Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Political Sashimi

Super Short Talk: I recently found myself a holiday job, all I can say is that I am very involve in the film, song and entertainment industry. No, I am not selling pirated porn.

I have been waiting to talk about this. I waited so long, but I was doing form 6 then, and I couldn't blog because of Kirchoff's law, Lenz Law, Faradays Law, Newton's law and Khairy's Sleepy Father in Law. After all that, I became so afraid of Laws I felt like using ISA on my examinations. The idea of 'detention without trial', is like giving 'an automatic A to student without having them to sit for exams'. While it is unfair, it surely does feel good to those who have the power to practice it.

The year 07/08 definitely has the most interesting political news in many years. By just compiling them up, it got to be at least one of the best political novels written. I believe Abdullah is a really good man. And that's why he led Barisan Nasional down the drain. Good man will never make a good politician. He's nothing like Tun Mahathir. His greatest mistake? Let Anwar Ibrahim out of his cage.

Before Anwar was released, the oppositions were just very loud noise. But after he came out, they suddenly became 'The Voice of Democracy'. Talking about rebranding, they surely did a fine job.

If you know a little about American politics, you should understand that they have a presidential election every 4 years. And when that happens, both the candidate, of whom one of them is the ongoing President, will go around campaigning like crazy. You hear them debate and using all sorts of strategies. The way Anwar campaigned, is exactly like what those foreign countries would do. He went from one station to one station in a night itself, campaigning from place to place to gain votes his videos were well available on Youtube. While the current Prime Minister? I didn't see him do that at all. He was relaxed. The only time I really heard about him was when he visited his own constituent, visited PAS stronghold state (one only) and chairing the emergency meeting in the middle of the night after a bad election.

How can a Prime Minister, not going full fledge in the worst time for an election? Why say worst time? Because only in 2007-2008 do we see....

1) Bersih Chaotic Demonstration
2) Lingam Corruption Tape
3) Chua Soi Lek Sex Tape
4) Hindraf Even More Chaotic Demonstration
5) Uses of ISA towards leaders
6) Increasing oil price
7) Increasing food price
8) Condemnation of Bloggers and the Internet, now they too blog themselves
9) I forgot but there sure are a few more

cartoonkini by Zunar

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You are 80 years old and still kicking, you forgot?

Lingam is not either mad or drunk, he is mad and drunk.

Some time ago, my friend put his hand on my shoulder, I felt itchy and shoved it away, without realizing he was holding his phone, his phone flew away and shattered into pieces. Who say I can't simply shove it aside? I can shove anything aside or inside whichever angle I want to.

Only lawyers can come out with the 'it looks like me and sounds like me, but I am not sure he is me' reply. Good one!

The ruling government had a very bad image during the election. I don't see why they should not lose 5 states.

By the way, I am a big fan of Anwar Ibrahim. I'd line up 3 hours to get his autograph. He is a hell of a politician. I know he bluffed about 916, my post is getting lengthy and I can't talk about that right now. But at the end of the day I support him. The thought of demolishing ISA, put an end to the slavery and supremacy talk, eradicate corruption, distribution of wealth by need not race, promote TRUE racial harmony is just....

The Malaysia that I always wanted it to be. The Malaysia that I can be truly proud of. A country where I can pledge my full loyalty unto without the slightest hesitation. And migration will never be an option for therein my heart, lives a dignity you can't put a price on.

But of course, Malaysia isn't there yet. And it seems like we have a long way still. Some say the dawn is here, some say the dawn is near. I would say that the night has just begun. So what's in store for 2009?

I have no idea, I hope that happens. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Nice post brother. Somehow being a Kuchingnite as well shared the same vision you wanted for Malaysia. Keep up the good post.


B said...

babe, damn cekap and elok your writings. two thumbs up.

pilocarpine said...

"Kirchoff's law, Lenz Law, Faradays Law, Newton's law and Khairy's Sleepy Father in Law."

ROTFL.very good one...

Anonymous said...



大喊:‘快游回去。。。。。。。。他妈的 是打飞机,


Enajuis said...

why my 1st comment is gonee

Enajuis said...

eh? i wanted to say tht this is a good post. I don't trust anwar but he's still better than the current one- bodowi, and the future one, a murderer/bomber.

mhlyes said...

hi how are you? why you make new blog? anyway its nice.

Andrew Ho said...

Hi, I am fine, I make a new blog because I want something new. Thanks.

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