Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ice Cream Car

Super Short Talk: KNNCCB, I bet Rm1 on Chua Soi Lek will lose in the EGM. Who knows Ong Kee Tat, Chua Soi Lek both lost until need to take off underwear. This is the case when you are in the casino playing "big or small", and then all the 3 dices turnt out to be the same number, so the dealer wins all nomatter what you bet! KNNCCB.

My apologies for the lack of interesting updates recently. If my full time job is blogging, you bet I'd come up with more jokes than this. But unfortunately the money I get from this blog can hardly cover anything. So this is when reality sets in. Talking about jokes, I bet we've all know about the kiss ass 1malaysia F1 team. You hear me right, I said kiss ass, not kick ass.

Looks Like ICE CREAM

Don't get me wrong, I totally support the Malaysia F1 team. It's a good project. Mainly because it doesn't involve anyone's income tax. Unlike the stupid 200 million ringgit space tourist we sent to International Space Station. This is much better. I mean, I don't even remember what's the name of the male model we sent up the space. And I don't know what stupid experiment he conducted up there, with what sorts of results. I bet most people don't know too! You know why? Because it is freaking not important. Here's the deal, you buy over-priced jet planes from Russia, they let you ride the rocket to space for fun. That's like me paying 200K for a Toyota Vios, but on top of that, I get to drive a Mercedez for 1 day. I think Malaysia has once redefined stupidity in our own special way.

I am so cuteeeee

Back to the F1 Team. I said it is a kiss ass team because of the name lah! It is definitely stupid. Private corporate needs government support when they do things. I guess the decorative trade here is to name the team over one of the most rubbishes idea I've ever heard. 1Malaysia, as if there were two Malaysias before. They might as well name it over me. You judge, which is better, The Malaysia 1Malaysia F1 Team or The Malaysia Andrew Ho F1 Team. Even the acronym sounds better M1M F1 Team VS MAH F1 Team. But of course, I don't have an inch of stature to make anyone name anything after me. To top that up, I don't even get to go into a famous University.

Fujian University, short form F.U.

Which brings us to this year Times top ranking University. University Malaya top 180. Hahahaha. I applied law in UM. They rejected me. Bad choice, but still, it's the reality. I think that's why they changed the chancellor with a 1 day notice last time. I weep for you and your children. I heard the new vice chancellor is forcing all the lecturers to come up with 2 research papers each year so to top up the ranking. And besides stupid locals, stupid international student can now join UM because one of the criteria to top ranking is of course getting more international students. Even Indian Institute of Technology Delhi lost to UM. Those people build rocket also lose to UM. See how credible is the survey. I think if you let them do a survey on Malaysian blog, I sure top 100. Anyway UKM, USM dropped in the list. So much for the apex university status. One of the criteria for Apex University status is to improve the ranking to Top 200 in 5 years, top 100 beefore 2020. Fuck you la, what you aspire to acheive in 5 years, UM already acheived now, If you let me choose, I'd rather burn all the money invested on them in front of KLCC. I think that would make us famous faster. After all, how the goverment manage Malaysia has always seemed like a marketing gimmick to me. Tallest building, longest bridge, tallest tower, biggest roti canai, world's best airport, proton cars. Check the projects, all got problem one.

And back to politics. Bagan Pinang by-election. It's funny that BN send a man name Isa to contest. His name is like an acrononym to Internal Security Act. What is wrong with them? Still, I hope they lose. Papers say it's their stronghold and all that. But gentlemen, let us pray that a miracle might happen. In trying times like this, we desperately need such things to cheer us up. If you ask me why do I hate the goverment? I'd have to ask you back WHY DO YOU HATE MANCHESTER UNITED?
Super Update: Okay fine, so Isa won. Money Politics man bah, of course he wins.

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