Sunday, December 21, 2008

Starry Starry Night

Super Facts: Speed reading is not the way to read an article with literary values. The slower you read and think between the lines, the more you learn to appreciate them. This is not reserved to just what I am writing today, an excellent example I found in The Star is this.

There are certain times in life where we have things going on but don't know where we are heading to, good things to share but don't know who to share it with, hobbies we like but have no one to play it with. There are certain times in life, where we experience loneliness.

Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful surge of emptiness and unwilling solitude. That's exactly how wikipedia put it. But what we feel and experience sometimes just happen to be so much more.

Loneliness is not something we feel when we are alone. It is something that follows wherever we go. I could have stand in the midst of a crowd, or walk the path where ten thousand has taken, and I could have feel the same. It isn't the feeling of emptiness, it is the feeling of meaningless. It is not the absence of anything at all. It is the present of many things which means nothing to that individual.

Loneliness is a result of uncertainty. An emotion triggered when we do not know where we are heading to. Who will we meet or how will we do in the future. It is an intense feeling followed up not necessarily but especially from departures of loved ones or breaking ups in a relationship. And it surges even more strongly, when it happens in a surprise.

It gives you a feeling as if someone took your heart away. While you mind can still think, and your body can still move, your heart is far from it. Substituted by a crave for a familiar voice, for a hope to cling on and many times, in no avail.

Loneliness is not sadness, it is a state of despair. Which sadness is a subset to. Just a thought from me. . . . . .

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KM said...

Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work...

miss yellow said...

You expressed exactly my loneliness feeling and definition. Thank you.

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