Friday, January 2, 2009

No Year Resolution

As 2008 slowly fades away welcoming 2009. This first thing that came to my mind was this little poetry.

A poem is a little path

That leads you through the trees.

It takes you to the cliffs and shores,

To anywhere you please.

Follow it and trust your way

With mind and heart as one,

And when the journey's over,

You'll find you've just begun.

Dr Q: So you are 19 going to 20, what do you want to be?

A: I want to be Zac Efron or Jesse Mccartney, wait..... Zac Efron.

Dr Q: Why do you want to be him?

A: The other day I saw him on the magazine with nice abs wearing a Calvin Klein underwear. And I thought to myself "I WANT THAT TOO!"

Dr Q: Don't you have a more substantial reason?

A: No, what is that?

Dr Q: It's okay, so what does 2009 means to you?

A: The year of the cow, DON'T DRINK MILK.

Dr Q: Haha, I see you enjoy bringing your sense of humour around, besides that anything else?

A: The year of the golden cow, DON'T.....

Dr Q: Okay Okay enough, do you have any resolutions this year?

A: Yes I have, lose 15 KG in 6 months.

Dr Q: That is very good, we should have aims in life, what was your resolution last year?

A: Lose 15 KG in 6 months.

Dr Q: . . . . . Did you achieve it?

A: No.

Dr Q: It's okay, why lose weight anyway?

A: Because I am gonna be sooo cute after that.

Dr Q: Okay I can see that. How about the you now, do you feel insecure with your current physical now?

A: No no no, I am very big.

Dr Q: I mean your physical outlooks.

A: Oh, no no no, I am still better looking than 79% of the Malaysian population. Everyone in this country is hideous.

Dr Q: Okay, if that is what you think, 79% is good.

A: No no no, that is good enough for you, but I want more.

Dr Q: I see, that is very ambitious. How about your studies?

A: Ya, what about them?

Dr Q: How about future relationship?

A: My dog wont eat bones these 2 days, I don't know what is wrong with her.

Dr Q: You have to talk to me so that I can help you.

A: I fed her chicken bones, pig bones and fake bones but she didn't take it.

Dr Q: . . . .

A: Anything else?

Dr Q: I think that's enough for today.

* The poetry above is taken
from The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury,
Knopf, 1999, copyright by Charles Ghigna

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