Friday, January 16, 2009

If There's Anything You Want To Spread, Let It Be Love

Kenny Sia introduced a BBC News Report last week in his short talk. So I read it up and felt very inspired to poke talk about it.

An Excerpt from BBC

Luqman is the elected head of the student body. Last year he led a street protest after a state official remarked that perhaps one in 10 university places should be opened to minorities.

Education is a live issue, not only for Indians but also for the entrepreneurial Chinese. They make up a quarter of the population and hold much of the nation's wealth, which allows many to study privately.

But in Malaysia's growing blogsphere, there's an increasingly vocal sense of exclusion, mixed with frustration at severe security laws that allow detention without trial.

Luqman, a proud Malay, has no sympathy for this new activism. He points out that even after decades of affirmative action policies the ethnic Malays remain relatively impoverished.

But it isn't just about wealth. "This is our land basically. And we have already given one special privilege to the non-Malays, that is citizenship," he says.

The Chinese race is believed to be the 4th smartest among all. With the Jews being number 1. We came from a culture so deep rooted history believed we are one of the first few civilisations. We had walked this earth as much or more than anyone else. And like the Greeks ( Spartans!) , we are very proud of our logic. It sadden me when we came to Malaysia, it has brought so much hurt to the Malay people, that until so many years later, they are still labeling us as thieves who came to steal from them their riches of this land.

I do not blame the Malay people. Although some of them hated my kind, I try to see everyone very much equal. The only party that I blame is the government and their poor policies that hopefully one day will lead to their own destruction. Their logic was comparable to the aristocrat of the olden days, no foresight, selfish and bad result. 50 years of testament had only proven them more inadequate than ever. As days passed on, the only thing people now want is a change.

Wait a minute, I am sounding too serious here. Let me change my tone a little bit.

Okay first of all, The Spartans in the famous "300" is stupid. I know for a fact that it happened in history but I have no idea what is so honorable about them. I mean, they lost and died. All of them. You assemble 300 people and go out to fight with tens of thousand. That is stupidity to begin with. If you would ever suggest such a thing in the Chinese army, I will behead you straight away for sacrificing my soldiers for no reason. And then I will behead your entire household so that our Chinese offspring will never bear an abomination like yours.

In the Chinese history there were exactly 3 wars which resemble much similarity with the 300. Except for one thing, they won. One led by Chao Chao, the other led by Xiang Yu and the last one I forgot. They all fought with thousands of army against army ten fold bigger than theirs. And won with strategies much wiser than "go to the mountains, find a cramped place and fight until we all die."

You see, I have a point here, my point is, we were good at killing. We are good at killing our own people. Our brothers, our sisters. We kill them all in history. But we don't conquer any other country. We only fight among ourselves. And we became so good at one point, throughout generations of wars, more inventions were created, more strategies were written, and all those poor poets that suffer from the outcome wrote more philosophies than we could ever contain. We had a very deep culture, rooted with an identity, subconsciously planted in our head. We know ourselves as the Chinese. We do not belong to the elite group of any country, we belong to the elite group of the world. If there were an Inter-Universe Scrabble competition, or an Inter-Globe films award, definitely the Chinese is participating representing Earth.

So when we come to Malaysia, I am sorry to say that, the only logical thing to do is to monopolize your economy. I know you have said many times that we "hold much of the nation's wealth", and this time I am not going to deny it again, I am going to agree with you. Yeah, we indeed monopolize your economy. And as long as we are here, we will keep doing that. There is nothing you can do about it and it will never change. You happy?

The NEP has been there for a long while, it did not proved itself to be useful, what makes you think it will finally help everyone if I give it another 50 years? It wont, the problem is not with the Chinese or the Indians. The problem is with you, I wouldn't want to stress which 'you' am I referring here. But I see those Chinese people, you work 8 hours a day they work 10, you study 10 hours a day they study 16, you work 6 days a week they work 7. Do you know how hardworking are they? Do you think when we all sit for the same public exam together under one roof in one country at the same time, certain races just happen to score better results generally? We did that by luck or something? No, we worked for it, we sweat, we bleed. We exchange results with hard work. With or without whatsoever special rights

"If I give you the fish, you won't get hungry for a day, if I teach you how to fish, you will never be hungry again". Confucius had a point when he said this overquote phrase. Ask the government, over the years, did they teach the race they wanted to help how to fish? Or did they give them the fish day by day, year by year? You want education? I help you. You want business? I help you. If I were Malay, I would be doing some high end course in Germany now upon scholarship by JPA.

Malaysia is a big pool. There are plenty of fishes inside. When you see other races know how to fish very well, do not get angry and say that they are robbing your fishes away. The pool is here, if you want it, you can fish with us. I am not here to steal your fish. I am here to be your fishing partner.

If only we had practiced full meritocracy 50 years ago, I am pretty sure today, we will have these Malay friends that see us just like them. Not more superior or pure evil. But as a part of a body. There is no such thing as if you are Malay you are lazy, if you are Indian you are smart. It's not about Malay or Indian.

It's about who you think you are. And who you want to be. And how you want this society to think with you.

You want special rights? I say keep it. Keep whatever rights you want. I don't want to fight with you. I don't need to. We've already won. The question is "when are you ready to join us in victory?"

