Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not Important

Welcome back to my low life gentlemen, things are settling down for me in KL. Of course, there is really nothing much to begin with. Not that I am studying in a whole new enviroment. Considering the amount of Indonesian people I mix with, I still feel little traped in between Bandung and Jakarta. Where the hell did all the Malaysian go?

It's really easy to ignore blogging when you have things going on in your life. Blogging is really not so important. It kinda reminds me of a stupid politician that once said "blogging is for women who have no jobs and has nothing to do". Well, to be fair, it is easier to blog when you have no job and have nothing to do. Unfortunate for me, I'm neither born into a wealthy family nor did i strike any jackpot recently. So I've got to study, I've got to work.

It's not really fair but knowing Indonesian friends also mean I know people from Acheh (two of them). And when you know their experiences in life, of which all their families were washed to the sea and never survived, I figured I shouldn't complain too much all the time. Maybe sometime I have too, why, because BN is still on the throne.

see the blue frogs

Anyone who read the news would know what happened in DUN Perak recently. The problem has lasted so long, now it's not so fun anymore even to joke about. They are like two footballs teams supporters, who go into the DUN and shout at each other. One claim they are legitimate, the other claim they are right. But of course, those who has eyes know exactly which team did the right thing.

What BN did was wrong in a way that they forego public perception and support. Discounted the future and focuses on only short term goal, which is to win the DUN back. This is a rookie mistake. Obviously if the goverment is thinking of hiring a better strategist, I'm one of the new blood most qualified in this country. They should have just given me a scholarship and make me the next Chua Soi Lek or Ong Kee Teat. Personally I like Chua Soi Lek more, he's as shameless as me. But of course, when I tried to enter the Prime Minister's residence to discuss about my scholarship, I was denied access. Maybe its because I am not Anwar's personal aide.

Short Form - MCA

The recent news also reported Pakatan Rakyat having internal struggles. If that's going to be a problem, I guess BN also nailed it by having the dramatic MCA fight. It's at best only a 1-1. The Star also went further by reporting a few posts that Anwar and Azmin having "special relationship". I do not see Malaysiakini covering that. It's disgusting no doubt whether it is true or not but I like how Anwar deal with it. The party did not respond at all to that piece of news. The way you kill a bad report is to never get into the game and play along, classic.

And that's all the nonsense I read on the news, which is disappointing. So until next time, good bye world.

Oh, here is Namewee latest video about TNB.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Sometimes in life, people dissapoint us. They are not able to live up to our expectations. It can be a friend, a partner, a lover or just anyone else. It kinda hurt us in a way that there is nothing we can do about it. So the best thing ultimately is to let go and move on.

There are some things we cannot change, like people. No matter how hard you try or how much advises you give, no one changes anybody. What we did is just try. Why? Because it makes us feel better. At least we tried.

Have you ever care for someone who don't care about you? Or try to love someone who don't bother about your existence? Have you tried to do good things with good intentions but somehow turnt out quite badly? If you had, then we all have something in common.

What do you think makes me different from others? Nothing. And what do you think makes me feel that I'm better the rest? Nothing. So why do we even bother to compare?

It is possible to look down on successful people. But it is not possible to look down on humble people who don't bother about how successful you think you are.

I've done good things to people who don't really appreciate them. But it's okay because they told me they respect me this much. (a little bit)

No matter how hard you try, you can never teach a dog how to fly. So just let it go.

There are a few reason why we don't fit into a conversation. It can be a language barrier, a topic we don't like to talk about, or we're a christian that is stuck between a conversation of how to find the G-spot of your girlfriend and how to cheapen yourself and her by doing her over and over again like an animal. You think my language is too rough for you to take in? Well, maybe you don't fit into this conversation.

No matter how good we think we are, please understand that there will always be plenty of others who can do it better. So never feel too good or proud of what you've done. The only attitute that is acceptable to me is humility.

I don't enjoy hurting people's feeling. But I do enjoy seeing people getting punished for their own sins. I like to help people and I don't usually ask for anything in return. I just enjoy the feeling of helping people who can't help themselves.

It's very difficult to mingle around people with no moral standards, no religion, no beliefs, no values, no character, no principle, no ethics, no nothing. But why are these things important they ask? I don't know, I just figured those are the things that can differenciate me from the animal kingdom.

