for such, giving up is the wisest and easiest thing to do.

A person who thinks shortly will see little acheivement. We should fear the ones who can see the whole picture. The end is more important than the process. It doesn't matter how you take a poison, you'll still die. So don't, do not be deceived, cease while you can.

A person who sees moral of little value shall in time lower the value of himself. This is the mark of prostitutes. There is no difference between a person who prostitute herself than the person who visits the brothels. They are considered equal. There is no need to pay respect for such. It is a waste of life.

When a person tries to justifies his wrong doings, it shows that he is ashamed of what he does. Do not pity such a person. Let right be right and wrong be wrong. There is no need to compromise truth for deception.

If a person wishes to do evil, advise him against it. But if he insist, let him. For in due time, his wrong doings shall consume himself. Stand still and watch, it will be soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Sometimes reality can be ugly and difficult. And the hardest part of it all is that whether we like it or not, we have to accept them. Certain things cannot be forced. People cannot be controled, we have to let them be. That is reality. Reality is that things would not always go our way. This world is far from being ideal. So far. Yet, there is so little choice.

I don't like to be involve with people, but then I guess I did get myself involved a little too much. The more friends you know, the more sometimes trouble occurs. I tried to keep simplicity the way of life, but I guess such a thing is easier said than done.

So I learn to accept reality and certain things as they are. I didn't want to but again there is so little choice.

It is true that they say time waits for no one. This quote gets more real as you grow older. As time slip passed you, and suddenly you look back and see those memories you had acquired. They get more and more each day it's scary.

And when you blend time and reality together, you get a life. You get a life that waits for no one and it is real. If you don't face it with a little bravery, if you don't precious it, you're going to let life slip pass you.

So it is time, for me and you to deal with whatever issues that is troubling us now. It is time to make some decisions before we let it consume us. Before we put our feet too deep into the sinking sand of our lives. We have to make concious decisions. To pull ourselves up and to stay strong.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top 10 Useless Quotes

10)There was a windrunner, who never stops for anyone. He goes as he pleases to anywhere he wishes. Responsibility was just a word, until one day, he graduated fucking college and realize if he doesn't work for food, he will die. This is the misery of life.

9)Everytime when I faces a challenge in life that I cannot overcome, I say I want to move on. It is really just a lame excuse to hide away from my problem.

8) I like how children play, how they cuddle and how they giggle. I don't understand why grown ups don't do that anymore. Just because we got a little older doesn't mean we have to forget every good that is left in us. And no, being serious is not cool.

7) I could really imagine myself driving down a lonely road in the next 5 to 10 years, probably back to my house to my own woman. I could really see that I'll have to put a lot of focuses on my family and forget some friends. I don't like that.

6) I woke up one morning and realize that the world can be conquered. So I started my conquest, my first step, went back to sleep.

5) I try not to get older each year. I try very hard.

4) The only kind of girls I like are those that I cannot get. I thought I was the only one, and then I realize everyone does the same. So why are there so many married couples in the world? Because when there is no cola drink you drink pepsi, it is still better than staying thirsty.

3) I like to be happy, I think everybody should. Although sometimes it doesn't happen that way, it shouldn't stop us from thinking like that.

2) Fantasy is always better the real thing. Because nothing in this world is that good. So keep dreaming. But some people like to turn their wildest fantasies into reality. So what happens to them? I don't know, I hope they die.

1) I have lost my innocence over the years, but I kept my virginity. Don't even know for what.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's not a date, it's an apointment

Contrary to popular belief, I do not get to eat a lot of good food in KL. Thanks to my housemates that are less food conscious and hyper body conscious, if there's one thing they would share with me eating, it will most probably be some universal protein shake or super mass gainer. Their supplement alone cost more than my monthly allowance. And they speak Indonesian. Which in time makes me understand and speak more Indonesian. Still, I have to confess that I like Indonesian more than bahasa Malaysia. I don't know why, theirs' just sound nicer. Of course, you can also attribute that love hate relationship to the government because I really do not favor them. Even in footballs, if one team won for the past 50 years, you would root for the underdogs.

