Monday, December 29, 2008

Low Life

Recently I found myself a job working in retail as a sales assistant. Something that I had to do to fill my 7 month holiday. At first I thought sitting at home wanking all day is boring, but opting to work for 11 hours a day in retail is definitely worst. One of my job requirements is to stand straight and see the clock tickling while listening to Maria Carey singing "all I want for Christmas is yooooooooooooooooooooooou yooooooooooooooooooooou". I got a glimpse of the real world and hell, it is hell.

It makes me appreciate education more. It is not that I am looking down on those having none. But without a considerable education, life is going to be so much harder on you. I am not saying it to hurt anyone, the reality already did so.

I work in Speedy Video, they offer a salary amounting to around 700 plus depending on sales commission. And man, I find it hard to imagine how it'll be if I am to really work with that for life. I can be doing it for a short stint but others are permanent workers. Minus food and petrol, one doesn't really have much left. In that situation, anyone would think 9 times before spending on anything, even if it is a pack of toilet paper. It's so easy to take money from dad, go to coffee bean, have a glass of Iced Mocha, a caramel cheese cake and talk cock. But when I really have to work for every dime I spend, I think I'd probably end up resisting those luxuries if I can't afford them.

Does that make me cheap? Of course it does! As a matter of fact, I am cheaper than a piece of condom. Come on lah, if I have a father who owns midvalley mega mall, you bet I will build a 120 feet high statue of myself in city centre for everyone to worship 5 times a day. Suck on that.

At work, I have a colleague, he is of the same age with me, good looking, well mannered, soft spoken and he is also married with a daughter. I'll let you ponder upon that for a moment.

I don't even dare to ask him what happened. But I'm pretty sure he didn't do it because he thinks the time was right to commit himself to a partner for a lifetime. I feel for him, sometimes when life takes on a wrong course, it could just change everything. When you are 19 years old and you see a peer, the last thing on my mind is to say "hey, how's your wife? Is your daughter growing teeth?" I understand if it's a girl friend that got knocked up by an older guy, but he's my male peer, you know? Peer. Not pear.

I don't even know how to sum this post up. I do not enjoy ranting for no reason. But this gentlemen is a product after I've stood for 10 hours literally. So pity me. The only difference between me and a manual labour now is that I don't work under the sun.

On the positive side, one good thing about my job is that I can play any album or movies I like, as for today I played a documentary. It is called.......

Regardless how crappy our lives may be, I'd still like to wish you a nice day ahead. Please don't give up on life. If we would hang on in there long enough, and see surpasses the sufferings of tomorrow. There will and always be hope. And that we shall talk about it again in another post. Have a nice day. HAPPY 2009!


Choonie, the Guru said...

I hope to know more people like you, who appreciates education. Now you know what I say all this while is true and I know you can think further than the rest. I reality, education does help to have a better life. Happy New Year to you.

Andrew Ho said...

thank you thank you.

pilocarpine said...

education helps.
ur documentary helps, too.


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