When I love you, I correct you. When I like you, I advise you. When I still care for you, I talk about it. When I give up on you, I keep quiet. And I always will.

Forgetting someone might be an impossible task. But Ignoring someone isn't.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Iranian soup

If you ask me what's the meaning of self-obsessed. I would tell you that it's an attitude of some people who are brave enough to face reality. To fully accept the fact that sometimes it is hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way. For example, me.

So what does it takes to acheive such high level of self-obsession? Ignorance. If you would close your eyes for one minute and learn how to ignore. This world will seem so much better to everyone of us, isn't it?

Iranian Lamb

Who cares if I am fat, who cares if I am a loser, who cares if others think I am ugly or if I walk into an Iranian restaurant and ordered a dish that looks like shit?

If you think that is meat, you are so wrong. It is eggplant, smashed into mushy mud and I'm suppose to eat it with bread. Which ultimately looks like this.

This is the story of my life

You see sometimes, self obsession is good. Because that's literally the only way most people can look into the mirror every morning and think they are the most beautiful people in the world. And there is nothing wrong with that. Nomatter how ugly you are, nomatter how horrible your body is, please understand that there are a lot of ugly people in the world like you too. Except for me. So embrace your ugliness today and know that you can be proud of your ugly face.

Iranian Kebab

Hahahahahahahaha. Sometimes its just nice to screw people with nonsense. I apologize if I hurt your feelings. Don't believe in anything I say. I'm just kidding. There is no way you can look in the mirror every morning and think you are the most beautiful people in the world. You are not me. It's physically impossible.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wake Up

The hardest part about waking up every morning is when you know that there is nothing interesting today, there is nothing to look foward now, there is no motivation to move on, yet somehow you summon the energy there is to get up from bed and act like this is going to be the best day of your life.

This is why I keep reminding myself every morning, that no matter how difficult it is or how dark my mind may perceive this day, this week, this month, this year is going to be. I have to wake up. And I have to wake up good.

If today is gonna be a bad day, it is not going to change with me not waking up, hiding in the room avoiding the sun in a gloom and doom. If this week is gonna be a bad week, it is not going to change with my worries and my complains about how unfortunate and pathetic my life is. If this year is gonna be challenging, it is not going to be less burdenful if I refuse to get up, wake up, and fight against it with the little bit that I can.

So wake up. Because change will come and is made by a small group of people, who believe if they persisted, if they insisted, they will light up their day, and they will light up their lives. It is not easy, it is easy the first day, it is easy the first week, but to do it forever. It's not just a change in your attitute, it is a change to how you think, it is a change to everything. Haven you heard the quote from Oprah that says "if you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change how you think"?

So wake up before the sun rises up to the noonsky, because the day starts early. And your life starts there.

There are two parts to my secret of which this is the only one I am sharing. Because if I'd tell you part 2, you will call me religious and ask me to stop preaching. But be sure, this is better than nothing and way above par from what any motivational speakers can tell you. The difference between me and motivational speakers is that they study motivation and teach them to you. Me? I generate them from my mind and share it genuinely from my heart. I don't read books, I don't trust them. The theories of the world only serve to reconfirm my opinions and further justify my righteousness. SO WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Run fatboy, run!

Ever since I started attending University, I've been attending gym more religiously then I attend church. Maybe it's because of the influence from my crazy indonesian friends that is obssesed with gyming. Or maybe it's because I finally decide to live up to the full potential that I am. Which in short can be described in a versatile english word call -------- awesome. Or, fat.

This is one of the few examples of my crazy friends

For me it's just fun to play in the gym. It makes me feel healthy. Doesn't matter if it's just an illusion, it's still worth it.

Which is why when I read about Kenny Sia opening a new gym in Kuching. I was actually very delighted. Because as we know, Kuching don't really have a proper gym. You cannot put two threadmills and two dumbells in a room and call it a gym. Neither can you make a big stadium call Rakan Muda and fill it up with rusty steels and broken equipment and say it's a gym.