Yes I am back in Kuching for the Chinese New Year. I would be here until Sunday. My last coming back to Kuching during last December for Christmas was great, coming back for Chinese New Year on the other hand is different. I can't help but to feel a little bit bored with the occasion. I know, coming back from a bigger city like KL to Kuching sometimes makes everything feel a little bit slower. But I don't think it's really the problem with the city. Shhh...... don't tell anyone, but yeah, I'm practically just feeling bored because I didn't have a date this week. No. None. I might be happier I guess if I were in somewhere else. Like Jakarta in a city of 9 million. Indon facebook is in a way different from Malaysian facebook.

This is how Indon facebook works for teens, because of the 10 times larger population compared to Malaysia, if you have a nice or over-photoshoped or fake profile picture, everyday there will be 4, 5 , or 6 people adding you as friend. So what you do is look at their picture, if you like it, approve their request, and then go to their wall and ask "mind to intro?" Then try hooking up and ask them out. So yeah, my friends would have 1000-2000 friends on facebook.

Malaysian facebook? Because of the little population there is, divided some more in different states. So in Kuching with 600,000 people. I get 0 friend request on a normal day. And those that added me are mostly................. you see, the larger the population, the higher the chances of getting a pretty lad. This is why you see there are so many sexy looking Chinese hookers in and around everywhere. And the Malaysian population, my god.......

Of course, beauty is just skin deep. But if you see my blog, it's not very deep also la. I am a very regular person. I shit everyday. Most of the time I talk shit. On rare occasion I talk sense. Because life is difficult enough, you take it a little more seriously than it already is, you'll die. A day without laughter is a day wasted. I don't care how rich or poor or how talented or how many business degrees you have. We gotta learn somehow to make our day a little happier because that's the way it should be. For me, I blog. It's therapeutic. For you, you read my blog, it's equally good or bad. Take it either way.

I am sorry I don't get to blog "properly" for such a long time. You know this thing about everybody has a life, life get busy, busy got busier and suddenly nobody has time for others anymore. People somehow grew up and just got sucked into a whirlwind of other interests and commitments. But it'll be great, for us, no matter how distracted we are with everything else and just sometimes get "in touch" back with the world. I am the king of getting in touch, I really am. Most people I know, they aren't pro-active in keeping in touch. Or should I say, Malaysian in general has a huge lack of initiatives (unless it can get them laid). If I don't call them, they never really call first. Which is why most people, by the time they reach 29, they have lost touch with so many of their friends. Sacrificing their youth and spilling their seeds for the so called love of their life that soon will be the worst nightmare and a catalyst of their mid-life crisis. Behold when you're old and saggy, I shall come back and laugh at you. Muahahahahaha.

Ahh, nahh, I just say that because I didn't get a date. Which is really disappointing. Not with myself, I'm great, if this goes on, I will have to settle with the "beauty is just skin deep, get a partner with inner beauty theory", which is irrelevant, and hypocritical. And my computer is infected with virus. So yeah, keep standing baby. Life doesn't end today, we'll keep standing until we see the light. Bye ya! ^^

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Are You Doing Right Now?

Hello gentlemen, this is early Tuesday as I am writing to you. The clock suggest that it's 3.30 a.m. but I like to think it as 6 a.m. in the morning. Because that's precisely the time when the sun rises. And as every dawn signifies a new beginning, I wonder if every night then signifies an end? Why must every beginning then comes with an end. Sometimes we would rather certain things didn't happen. Sometimes we regret the things we've done, the people we've met, the relationships we got in. But if we were given a chance again, would you still choose to do what you did before? I know I would.

I wonder what you're doing early this morning. I wonder if you see the same sun rises with me at this very time. I wonder what you did last night and if you're still fine. I wonder what happened after we realized that the world is too big and one can only be at one place at a time. I wonder on with no answers. A fool who thought nothing is many times better than a smart person who wonder of unending possibilities. You cannot look for a black cat in a dark room.

So I've learn to live today for today and tomorrow for tomorrow. After very much thought indeed. A person can neither live in the past nor the future, you can think about them. But one will never change and the later would never be the same as you expect. I was thought by wise counsel that I would survive any storms if I would devout my trust in God. So I rest my case in my belief. After very much thought indeed.

Nothing make sense anymore.

The person who writes this (whatever you call this is) is as normal as you are. Normal is what makes us beautiful. Happy Valentines and a Happy Chinese New Year. I know, this is the worst season greeting message ever writen.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sodomy II

At last the long awaited sequel to Malaysia's proud and the best production ever is released worldwide yesterday. It is of course non other than "Sodomy II" staring one of my favourite actor Anwar Ibrahim. (I AM A BIG FAN!)

