Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where is Holiness in Me?

Super Short Talk: Some people say I write too many words and post too little pictures while blogging. They feel like they are reading an essay. To show how much I care about their views and the magnitude of my love for them, I decided to write another essay. Like the proverb that says "a picture paints a thousand words". I hope someday people will realize that I am painting a lot of pictures here.

I was brought up in church since 12 years old (voluntarily). From sheer religious holiness and staunch upbringing in Christianity, it took me a long time and a lot of struggle to finally say my first 'fuck' word. It occurred to me that how good you are is never judged base on how many 'fucks' you have said or how many porn you have watched. While many 'holy' so to speak Christians may see my attitude as a shame, I think ("I think", it may not be true) by heart, thoughts or deeds, I am still way "holier" than many of them. And if there were a score chart up for a 'who is holier than thou' challenge, I would win hands down compared to many of them.

Therefore until this day, I am proud to say that I still have my dignity firmly attached to my balls. And no one has ever got the guts to confront me in any matter related to how I should bring myself in life (with a few exceptions). I do not enjoy confrontation, I prefer dealing and solving matters graciously. With discussion, tolerance and at best politeness. But of course, we all know how difficult some people tend to be in life, many times raising our voice is not an option.

In other places, they sell purity rings. It's a ring to wear on the left ring finger as a vow to uphold abstinence. A practice that famous boy band Jonas Brothers uphold. In the Chinese culture, we obviously don't need such thing, because traditionally, all those that make love before marriage will have to be drowned. Today however, things have got a little turned around. There are just too many movies imparting all sorts of habits into the crowd. Which all the time is very misleading. Sex is an element inseparable in screenplay and literature. It is a spice you have to put in to make a story great.

It reminds me of an old joke that goes like this: A professor was teaching his student how to write a good novel. He said "in order to produce a good story, you will need 4 important elements. Firstly religion, for all goodness revolve around it, secondly sex, for it is an element of life, thirdly mystery, for it creates interest and lastly brevity (simplicity) because no one likes a long winded story. So the professor let his student write their own work, and soon enough, one of his student handed in his work. It was written "The Dutches of Winfrey is pregnant, oh God, I wonder who did it!"

If Romeo did not do Juliet, he don't have to die in the story, because there is no point, why kill the character if he isn't horny? You see, Shakespears and I think alike. Movies wasn't made for any of us to learn from, it is only filmed the way it is to heighten box office. But when some of us watch too much of these, we practice the same, and the next thing you know is that your life does not last for 1 hour and 40 minutes in a cinema. Your life last a lot longer than that, so it probably wont be a nice ride if we model from them.

Am I against purity rings? No, I wear that myself. Well not exactly, but it's pretty much the same idea. I don't wear a ring on my left ring finger, but I keep a condom in my wallet. It is a red love Durex super ultra thin expiring March 2012. So anytime you see me face to face, you can just ask me to flash it out so to prove that I haven use it. This is 2008, for god's sake, should I wear a chastity belt instead?

I am not trying to preach anything, every time I log into this blog. I never expect to have any readers. I write purely to reinstate, reorganize, reformat, re-whatever my thoughts, like a diary. It's funny I initially started this post with another idea in mind, I wrote the title as "keep them in your pocket, but don't keep them in your heart". And after written the first paragraph, I realize I was writing something so different altogether.

So where is holiness in me? Or in you?

I was taught that answering a question with another question is a rude. But if I can help it not to, I won't be what I am today (which is not necessary a good thing)

The answer from me is "Does it matter?"

* For Christians, you should know by now that you are saved through Christ and salvation comes to you when you accept Him. It isn't about how many good deeds, excellent behaviour, performance or philanthropy you've done. This is "Being a Christian 101". If you haven know that by now, go circumcise yourself. After that go fuck yourself. And to those who think that sin can rob away your salvation, I don't even bother talking to you. Believe whatever you want.

**And I am not condoning sin. I am against it. Use your common sense. And then go fuck yourself again.

***A good reader reminded me that it's 2009 already as I used 2008 up here. Haha, don't worry, I know the date today, just that when I was writing this, it was 2008.


alyssa said...

You do have readers, I am one of them. I agree with you on the paragraph about the movies. Best not to model our lives on them.

Anonymous said...

it's 2009 already, my fren :)

Anonymous said...

U said u wanna blog for fame and stuff and now u're crapping that u never expect readers. oh the cuteness.

Andrew Ho said...

I am sorry for the confusion, I think you have misunderstood my previous posting. I was actually trying to explain that I used to blog thinking that I will become popular through it but that did not work out at all. So I concluded that blogging with the thought of becoming famous is not right. My English can be a little too advance for some readers, I apologise. Have a nice day.

joandee said...

Nice one!
i'm going to be one of ur new loyal readers!

GezNat said...

For your 1st paragraph, you are so right!

For 2nd one, I dont have balls! wtf said...

Well, how bout me for a reader too haha... A note on purity rings, I don't really believe in them.

PinkLady said...

It's the new century for god sake. Everyone try to act holy...but are they really that holy afterall????

Andrew Ho said...


Anonymous said...

hah, keep condom?
that means 2 things.

1. u're too fugly to be able to fuck anyone.
2. your sperm is weak you don't need a condom.

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