Monday, December 29, 2008

Low Life

Recently I found myself a job working in retail as a sales assistant. Something that I had to do to fill my 7 month holiday. At first I thought sitting at home wanking all day is boring, but opting to work for 11 hours a day in retail is definitely worst. One of my job requirements is to stand straight and see the clock tickling while listening to Maria Carey singing "all I want for Christmas is yooooooooooooooooooooooou yooooooooooooooooooooou". I got a glimpse of the real world and hell, it is hell.

It makes me appreciate education more. It is not that I am looking down on those having none. But without a considerable education, life is going to be so much harder on you. I am not saying it to hurt anyone, the reality already did so.

I work in Speedy Video, they offer a salary amounting to around 700 plus depending on sales commission. And man, I find it hard to imagine how it'll be if I am to really work with that for life. I can be doing it for a short stint but others are permanent workers. Minus food and petrol, one doesn't really have much left. In that situation, anyone would think 9 times before spending on anything, even if it is a pack of toilet paper. It's so easy to take money from dad, go to coffee bean, have a glass of Iced Mocha, a caramel cheese cake and talk cock. But when I really have to work for every dime I spend, I think I'd probably end up resisting those luxuries if I can't afford them.

Does that make me cheap? Of course it does! As a matter of fact, I am cheaper than a piece of condom. Come on lah, if I have a father who owns midvalley mega mall, you bet I will build a 120 feet high statue of myself in city centre for everyone to worship 5 times a day. Suck on that.

At work, I have a colleague, he is of the same age with me, good looking, well mannered, soft spoken and he is also married with a daughter. I'll let you ponder upon that for a moment.

I don't even dare to ask him what happened. But I'm pretty sure he didn't do it because he thinks the time was right to commit himself to a partner for a lifetime. I feel for him, sometimes when life takes on a wrong course, it could just change everything. When you are 19 years old and you see a peer, the last thing on my mind is to say "hey, how's your wife? Is your daughter growing teeth?" I understand if it's a girl friend that got knocked up by an older guy, but he's my male peer, you know? Peer. Not pear.

I don't even know how to sum this post up. I do not enjoy ranting for no reason. But this gentlemen is a product after I've stood for 10 hours literally. So pity me. The only difference between me and a manual labour now is that I don't work under the sun.

On the positive side, one good thing about my job is that I can play any album or movies I like, as for today I played a documentary. It is called.......

Regardless how crappy our lives may be, I'd still like to wish you a nice day ahead. Please don't give up on life. If we would hang on in there long enough, and see surpasses the sufferings of tomorrow. There will and always be hope. And that we shall talk about it again in another post. Have a nice day. HAPPY 2009!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Super Short Talk: It didn't hit me how real the economic crisis was until Komag decided to close down its Kuching Branch. I guess I was dead wrong for being happy every time I see the KLCI index drop after all.

When something is practiced repeatedly, it becomes a ritual as time grows old. And soon enough it loses its meaning or at least, people tend to forget it. Like sex in a happy marriage. Christmas I believe is one of them.

Christmas was first celebrated to mark and honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately it has turned into many things today. At first it was "Santa Clause" who never existed, then it became "midnight sale" in every mall. And now it is also the most expensive time in the year to get a turkey. Do people eat turkey on Christmas or Thanksgiving really? We Malaysian are such that if you tell us American eats roti canai in Christmas, we will follow suit.

Even the names annoy me sometimes, calling 25 of December a Christmas Day was fine all along. Merry Christmas is a great tag line. You know, like "KFC", "Pizza Hut" and "fuck you". Then soon enough, some very stupid people suggested it was too long. So they also call it Merry Xmas instead. And the 'X' here gives people the idea that it signifies nothing, because X is an unknown in algebra. For those who haven know, 'X' in Xmas is actually an Anglo Saxon abbreviation of "Christ". And seriously, I don't even know what Anglo Saxon is.

I got to say that Christianity is the most tolerant religion around. (Christian readers please don't come and tell me that Christianity is not a religion but instead it is a relationship bullshit, I have been around in churches long enough I can come up with 31 different phrases to start and end a prayer, I am catering for general people here, some of you Christians have everything but common sense, and stop pretending you don't watch porn sinners!) If you are to write a novel about other religion that says their god is gay or is married to a prostitute and has a descendant until today. I bet they will probably slice you into pieces like ham, eat your flesh, drink your blood and crush your bones. But Christians just kept quiet and preaches against it that's all. We are good.