Before you start throwing stones at me, there is nothing to be worried about. I am just an observer, and I quote from Malaysiakini "Among those in court were representatives of Japan, UK, Switzerland and the United States.

Also present were International Committee of Jurists and Commonwealth Lawyers Association representative Mark Tromwell, and the International Bar Association's Jennifer Robinson. There are acting as observers during the trial."

A cold open in a television program or movie is the technique of jumping directly into a story at the beginning or opening of the show, before the title sequence or opening credits are shown. On television this is often done on the theory that involving the audience in the plot as soon as possible will reduce the likelihood of their switching away from a show.

And that was exactly what I was expecting in Sodomy II, but a cold open is not easy to make. Most people doesn't understand performing arts. Especially Malaysians. We only know how to eat, sleep and complain. Nevertheless, when I read the headline "Anwar seeks to subpoena Najib and Rosmah", I knew, he (Anwar) did it again.

On a more serious note, I have all the time in the world to see how this trial works out. And I will be the among many who is privilege to witness how the democracy in Malaysia will live, or how it will die. Anyway, definitely before I close, it is always my pleasure to leave my highly sought after and valued opinion. My comment is no, I don't think Najib and wife will go to the court to testify. The judge will likely dismiss the application base on some altered logic.

Back to my life, I have been playing dota over the long weekend. Peer preasure. Not that I'm addicted to games. I hardly play any games. For any boys my age, most of them are not interested in Anwar's sodomy trial, the only sodomy they're watching is porn. And those who does read the news and care to know the hapenings around them, don't play so much games. Life itself is already a big game to play. And I hardly scored any recently. No pun intended.

I am going back to Kuching for Chinese New Year next Saturday . For most people that complain coming to study in KL, my uni life is not so bad. Got some nice friends to play with and my area sells good food. PORK is widely available. Anyway hometown is hometown, you gotta go back there some day. Even Chin Peng wants to come back. But die la him, I don't really care for communist. BAM! Bye!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Drown On Me

God might be able to help those who doesn't help themselves, but I truly fall short of the glory of God. It's just plain difficult to teach people who doesn't take things seriously. I was helping a friend in his studies, but halfway down it I realise it was just impossible. A day before exam, he would wake up feeling sick, slept half the day, woke up to go play basketball, came back to sleep, went to gym and came home at 10.25 pm, an hour later, he came to my room and ask if I could teach him. Oh I remember back in my high school days, I would wake up early in the mornings, drove to my friend's house just in order he could help me revise chemistry and physics. It's difficult to help people who don't take things seriously. I sincerely believe people like that should fail in terms of academics.

It is not good to underestimate the value of the people around us. I would be willing just as I have always been keen to learn from every knowledgeable person around me. It can be anything, I'll just pick it up. If you're good at folding clothes, I would learn from you. And that's how we learn. This is an honest confession. To tell you that I'm stupid would be a blatant lie.

Like recently, I learn that if you can make Avatar, you can make anything at all! 911 is a conspiracy! Hahahaha. Years have passed since the conspiracy theory came about, I still find it hard to believe. That's probably because I first learnt it in "southpark". It is a waste of time, really it is to read news like that on the internet. Mahathir is an old man, a remarkable one, he had really lived for a very long time. I think people can actually place a bet on whether or not he'll outlive Lee Kuan Yew. I think it'll be better for these two legendary politicians to share us their secret to longetivity than their views on movies.

Haiti is the poorest country in the world. And they have again just burried 150,000 victims from the earthquake. It is sad. Yes, we may not feel it strongly from Malaysia for we are under-educated and ignorant. But it is indeed sad news. While on facebook...

A blogger was arrested for insulting sultan on his blog, but no action is to be taken on him as he had apologized. As a top-notch responsible blogger myself, I strongly condemn the blogger and his irresponsible action. XD

I just thought I would mention also about the dragon boat tragedy in Penang. My eyes got wet reading the news, not of the headline where it said how many people died, but of the report on funeral services. I saw the boys wearing those Leo Club vest and uniforms, I just thought if I were one of them and if the deceased were my friends, I'd have gone insane.

