Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Updates

When every picture of you looks bad, publish someone else’s photo instead.

This is Aris, my University buddy, hostel mate, house mate, church mate, whatever mate

My life is okay here, everything is still working out relatively fine. I have two group of friends to hang out with. One being my old time and all time Kuching kakis and the other being my Indonesians group that somehow dominated Malaysia private education in a subtle way. Statistic says we currently have 1.8 million Indonesian students and workers in Malaysia. That’s 1 in every 24 of us. It’s more than enough to qualify as one of the minority group here. But of course, we will discriminate you. And it’s fair, because I belong to the second largest group in Malaysia, and I am still “like that what”.

And oh, I haven got the time to find other friends and cousins in KL, but you bet I will.

I am still going to church. Ironically I go to church even more regularly than I was in Kuching, which is not my initial plan at all. At first I thought of skipping church for a while and play. But that didn’t happen so well, I started attending an Indonesian Church from my second week. And it’s kind of good. It work out for me pretty well I’ll tell you why. All my Christian friends would know that I am very particular with the sermon preached, you preach bullshit to me, I’ll give you a bullshit face. But this, this is perfect for me. I would go to this church and enjoy the worship (which is good), and when it comes to sermon, I can just sit down and chill because if I don’t listen carefully, I wouldn’t understand what the preacher is saying. And I don’t even need to because I’m the only Malaysian there!

If you can't drink beer, drink something else that looks like it

Anyway I’m visiting another local church this week because a hot chick invited me to. It’s a sin to turn that down so I will have to make some sacrifices. Also by the way, I have not yet found any pretty Malaysian girl of whom I may devour in this place. Economy is very bad in this competitive market.

Moving on, my midterm and finals are coming. So I will be keeping myself busy. And yeah, I’m losing weight here. I think lah……


Chris said...

uR Fren look very cute. :p

bri said...

Aris is reallyyyy cute!

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