Friday, December 12, 2008

My Christmas Card To You

Super Short Talk: Special thanks to for his courteous compliment last week. If I don't get ten thousand readers a day. At least I get a reader who has ten thousand readers daily. That's really good enough to make me happy. After all we should be grateful and not greedy.

Looks Does Not Deceive, Picture Does

I thought I have posted enough text recently I should upload some images just for kicks. Haha. By the time you read this post it should be at least December the 12th. I usually do not write a post and publish it right away on the spot, I scheduled them up. A little bit like the drama series you watch on TV, just that I don't get paid through it. So if you hack my account, you can probably read up to January.

Once again we have come to the holiday season, a deeply religious time that all of us observes in our own way, by going to the mall of our choice. I deem it is the right time to reflect all that we've done this year, and set sight for the arriving future.

I always take time to do that at the end of every year, just to make sure that I am not wasting my life away. I would be very sad if I were to look back at any point of my life, and say that I had wasted a certain period in my life blogging, doing something I regret.

The other part of it is resolutions. I never believe in it. My resolution has always been losing weight. And it surely does top up on my list again in 2009. It's pretty hard to settle with being heavy when the whole world is using fit, slim, muscles, ideal weight, tanned, six packs, broad shoulder, play basketball, huge package, minimal height of 5 feet 9 as the perimeter to judge someone's physical outlook. And no thanks to the infinite health awareness messages that says obesity kills you. Overweight kills you. Underweight kills you, Fat kills you. Carb kills you. and anything that you think can't kill you can kill you.

So I decided to lose 10 kg in the next 6 months. And whilst I am saying that, I can almost feel you reading with skeptical unbelieving eyes. Trust me, you are right at the doing that.

This is the reason why some malls go bankrupt

I don't usually do this. But since I am blogging again and come now the end of the year I might as well try it out:

To you my friend, if I had sinned against you throughout the course of 2008, I am apologetic. I know I am a proud, impatient, aggressive, stubborn, ignorant and insensitive person. Many times I have failed terribly in treating all with due respect while my selfish nature took over. I am deeply sorry for any hurt caused. Please forgive me and love me back.

Having said that, if there is anyone who is still sad and unhappy, you can always choose to confront me. But make sure you are prepared. If I were a kind person to begin with, I wont have to make a public apology. Which is very humiliating. Don't believe me? Talk to my friend Ahmad. Ahmad Ismyhell. He haven even say sorry yet for calling me an immigrant. For the last time, my grandfather did not intend to come here and rob away the richness of this land from its native. He only came here to enslaved himself. It was the authority who gave him a citizenship. When you willingly suck my balls, please don't complain it's too big. You wanted to suck it, I was willing to let you suck it, so let's work it out together and don't say I raped you. Vice Versa.

Oh by the way, I very wanted to end this post with a poetry, didn't I mentioned on my profile that I know mandarin? So here we go:


If you don
't understand Chinese, I am so sorry. Have a nice day. Oh before that, if you want to make fun pictures like this:

You can go to


Silverin said...

u write well, how come no comments yet? yes, kenny introduced. for a young boy like u, can write out ur feelings so well, politically funnily, tat's interesting. good luck~!

Andrew Ho said...

I m nobody, of cuz there is no comment, lol. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, bro.. neglect others' insensitive comments.. just be yourself..
I'll keep reading your blogs..

Anonymous said...

it's too perfect so nothin to be comment. =D
photoFunia makes my liFe Happier~ thanks dude. =D


just apple said...

you are good in doubt for that. but it's alittle too long for me sometimes..anyway keep up the good work..:D

shenesse said...

Hey tell me how u loose 10kg in 6 mths if u success to do it!! i oso need to loose that much! really really need..haha..wait for your good news! take care..=)

Andrew Ho said...

I found myself a holiday job in a retail that requires me to stand 10 hours a day? Does that help? Haha....

pilocarpine said...

photofunia is a great...
dun mind i add ur blog into my blogroll?

btw, successful weight lose depends on losing ur dinner. and walloping a good breakfast and lunch so u wont need a dinner... if realy hungry at night, go to sleep early.. =)

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