I think it's just a great idea, if I were in Kuching I would definitely visit the place. Unless it's super expensive. But I don't know the rates so I cannot comment on it. My guess is that it will be relevant enough for working adults. I would have drop Kenny an email to take a sneek peak of the place and blog about it if I were in Kuching.

Kuching needs it. If I had enough capital, I would open one. Like how I always fancy about opening a gelato stall in Kuching. Because Kuching desperately needs gelato. Anyone who has enough money and you are reading this, open a gelato stall and sell it at Rm6.90. I like that number, I don't know why.

But I think this will work out well I think lah.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

About You & I

In the city when you gaze upon the sky at night you will find no stars. But just because you don't see them doesn't mean they stop existing. The same goes in life, I've met many people in my walk of life, many who had gathered around me and many who had left to other places. I don't get to see them around anymore, no, not so much like I used to. But just because I don't see them doesn't mean they stop exisiting. I miss some of them, and sometimes I wonder if they miss me too.

If you wake up early in the morning, just right before the sun comes up, you'll get to hear the sound of birds chirping. And you'll get to breath the morning air. The freshest of the day. And I'd wish at that moment in time, that I could just say a big good morning to everyone I had known. I bet they would all return me my greeting with the most genuine smile. The ones you can only get when someone really loves you. As a person, as a friend or as a family.

So tonight before you sleep, take a moment to think about life. Your love ones, your friends, and all the nice people you remember. Because as you think about them, they might be thinking about you too. That's how we connect. That's how we love and that's how we give a little more warmth to this big cold world.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ice Cream Car

Super Short Talk: KNNCCB, I bet Rm1 on Chua Soi Lek will lose in the EGM. Who knows Ong Kee Tat, Chua Soi Lek both lost until need to take off underwear. This is the case when you are in the casino playing "big or small", and then all the 3 dices turnt out to be the same number, so the dealer wins all nomatter what you bet! KNNCCB.

My apologies for the lack of interesting updates recently. If my full time job is blogging, you bet I'd come up with more jokes than this. But unfortunately the money I get from this blog can hardly cover anything. So this is when reality sets in. Talking about jokes, I bet we've all know about the kiss ass 1malaysia F1 team. You hear me right, I said kiss ass, not kick ass.

Looks Like ICE CREAM

Don't get me wrong, I totally support the Malaysia F1 team. It's a good project. Mainly because it doesn't involve anyone's income tax. Unlike the stupid 200 million ringgit space tourist we sent to International Space Station. This is much better. I mean, I don't even remember what's the name of the male model we sent up the space. And I don't know what stupid experiment he conducted up there, with what sorts of results. I bet most people don't know too! You know why? Because it is freaking not important. Here's the deal, you buy over-priced jet planes from Russia, they let you ride the rocket to space for fun. That's like me paying 200K for a Toyota Vios, but on top of that, I get to drive a Mercedez for 1 day. I think Malaysia has once redefined stupidity in our own special way.

I am so cuteeeee

Back to the F1 Team. I said it is a kiss ass team because of the name lah! It is definitely stupid. Private corporate needs government support when they do things. I guess the decorative trade here is to name the team over one of the most rubbishes idea I've ever heard. 1Malaysia, as if there were two Malaysias before. They might as well name it over me. You judge, which is better, The Malaysia 1Malaysia F1 Team or The Malaysia Andrew Ho F1 Team. Even the acronym sounds better M1M F1 Team VS MAH F1 Team. But of course, I don't have an inch of stature to make anyone name anything after me. To top that up, I don't even get to go into a famous University.

Fujian University, short form F.U.

Which brings us to this year Times top ranking University. University Malaya top 180. Hahahaha. I applied law in UM. They rejected me. Bad choice, but still, it's the reality. I think that's why they changed the chancellor with a 1 day notice last time. I weep for you and your children. I heard the new vice chancellor is forcing all the lecturers to come up with 2 research papers each year so to top up the ranking. And besides stupid locals, stupid international student can now join UM because one of the criteria to top ranking is of course getting more international students. Even Indian Institute of Technology Delhi lost to UM. Those people build rocket also lose to UM. See how credible is the survey. I think if you let them do a survey on Malaysian blog, I sure top 100. Anyway UKM, USM dropped in the list. So much for the apex university status. One of the criteria for Apex University status is to improve the ranking to Top 200 in 5 years, top 100 beefore 2020. Fuck you la, what you aspire to acheive in 5 years, UM already acheived now, If you let me choose, I'd rather burn all the money invested on them in front of KLCC. I think that would make us famous faster. After all, how the goverment manage Malaysia has always seemed like a marketing gimmick to me. Tallest building, longest bridge, tallest tower, biggest roti canai, world's best airport, proton cars. Check the projects, all got problem one.