The BBC report continued this about Lokeman Luqman:

Regarding the blogsphere he has a question for Malaysia's new prime minister: "When you're talking about opening the freedom of speech, how far do you want to go?"

As the future new prime minister, I shall reply to you:

"I want to go 5 kilometer far". Amen.



Anonymous said...

yeah~ it's weird that they always blame us for "holding much of the nation's wealth, which allows many to study privately."

BUT do they ever thought about treatment from Government to the chinese??

Government controlled every house lot, Bumi Putras have 30% discount.

Government controlled the so called bank interest, Bumis can enjoy more interest than non-Bumis.

Government controlled every Uni, Bumis got the priority first no matter how sucks their result.

Cut it short, else this comment will be tooooo long.

Bumis got ALL the priorities FIRST~!

BUT non-bumis for example CHINESE can do MUCH MUCH MORE better than them, should they be shamed on themselves?
[hey..i am only refering to those anti chinese and thought chinese like beggar or some illegal PA~!I AM NOT REFERING TO ALL MALAY~!!]

So it's mean every time they made such a statement, they are actually praising us la.
Because it's no longer a secret that Bumis enjoyed all the priorities, but chinese so smart ar, still can do better than them.
hmmm.. thanks ya.. for "ken de qi" (value) us.

casey said...

頂你一下(literally means "support you")! yeap, i agred what you've said, were indeed fair enough. Only those (me too not meant to point this to ALL Malays, same thing lah, not all Chinese are hard-working, rite?) which is liberal enough will accept the statement that CHinese DO NOT rob things from them. If they still disagree, EHH... please lah, Chinese or other non-Malays already get none of the priorities from the Govn, do you think we can have the privilege to even steal or rob? Guess that sounds logic enough already...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of special rights, I often wonder about the natives who are supposed to be the true owner of this land. Do they have special rights?

The history that we studied also shows that we ALL are immigrants to this land. The only different is the time of arrival.

Who is this "true owner" then you all reckon?

moon said...

You mention some sensitive issues which I've long been wanting to post them as a ranting talk in my bloggy =D
*raise a dozen of agreements to support you*

Ng Seng Aun said...

They're (Malays) are just afraid that if they loosen/abolish the Bumi rights, they are gonna lose out in the rat race.

IF they are willing to compete with the other races and strive for excellence (be it academics or business) I think, in time, they can be on par with us. The problem is they don't. Even if they do, they don't do much more than is required. They just do ENOUGH.

Good post. This is considered subtle, intellectual, and unprovoking.


Andrew Ho said...

Thank you all~~

Su Ee said...

Anyone interested to fish with me? I just caught a Malay Combtail. Good post, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

wah.. nuffnang started to give u adv already.
Good post. =D
but still..
too long essay for me. =___________="
posted by "1st ano"

Anonymous said...

Gr8 post!... keep up d good work...
I'll keep reading your blog

Anonymous said...

they said they help malay n bumi
but reality they helped malay ONLY
we, bumi, are ignored for selection of high post in state administration..
even lost our NCR land

petronas in swk n sbh employed more malay from w.msian than locals..
good jobs goes to malays with decent or so-so education

divide n rule
that how they managed local in swak

Schizzow said...

Good one there. Lol.

Anonymous said...

nicely written. not too serious not too casual.
jus nice for "them" to understand.


keep up the good work!


Ida said...

Amen to that. I like what you write. Its very moderate, very rasional and very witty. I'm watching this blog=)

keep it up/

Fariz said...

Nice article. I, as a Malay amat terasa pedasnya. Im a lazy Malay who love to just eat and sleep and got no motivation to be good in anything. I can say that i am stupid. I remember during darjah 4 i was better than most of my chinese friends in exam at an english tuition center. But nw, after 15 years, im sure they, as u are, levels higher than me in term of intelligence and maturity. but then im happy to see all u chinese propelling the national economy. And i always wish that i cn copy the chinese hardworking mindset into myself.

Andrew Ho said...


AnonymouslySecret said...

Hi Andrew...

Just happened to stumble upon your blog by chance and I must admit, I have been laughing my ass out :D

"...And then I will behead your entire household so that our Chinese offspring will never bear an abomination like yours..."

Keep up the good humour and wit.

Regarding the issue about the whole special rights thingy. I cannot say that it is fair that us Chinese are being treated like "immigrants". Just like what you said, "monopolize your economy", it's true us Chinese monopolize the economy. And I shall admit that we are damn good at it. So good that Malaysia's economy flourish and prosper over the period of years. BUT. Don't forget that Malaysia's economy belongs to all Malaysians as a whole. Malaysians as in Chinese, Malay, Indians, bumiputras and etc. So Chinese (And perhaps Indians too) had been contributing much to the country's economy. Let's not leave it at only the economy, Chinese and Indians had contributed a LOT to politics, education and whatever more. Since we (Chinese and Indians) are already giving all we have to the country, and we (Including the Malays) are reaping the benefits, what right do they have to consider themself more special and privileged then us. In my not-so-humble opinion, the Malays are being folly by sticking to the past and not embracing the present and future. Not to say that all Malays think like that but MOST of them do.

That is all I can say as a response to your post. I'm sorry if I don't make much sense.

Great blog btw.

AnonymouslySecret said...

Damn. I now realize that comment is too long. So sorry.

Andrew Ho said...

Thanks.... haha

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