Back to what I was saying just now, Christians are so good and tolerant people are even calling "Christmas" Happy Holiday. Now that is worst than Xmas. That's like calling "Kentucky Fried Chicken" KL Roasted Duck! You Duckass, you don't like calling it Christmas for being Christmas, pack your bags and go back to your office and work.

My point today gentlemen is none other than:

When something is practiced repeatedly, it becomes a ritual as time grows old. And soon enough it loses its meaning or at least, people tend to forget it. Like sex in a happy marriage.

With that I wish all of you a


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Starry Starry Night

Super Facts: Speed reading is not the way to read an article with literary values. The slower you read and think between the lines, the more you learn to appreciate them. This is not reserved to just what I am writing today, an excellent example I found in The Star is this.

There are certain times in life where we have things going on but don't know where we are heading to, good things to share but don't know who to share it with, hobbies we like but have no one to play it with. There are certain times in life, where we experience loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful surge of emptiness and unwilling solitude. That's exactly how wikipedia put it. But what we feel and experience sometimes just happen to be so much more.

Loneliness is not something we feel when we are alone. It is something that follows wherever we go. I could have stand in the midst of a crowd, or walk the path where ten thousand has taken, and I could have feel the same. It isn't the feeling of emptiness, it is the feeling of meaningless. It is not the absence of anything at all. It is the present of many things which means nothing to that individual.

Loneliness is a result of uncertainty. An emotion triggered when we do not know where we are heading to. Who will we meet or how will we do in the future. It is an intense feeling followed up not necessarily but especially from departures of loved ones or breaking ups in a relationship. And it surges even more strongly, when it happens in a surprise.

It gives you a feeling as if someone took your heart away. While you mind can still think, and your body can still move, your heart is far from it. Substituted by a crave for a familiar voice, for a hope to cling on and many times, in no avail.

Loneliness is not sadness, it is a state of despair. Which sadness is a subset to. Just a thought from me. . . . . .

If you haven spermed permed your hair before, it's about time to do so

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Political Sashimi

Super Short Talk: I recently found myself a holiday job, all I can say is that I am very involve in the film, song and entertainment industry. No, I am not selling pirated porn.

I have been waiting to talk about this. I waited so long, but I was doing form 6 then, and I couldn't blog because of Kirchoff's law, Lenz Law, Faradays Law, Newton's law and Khairy's Sleepy Father in Law. After all that, I became so afraid of Laws I felt like using ISA on my examinations. The idea of 'detention without trial', is like giving 'an automatic A to student without having them to sit for exams'. While it is unfair, it surely does feel good to those who have the power to practice it.

The year 07/08 definitely has the most interesting political news in many years. By just compiling them up, it got to be at least one of the best political novels written. I believe Abdullah is a really good man. And that's why he led Barisan Nasional down the drain. Good man will never make a good politician. He's nothing like Tun Mahathir. His greatest mistake? Let Anwar Ibrahim out of his cage.

Before Anwar was released, the oppositions were just very loud noise. But after he came out, they suddenly became 'The Voice of Democracy'. Talking about rebranding, they surely did a fine job.

If you know a little about American politics, you should understand that they have a presidential election every 4 years. And when that happens, both the candidate, of whom one of them is the ongoing President, will go around campaigning like crazy. You hear them debate and using all sorts of strategies. The way Anwar campaigned, is exactly like what those foreign countries would do. He went from one station to one station in a night itself, campaigning from place to place to gain votes his videos were well available on Youtube. While the current Prime Minister? I didn't see him do that at all. He was relaxed. The only time I really heard about him was when he visited his own constituent, visited PAS stronghold state (one only) and chairing the emergency meeting in the middle of the night after a bad election.

How can a Prime Minister, not going full fledge in the worst time for an election? Why say worst time? Because only in 2007-2008 do we see....

1) Bersih Chaotic Demonstration
2) Lingam Corruption Tape
3) Chua Soi Lek Sex Tape
4) Hindraf Even More Chaotic Demonstration
5) Uses of ISA towards leaders
6) Increasing oil price
7) Increasing food price
8) Condemnation of Bloggers and the Internet, now they too blog themselves
9) I forgot but there sure are a few more

cartoonkini by Zunar

Click To Enlarge

You are 80 years old and still kicking, you forgot?

Lingam is not either mad or drunk, he is mad and drunk.

Some time ago, my friend put his hand on my shoulder, I felt itchy and shoved it away, without realizing he was holding his phone, his phone flew away and shattered into pieces. Who say I can't simply shove it aside? I can shove anything aside or inside whichever angle I want to.

Only lawyers can come out with the 'it looks like me and sounds like me, but I am not sure he is me' reply. Good one!