And back to politics. Bagan Pinang by-election. It's funny that BN send a man name Isa to contest. His name is like an acrononym to Internal Security Act. What is wrong with them? Still, I hope they lose. Papers say it's their stronghold and all that. But gentlemen, let us pray that a miracle might happen. In trying times like this, we desperately need such things to cheer us up. If you ask me why do I hate the goverment? I'd have to ask you back WHY DO YOU HATE MANCHESTER UNITED?
Super Update: Okay fine, so Isa won. Money Politics man bah, of course he wins.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Real Mature

At every point of life, I try my best to be the better man. The one who meets the expectation of those around me. Unfortunate for the world, in all attempts that I've tried, I failed them terribly. Why? Because contrary to popular beliefs, I am actually human like you. Believe it.

It's always easy to criticize. Life is like a huge stage, while every audience can criticise the performers on stage, most of them can't even perform one bit. To be fair, they paid for the tickets to watch the show. But in life, no one pays to see us, they just hit us all along the road.

The hardest part to accept these criticism is, sometimes they are true. If a rapist accuse another rapist of rape, is he correct? Yes he is, but is he qualified to point that out? Again, by law, yes he is and he should. But does the whole scenario sounds fair or right? Not really.

So how do we deal with social situations as such, when an idiot calls us idiots because we really are idiots. I've tried different approaches to find the best way to handle this, I can scold them back, reason it out, forget it, cut contact. But the best way really, is merely to accept it.

Does that mean we lose? Yes. We lose. We lose our dignity, we lose our face, we lose the right to get angry at people for whatever reason. But instead of focusing what we lose, there are actually gains out of it. We gain a friend, we avoided an argument, if we change, we gain respect and ultimately we become better people.

I know this is a lot to take in, and I know it's even harder to perform. But this is the part of growing up that I've learnt recently. For most of the time in the past, I am priviledge to have older friends and brothers around to accomodate to my crap. This time around, I have to accomodate others. And that my friend is real mature.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Updates

When every picture of you looks bad, publish someone else’s photo instead.

This is Aris, my University buddy, hostel mate, house mate, church mate, whatever mate

My life is okay here, everything is still working out relatively fine. I have two group of friends to hang out with. One being my old time and all time Kuching kakis and the other being my Indonesians group that somehow dominated Malaysia private education in a subtle way. Statistic says we currently have 1.8 million Indonesian students and workers in Malaysia. That’s 1 in every 24 of us. It’s more than enough to qualify as one of the minority group here. But of course, we will discriminate you. And it’s fair, because I belong to the second largest group in Malaysia, and I am still “like that what”.

And oh, I haven got the time to find other friends and cousins in KL, but you bet I will.

I am still going to church. Ironically I go to church even more regularly than I was in Kuching, which is not my initial plan at all. At first I thought of skipping church for a while and play. But that didn’t happen so well, I started attending an Indonesian Church from my second week. And it’s kind of good. It work out for me pretty well I’ll tell you why. All my Christian friends would know that I am very particular with the sermon preached, you preach bullshit to me, I’ll give you a bullshit face. But this, this is perfect for me. I would go to this church and enjoy the worship (which is good), and when it comes to sermon, I can just sit down and chill because if I don’t listen carefully, I wouldn’t understand what the preacher is saying. And I don’t even need to because I’m the only Malaysian there!

If you can't drink beer, drink something else that looks like it

Anyway I’m visiting another local church this week because a hot chick invited me to. It’s a sin to turn that down so I will have to make some sacrifices. Also by the way, I have not yet found any pretty Malaysian girl of whom I may devour in this place. Economy is very bad in this competitive market.

Moving on, my midterm and finals are coming. So I will be keeping myself busy. And yeah, I’m losing weight here. I think lah……