Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Super Short Talk: My blog address is where else Najib's blog is My doctor was right when he said only self-obsessed and power crazy people who likes to live in self denial starts their URL with the number 1.

I know it is unprofessional to talk about our job in our blog. But when you are in a not so professional job like mine, I guess it's really fine to expose it. Today I woke up at 10.30 in the morning. I quickly change to my uniform and head to work at 10.45, I did not bath but I brushed my teeth. I do not bath in any morning and I have no freaking idea why people do that. The temperature is right whenever I wake up in the morning, I feel cozy in bed, why would anyone want to splash water on themselves in that hour of the day. Some say they do that because they want to "feel fresh". Why would you want to feel fresh in the morning? I went to sleep feeling sleepy, I wake up feeling sleepy. That's the way of life. You continue from where you left off, right?

I know retail shop opens at 10 am sharp in the morning. But we usually open late by an hour because we have our own standard that we are unwilling to compromise. Some people use the word 'lazy' to describe that attitude. But you see, we are Malaysians, when we are on time, something is wrong and Air Asia would be out of business. Let me help you a little here, instead of seeing me as a lazy person who comes late to work everyday, why don't you see it as an opportunity for you to learn how to be patience patient, right?

My uniform to work is fantastic, on a good day we can go with....


And shirt not tucked in

Half way down work, I had no idea how many times I watched Zohan already (we have to put on shows all the time in the shop to lure customers) So I just felt impressed to make my hair look like him. You know, the Scrappy Coco look. With the help of a hair blower, it took me half an hour to make it happen.

Because of my humble nature, please be informed that I had made my picture look a little fatter than what I really am in real life

I always think it is good to post a picture of myself in my blog from time to time. Just to give people an idea that I am still alive. You know, a lot like the North Korean Prime Minister that suffered a stroke last month and had possibly died but is still releasing undated photos of himself to tell people that he is alive and expect the whole world to believe in it. I guessed he has never heard of a 'video clip' before in North Korea. That would be a more convincing way to prove you're alive Mr BiBimBap. And these are the same bunch of people that want to invent nuclear bombs. I've said this before and I want to say it again "There are way more crazy people on earth than me, some in Iraq, some in Iran, some in North Korea and the rest in the Malaysian Cabinet".

Oh by the way, Happy Chinese New Year! The lunar calendar says the New Year has just begun. The zodiac however would like to add that it is also the year of the Cow. So don't eat steak tonight. Beyond that I want to wish you all, whoever you are, a Happy Chinese New Year. Hopefully this coming year will be another fruitful, healthy, fun and prosperous year for you. I'm gonna wrap this up but I can't do it without having said this:

Oi, whoever you are, if you still have Edison Chen's picture, quick quick release it can? It has been one year already since you last posted, and all your pictures are from video clips one some more. Come on lah, it's the 1st year anniversary, don't be kiam chi po.

P/S: I want with sound one

Don't mess with the Zohan


Harry said...

uhmz.. weii.. zohan wont look that bad i think.. *grasp*

and look a little fatteR? are u sure that's "not" so real?!


and wa lah~~ u looked like very slim when you only shoot ur body.. LOLz..

k la.. no more critic..

Wish you a Happy Chinese New YEar too..

Sally Ho said...

Happy Niu Year to you too!

Ng Seng Aun said...

hell yeah! Zohan!

And I see that purity ring (was it?) you're wearing. Hah!

Andrew Ho said...

That was my friend, it was his wedding ring. He got married because he knocked up his wife.

casey said...

Wah, I have one pair of such sandals with me, my mum bougth

them at the cheap-cheap shop (neh, those where batteries

are sold 4pcs for RM1. And my buddy told me they are (the

sandals) popular among the Bangladeshi workers oh. .

Chinese New Year, make sure you'll Happy, k?

Andrew Ho said...

Thank you, just that my dad bought the sandals at an auction for 4 mil dollar. It is believed that either Aladdin or Jesus wore it before. However, some other critics also argue that I bought it in Bata for Rm8.90.Hahahaha.

iVan Chong said...


when we are on time, something is wrong and Air Asia would be out of business.

Anonymous said...

''why don't you see it as an opportunity for you to learn how to be patience''

it should be patient right?

just to tell you :)

happy Niu year!

Andrew Ho said...

thank you thank you

iamsoup said...

haha that mustve been something trying to get the "scrappy coco" hair
wish you a happy new year(:

moon said...

lol scrappy coco look! *burst into laughter* that movie is way of too... =__=
happy chinese new year :)

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