The ruling government had a very bad image during the election. I don't see why they should not lose 5 states.

By the way, I am a big fan of Anwar Ibrahim. I'd line up 3 hours to get his autograph. He is a hell of a politician. I know he bluffed about 916, my post is getting lengthy and I can't talk about that right now. But at the end of the day I support him. The thought of demolishing ISA, put an end to the slavery and supremacy talk, eradicate corruption, distribution of wealth by need not race, promote TRUE racial harmony is just....

The Malaysia that I always wanted it to be. The Malaysia that I can be truly proud of. A country where I can pledge my full loyalty unto without the slightest hesitation. And migration will never be an option for therein my heart, lives a dignity you can't put a price on.

But of course, Malaysia isn't there yet. And it seems like we have a long way still. Some say the dawn is here, some say the dawn is near. I would say that the night has just begun. So what's in store for 2009?

I have no idea, I hope that happens. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Christmas Card To You

Super Short Talk: Special thanks to for his courteous compliment last week. If I don't get ten thousand readers a day. At least I get a reader who has ten thousand readers daily. That's really good enough to make me happy. After all we should be grateful and not greedy.

Looks Does Not Deceive, Picture Does

I thought I have posted enough text recently I should upload some images just for kicks. Haha. By the time you read this post it should be at least December the 12th. I usually do not write a post and publish it right away on the spot, I scheduled them up. A little bit like the drama series you watch on TV, just that I don't get paid through it. So if you hack my account, you can probably read up to January.

Once again we have come to the holiday season, a deeply religious time that all of us observes in our own way, by going to the mall of our choice. I deem it is the right time to reflect all that we've done this year, and set sight for the arriving future.

I always take time to do that at the end of every year, just to make sure that I am not wasting my life away. I would be very sad if I were to look back at any point of my life, and say that I had wasted a certain period in my life blogging, doing something I regret.

The other part of it is resolutions. I never believe in it. My resolution has always been losing weight. And it surely does top up on my list again in 2009. It's pretty hard to settle with being heavy when the whole world is using fit, slim, muscles, ideal weight, tanned, six packs, broad shoulder, play basketball, huge package, minimal height of 5 feet 9 as the perimeter to judge someone's physical outlook. And no thanks to the infinite health awareness messages that says obesity kills you. Overweight kills you. Underweight kills you, Fat kills you. Carb kills you. and anything that you think can't kill you can kill you.

So I decided to lose 10 kg in the next 6 months. And whilst I am saying that, I can almost feel you reading with skeptical unbelieving eyes. Trust me, you are right at the doing that.

This is the reason why some malls go bankrupt

I don't usually do this. But since I am blogging again and come now the end of the year I might as well try it out:

To you my friend, if I had sinned against you throughout the course of 2008, I am apologetic. I know I am a proud, impatient, aggressive, stubborn, ignorant and insensitive person. Many times I have failed terribly in treating all with due respect while my selfish nature took over. I am deeply sorry for any hurt caused. Please forgive me and love me back.

Having said that, if there is anyone who is still sad and unhappy, you can always choose to confront me. But make sure you are prepared. If I were a kind person to begin with, I wont have to make a public apology. Which is very humiliating. Don't believe me? Talk to my friend Ahmad. Ahmad Ismyhell. He haven even say sorry yet for calling me an immigrant. For the last time, my grandfather did not intend to come here and rob away the richness of this land from its native. He only came here to enslaved himself. It was the authority who gave him a citizenship. When you willingly suck my balls, please don't complain it's too big. You wanted to suck it, I was willing to let you suck it, so let's work it out together and don't say I raped you. Vice Versa.

Oh by the way, I very wanted to end this post with a poetry, didn't I mentioned on my profile that I know mandarin? So here we go:


If you don
't understand Chinese, I am so sorry. Have a nice day. Oh before that, if you want to make fun pictures like this:

You can go to

Monday, December 8, 2008

For Why I Blog

Super Short Talk: Andy Lau is getting married to a Malaysian woman and has been hiding his affair for 23 years! Oh my God, when are they finally going to reveal that I am their illegitimate son born 19 years ago?

Describe your blog in not more than 50 words:

I write a blog that focus mainly on personal and current issues. Adding humor and opinions of my own is the very norm and characteristic of my writing style. The core purpose of me having a blog is to check and balance my thoughts and sanity through writings and self expressions.

In case you didn't know, the word 'blog' originally comes from "web log", sometimes written as weblog. It was suppose to be a log or a journal that people keep on the web. As soon as it became more popular, the word 'blog' came about by combining them both.