And that's the check in this week, I'll see you again next.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Of Those Moments

Tonight must be the night of nights, because I can't sleep tonight. I've been sleeping too much lately. And when you sleep too much, you'd wake up in one of the odd nights at 2 a.m. And then you couldn't sleep again. And if you're human, at this hour of time, there'll be a lot of thoughts that come rushing to you, all at once. It's one of those time when sex doesn't seem so appealing. It's one of those time. It happens. First to artist, then to those who suffer a bad mid-life crisis. Nah, actually it happens to everyone with an IQ above 100.

It's one of those time you think about life. Specifically your life. And then you think about the lives of others, and how it affect you or how it doesn't affect you. And then you think about your life again. And then you'd feel empty. You'd feel as if life is suppose to have so much more than what you have now. You feel as if you should be out doing greater things than you are now. You feel that there is so much more that you are missing. And then you catch a breath.

Well that's life gentlemen. That's life. It's one of those time and it happens to everyone. Nobody really capture that moment of their life down. Few poets perhaps pen it down in their poetry, but it happens and that's life. I smile at my life. I smile at your life. Tonight I smile to the world and wishes it well. Tonight I smile to the boys and the girls, and to friendship and to whatever good is left in this world and wish it well.

This is one of those time where you would never understand what it is, unless you too experience the same. You're not happy you're not sad. There is no reason to be sad, but there is not much to celebrate. Nothing is what it seems to be. None. And that's how it feels.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I think that West Malaysian should take us East Malaysian as a role model. For one thing, we never fought over the word Allah. And for the second, we can live together much peacefully rather than having a dogfight every now and then, which is very unlike to our west counterparts. It comes to show that East Malaysian understand better the knowledge of maintaining peace and unity. We took the higher road of saints.

What's next with the Allah word issue? I am not taking sides as this is a sensitive issue, but what if our west counterparts has successfully ban the word from their Christian brothers. What do you win? Take an airasia flight down to Jakarta or Bandung and you'll again find millions of Indonesian Christian using the word Allah in their churches. Obviously these people are not well schooled, or else they'd have known that the world is much bigger than your 950 square feet apartment. Which is why I discourage people who study theology solely and disregard other principles and fields of studies. God gave us a brain, don't waste it. Think. Think a little further if this whole issue is politically motivated or has been politically abused. Think if you are a politician how can you use this scenario for the benefit of your party. We can read that Anwar is using this issue to slam the goverment, which is cunning but not entirely baseless. The government which first failed to draw a distinct line regarding the protests and practised double standards does not help. Now hooligans are burning churches for fun, and then you come out and condemn them. Superfluous.

On the other hand, 2 people are involved in the 2 stolen jet engine. So I guess each of them carried one engine and swam to Argentina for resell. Relevant enough. What I don't understand is why punish them? It's just two people. Why don't you put a big bucket of shit in front of KLCC and let everyone go there and eat. It would have bee better than this jet plane drama. Admit that you're corrupt and keep quiet. If you want to battle corruption, battle it seriously. It seems to me like the more goverment tries to battle against corruption, the more stories of corruption we hear. Ridiculous. Did you know that Hong Kong's ICAC had in many years ago sent their officers to study our "anti-corruption" strategy and we contributed partly to their now corruption free goverment? They learnt from us and became master while we still remain, whatever this is. I'm restricted from calling the goverment bad names directly due to my imaginary increasing influential power which doesn't exist. Damn.

And what's in store for us this coming week? Perhaps another series of attack or another series of protest, anyhow the joke continues. And I say peace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A=Average, B=Bad, C=Crap

Last Sunday I returned to KL in order to start my new semester. How nice would it be if life can stop at one pleasant place and never move on. But that doesn't happens too much doesn't it. You move from one place to another, one phase to another. December was great but this is January, it will come again but only once a year. If only everyday could be Christmas and every night is New Year. It would be pleasant.

I'd wish all my friends can be at one place at all time. Around me. But that doesn't happen a lot too. Some studies elsewhere, some plan to work elsewhere. Some don't belong to this country. And from time to time, they move on, and when they do, we have to move too. The direction we're heading would not so much be the same, perhaps someday we'll meet again. Perhaps we'll forget each other in time. Perhaps "moving on" has another meaning, it also means "letting go".

Obsession is a curse that I hope would never happen to you. But it does, when it does, it's bad. I've heard that the fastest way to get rid of an obsession is to get a new one. But when you can't find a new one, you learn to let go. It's the hardest part of growing up.

On an unrelated matter I got a B for Business Econs. So no mood to blog, New Year just started, take it easy la.....