Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not Important

Welcome back to my low life gentlemen, things are settling down for me in KL. Of course, there is really nothing much to begin with. Not that I am studying in a whole new enviroment. Considering the amount of Indonesian people I mix with, I still feel little traped in between Bandung and Jakarta. Where the hell did all the Malaysian go?

It's really easy to ignore blogging when you have things going on in your life. Blogging is really not so important. It kinda reminds me of a stupid politician that once said "blogging is for women who have no jobs and has nothing to do". Well, to be fair, it is easier to blog when you have no job and have nothing to do. Unfortunate for me, I'm neither born into a wealthy family nor did i strike any jackpot recently. So I've got to study, I've got to work.

It's not really fair but knowing Indonesian friends also mean I know people from Acheh (two of them). And when you know their experiences in life, of which all their families were washed to the sea and never survived, I figured I shouldn't complain too much all the time. Maybe sometime I have too, why, because BN is still on the throne.

see the blue frogs

Anyone who read the news would know what happened in DUN Perak recently. The problem has lasted so long, now it's not so fun anymore even to joke about. They are like two footballs teams supporters, who go into the DUN and shout at each other. One claim they are legitimate, the other claim they are right. But of course, those who has eyes know exactly which team did the right thing.

What BN did was wrong in a way that they forego public perception and support. Discounted the future and focuses on only short term goal, which is to win the DUN back. This is a rookie mistake. Obviously if the goverment is thinking of hiring a better strategist, I'm one of the new blood most qualified in this country. They should have just given me a scholarship and make me the next Chua Soi Lek or Ong Kee Teat. Personally I like Chua Soi Lek more, he's as shameless as me. But of course, when I tried to enter the Prime Minister's residence to discuss about my scholarship, I was denied access. Maybe its because I am not Anwar's personal aide.

Short Form - MCA

The recent news also reported Pakatan Rakyat having internal struggles. If that's going to be a problem, I guess BN also nailed it by having the dramatic MCA fight. It's at best only a 1-1. The Star also went further by reporting a few posts that Anwar and Azmin having "special relationship". I do not see Malaysiakini covering that. It's disgusting no doubt whether it is true or not but I like how Anwar deal with it. The party did not respond at all to that piece of news. The way you kill a bad report is to never get into the game and play along, classic.

And that's all the nonsense I read on the news, which is disappointing. So until next time, good bye world.

Oh, here is Namewee latest video about TNB.

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