Monday, December 8, 2008

For Why I Blog

Super Short Talk: Andy Lau is getting married to a Malaysian woman and has been hiding his affair for 23 years! Oh my God, when are they finally going to reveal that I am their illegitimate son born 19 years ago?

Describe your blog in not more than 50 words:

I write a blog that focus mainly on personal and current issues. Adding humor and opinions of my own is the very norm and characteristic of my writing style. The core purpose of me having a blog is to check and balance my thoughts and sanity through writings and self expressions.

In case you didn't know, the word 'blog' originally comes from "web log", sometimes written as weblog. It was suppose to be a log or a journal that people keep on the web. As soon as it became more popular, the word 'blog' came about by combining them both.

There are plenty of reasons why people blog today. Some blog for no reason at all. Having a blogging history of 18 months previously, and having taken another 18 months break before I rejoined the blogsphere. I am sure I have a clearer picture of what I am doing this time.

So why do I bother blogging after all?

1) For fame. Seriously, I tried that, and it didn't work a bit. Blogging is a lot like singing. Anyone can try singing but not everyone can become Jay Chou. As a matter of fact, 99.9% of the population doesn’t become stars. You only get to become 'nothing'. So if you are thinking of becoming a celebrity blogger? Think again.

2) For money. How much do you think I make with my Nuffnang so far? Rm12.18. That’s how much I got and trusts me, I would have earned more money selling grass to cows compared to running a blog. Big money from website advertising only happens if you have thousands of reader a day. If you haven got that, go find some cows.

There are a lot of tricks people do to increase their blog traffic. One of the method I read is by joining some sort of website call 'blog explosion', and crazily visit many blogs in it, so that these bloggers they visit will somehow visit their blog back because of some features the website offers, hence increasing their traffic.

Seriously, I couldn't bear even at the thought of sitting in front of my computer and keep clicking meaninglessly for hours just to get a bunch of meaningless visitors entering my website for the sake of it. Big kukujiao, if you don't appreciate my written works, I would strongly encourage you not to enter my site and go watch porn instead. I regard that more fruitful.

I always see myself as having a flair in writing. And I enjoy literature very much. The fact that these poets who are able to sum their philosophies, opinions and thoughts in the most beautiful sentences never fails to amaze me. So writing is big part of my hobby. And you will never find me writing a post like:

"Today I feel very sad arr, because my girlfren hoh, she fucking break up with me loh, what she think she is hah? Usually it is only me break up with cha boh, how will cha boh break up with me? I am like Edison Chen everybody including my mother also know one, mai cibai, I so sad lah, lan jiao, enough said bye liao"

Stress has prevailed more evidently today than it had before. And I do believe that if a person don't find ways to express himself of his tensions, he will really become dumb. While I enjoy talking to my friends about a lot of things, sometimes when they aren't there at the moment, I would choose to write it out. If you too am a blogger, don't you feel a lot better sometimes when you write out the things that trouble you?

My friends drop by quite a lot here, and I believe the same does to you all who keep a blog. So if you are wondering what are the ways I update them on my latest happenings, this is how I do it. And it does really do a better job than facebook. I can get a message across here, I get to share my day here while facebook only allows me to poke at them. When you reach a certain level of maturity, you will get bored with facebook so fast you eventually realize that it caters for teenagers much better than adults.

Do I care about my readers? I do, I respect them a lot, and I appreciate them surfing here. But I do not blog for them. I blog for myself, and if I can accommodate some fun and write things that might amuse, inspire or touch them, I will certainly do so.

So what is the bottom line?

The bottom line is I love you. Get over it. This is the end of this post.

Go and have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your ideas here. But there is something that I somehow disagree a bit. You are not blogging for yourself actually. When ppl read something nice, you are actually sharing and their feelign follows. As I always believe, "if you do something and you think of only for yourself, it's not great; but if you do something and you contribute to the ppl around you, you are then greater" We dont just live for ourselves somehow, that is what makes human being so great.

Anonymous said...

Hi, posting from Singapore. Came across your blog yesterday while I was reading KennySia Got a link to your blog through the UPSR gal). Glad to read another blog originating from Kuching, as I'm a Kuching gal at heart too. Enjoy your reading esp the part about one Ah Beng breaking up with one Ah Lian =) Keep it up..

Andrew Ho said...

Thank you.

pilocarpine said...

i believe self expression is a good therapy. that's y i blog,too .. but most of the time, i am also afraid those who read my blog will know that i have thoughts about them.. and so... hands are pretty tied sometimes...

any solution?

Wei said...

Wah you sibeh holiau le. Even Kennysia oso mentioned about your blog on his short talk column.

BTW, I notice there are many similarities between you both le. Especially the design and arrangement of the blog page. You copy him hio? Pau si eh.. mai kea kea.

Anonymous said...

all blogs are almost the same~~ nice blog.

-Princess Shin- said...

Awww.. I think RM12 is very good already. I have been blogging for ages and I only got about RM23!!! =( Sigh..

Good luck though. I like your blog! ^.^

the joker said...

u love me hor? aiyoo... dun lar like dis... i read u 4 pleasure only~~ hahaha.... said...

agree with two of your point of why we wanna do bloggin.

but, haih (sigh).. i realised i'm using it alot to console my ownself. U r rite again, i feel not-so despair after pouring out my feelings and encounters here. It makes me feels sumbody is consoling me after reading wat i 've written, hee. Sei Loh, i understand i m feeling lonely. . .:(

Hey Andrew, in order to meet my expectation, u come in to my house as well loh, it's call caseyhouse.

Alex How said...

Hi, I came across ur post about 'You Are The Miracle' the other day and I particularly like the way u write. I believe writing shapes a person's mind, keeping records and feelings that are true to themselves is important in a way. Being transparent is good but doing it for the sake of earning readers and traffics defeats the purpose... so keep going, u'll get to the point u want someday~


Andrew Ho said...

Thank you for your pleasant comment.

Anonymous said...

omg, agreed with kenny sia.even more wittier than him. u can be the next celebrity blogger. keep on writing

bigchicken said...

I don't think andrew is a person who craves to be a celeb blogger. He is just well him.

Su Lee said...

Hi Andrew! How are you?

Wayne said...

Couldn't agree more, couldn't.

satish said...

hi there.glad to meet you Satish.Kennysia reader.Nice to meet you.

there's true what you've written in "why i blog"


Pamela said...

Hey, I came across your blog through KennySia's and u r really a talented writter.. Keep up the good work and dont quit writting!

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