There are plenty of reasons why people blog today. Some blog for no reason at all. Having a blogging history of 18 months previously, and having taken another 18 months break before I rejoined the blogsphere. I am sure I have a clearer picture of what I am doing this time.

So why do I bother blogging after all?

1) For fame. Seriously, I tried that, and it didn't work a bit. Blogging is a lot like singing. Anyone can try singing but not everyone can become Jay Chou. As a matter of fact, 99.9% of the population doesn’t become stars. You only get to become 'nothing'. So if you are thinking of becoming a celebrity blogger? Think again.

2) For money. How much do you think I make with my Nuffnang so far? Rm12.18. That’s how much I got and trusts me, I would have earned more money selling grass to cows compared to running a blog. Big money from website advertising only happens if you have thousands of reader a day. If you haven got that, go find some cows.

There are a lot of tricks people do to increase their blog traffic. One of the method I read is by joining some sort of website call 'blog explosion', and crazily visit many blogs in it, so that these bloggers they visit will somehow visit their blog back because of some features the website offers, hence increasing their traffic.

Seriously, I couldn't bear even at the thought of sitting in front of my computer and keep clicking meaninglessly for hours just to get a bunch of meaningless visitors entering my website for the sake of it. Big kukujiao, if you don't appreciate my written works, I would strongly encourage you not to enter my site and go watch porn instead. I regard that more fruitful.

I always see myself as having a flair in writing. And I enjoy literature very much. The fact that these poets who are able to sum their philosophies, opinions and thoughts in the most beautiful sentences never fails to amaze me. So writing is big part of my hobby. And you will never find me writing a post like:

"Today I feel very sad arr, because my girlfren hoh, she fucking break up with me loh, what she think she is hah? Usually it is only me break up with cha boh, how will cha boh break up with me? I am like Edison Chen everybody including my mother also know one, mai cibai, I so sad lah, lan jiao, enough said bye liao"

Stress has prevailed more evidently today than it had before. And I do believe that if a person don't find ways to express himself of his tensions, he will really become dumb. While I enjoy talking to my friends about a lot of things, sometimes when they aren't there at the moment, I would choose to write it out. If you too am a blogger, don't you feel a lot better sometimes when you write out the things that trouble you?

My friends drop by quite a lot here, and I believe the same does to you all who keep a blog. So if you are wondering what are the ways I update them on my latest happenings, this is how I do it. And it does really do a better job than facebook. I can get a message across here, I get to share my day here while facebook only allows me to poke at them. When you reach a certain level of maturity, you will get bored with facebook so fast you eventually realize that it caters for teenagers much better than adults.

Do I care about my readers? I do, I respect them a lot, and I appreciate them surfing here. But I do not blog for them. I blog for myself, and if I can accommodate some fun and write things that might amuse, inspire or touch them, I will certainly do so.

So what is the bottom line?

The bottom line is I love you. Get over it. This is the end of this post.

Go and have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Are The Miracle

2 weeks ago when UPSR 08 was released, there was this article on the papers that reported about a girl who had cancer and still scored very good result. It was headline news on Borneo Post, Sarawak's exclusive newspaper. A week after that, I read the papers again and saw her reappeared, instead of making headlines, she made it to the classifieds, this time in the obituary.

A week ago, there she was talking about dreams and the future, a week later she is gone. It makes me very sad to read that kind of news. Perhaps it is just me being emotional, but this kind of story rips my heart off.

Although I'm a science stream student up to form 6, I have never been a great fan of science. Anyway I would still like to borrow a quote from Albert Einstein, a not so scientific one that says,
"there are only two ways to live your life, one is as if nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle".

Many of us are truly blessed with a lot of things, but seldom do we give thanks for any of them. Instead it has been the general attitude of men and women like me to complain and worry over the petty things of life. And from time to time we hear news like people committing suicide over love and failures in life. Like the one that happened in Kuching this year,I could remember the commotion early in school where friends were talking about how a girl jumped down from a 3 storey shophouse in MJC (Kuching area) because her boyfriend left her. I was amazed, 3 storey also can die. Obviously she wasn't that bright, she must have jumped head down. Personally I think those who acted that way rightly deserve to die. The greatest gift in live is life itself. And he who denies it is not worthy to receive one.

Bring tea for the Tillerman
Steak for the sun
Wine for the women who made the rain come
Seagulls sing your hearts away
'Cause while the sinners sin, the children play
Oh Lord how they play and play
For that happy day, for that happy day

If you can't understand what was that I may not be able to help you in it.It's the same reason why I cannot see the solution to math in geometry deduction. Haha.....

My friends, there are only two ways to live your life, one is as if nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is one. Have a nice day =D