Sunday, July 25, 2010

How am I doing

I had just read a moment ago, and he was discussing about people who likes to call themselves celebrities when they are not really one. That was just one interesting idea, it made me feel like calling myself a celeb too! But of course, my humble nature would never allow it, calling myself a celebrity when I am not is just too much. I am not a celebrity, I am a superstar! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. And that is 6 seconds of your life you will not be getting back reading me.

It has been nearly a year since I entered University. And I have to admit that life being busy means lesser blogging. Of course when I said busy, I was more refering to busy playing rather than studying. But thank God I still update this piece of blog from time to time. Although the interval may be quite a while.

I have learnt much since I came here. Not academically, but I believe meeting more people helps a person grow up. Especially those from different places and culture. I am currently still enjoying it while waiting for my internship. I applied a few in Kuching but had not receive a reply.

If there is one thing I dread now, it will be graduation. Who needs to graduate when he is having so much fun? But again it is inevitable. A big part of me has always dread about growing up, growing old, take responsibility and all those good things. I guess most of us do. And we aren't given a choice really, life just drives us about. We can either be the passenger or the driver. But we aren't allowed to stop the car.

I am going back to Kuching next month for a short 10 days. And coming back again, am also spending Hari Raya in KL. To sum it up? Nothing much.....

And oh ya, mum was not feeling well. Her right leg felt weak says she. and she fidn it hard to walk. She Went for a brain scan and the doctor found 2 black dots as small as half the size of a 5 cents coin. Doc said it is unlikely to be a tumour. But will have to observe and asked her to scan again 3 months later. Her blood test however was fine. So I would keep her in prayer. And even if it was just a short 10 days, I had to go back.

For we all have lives and our challenges.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why is Life Special?

My friend asked me while I was cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, "Andrew, do you think life is special?" I hesitated for a moment to answer. Because I know it is a difficult question, a difficult one to explain and also to understand. People like to ask all sorts of questions sometimes, and although I can give a good explanation, many times I just ignore them because I don't believe they have enough depth, knowledge and critical thinking skill to accept what I have to say. But since he asked, I thought I would just try to enlighten him and the rest of you who may be reading.

For a start, you cannot answer the question "why is life special" in one sentence. Many people who ask questions expect a quick answer to their enquiry. Let me tell you something, in a world of philosophers, it takes 30 hours to think, 20 hours to rethink, 10 hours to recheck the logic to give you a simple statement. To give you a one sentence answer to whatever complicated thoughts you have is simply impossible.

So to answer the question, there are 3 parts you have to carefully understand. I will try my best to make it as simple as possible. Number 1, instead of telling you why life is special, you need to know first what kind of people think that life is meaningless. I always say, "if life is without God, there will be no meaning to life. If we are all an accident of science, and that this life on earth is all we have, it doesn't matter if I die today, tomorrow or have lived a little longer. At the end, it will all mean nothing. All the emotions, all the attachment, the love of families, friends, they will all be meaningless. It is better to die immediately than to go through all that unnecessary steps before we finally die". In short, people who don't believe in God will not find much meaning in life. Life will not appear very special to them. This is provided they can think deep enough to realize that. The general population cannot think like that.

Part 2, people who believe in God but has no idea who and what God is or they have a wrong conception of God will not find life special. Yes, one can say, I believe in God, so what? How does it give more meaning to life? Well let me explain, if you believe in God, you are no longer an accident of the nature or science. It's not, owh, suddenly, you appear as a baby and you have a life! No. It is not like that. You are not an accident. God made you. God gave you life. Of all the people that could live, God especially created you. Not anyone else, but you. Does that make you feel more special already? And because you believe God exist, life does not end on earth, you would as well believe in enternity. You would believe that there is much more than life on earth.

You might again say, ya ya, I heard the eternity stuff before. If you do good you go to Heaven, if not you go to Hell. What so special about that? And that is what lead us to part 3.

People who do not understand God and His nature will not appreciate life. They always see God as this Punisher or this Judge that is ever ready to punish them when they do wrong things. People who think like that do not have a solid foundation in the understanding of the bible. A person can go to church for 20 years and not know anything about God. I can guaratee you that because I myself had gone to church for 10 years. And I have spent a great amount of time in church. I would like to throw you a question. On the cross, Jesus had die for our sins. He had took all our sins on the cross and God had severely punished him. So all our sins were dealt with. Now, back to 2010, supposedly if you had done something wrong today, this "sin" they you have commited should be dealt with and punished 2000 years ago on Jesus, right? So if God punish you again, isn't He punishing the same sin twice on two different people? Does that make sense?

For those of you who has a weak foundation in the bible, you should get confuse by this moment. And to obtain and understand the answer for "why is life special", you have to talk to me personally. That is however a priviledge I don't easily give out. But for those of you who can still read, I would tell you here.

When you see God today, you cannot see him as the punisher anymore. He is done with punishing people. Today He is a God that is FOR you not AGAINST you. When you see life like that, would you think there is no meaning to life anymore? When you understand that there is a God who loves you, a God who bless you, a God who cares about you, who created you at the first place, who made you for a reason, for a purpose. YES, God created us all for a reason and a purpose, and what purpose and what plans God has in store for you is for you to find out. It is for you to seek Him. In his Word He say, Seek and you shall find, Ask and it shall be given. So you aren't created just to live and to die. You have a God that is gonna back up you, that is gonna lead you and MAKE A MEANING OUT OF YOUR LIFE. A God that is not a punisher and someone who cares only how to torture you. No, God don't do those things anymore. THERE ARE STILL SOME FUCKING PREACHERS OUT THERE THAT PREACH HE DOES, A LOT OF THEM, AND I CURSE THEM FOR SPEAKING THE WRONG THING. I CURSE THEM FOR CONFUSING PEOPLE. AND I LOOK DOWN ON THEIR LACK OF REVEALATION AND THEIR WHOLE BEING OF EXISTENCE.

And when you have understood more of this, you would have find that life is more special. And it is not something static, it is a progress. Which means, the more you understand God and His love, plans and his Word, the more you will see that life is indeed special. Different people will understand this and will apreciate life at different level. Mine perhaps is higher, yours is lower but I hope we all end up in the same place someday.

You see, this is what happen when you want an answer to a difficult question, do you have to brain to understand it just a little?