Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

a fraction of my ex-schoolmates

This holiday of mine has been nothing short of refreshing. I managed to meet up with almost all my friends. Those previous schoolmates, previous churchmates, current churchmate and friends from other school I don't even remember how I met them. It marvels me for the fact that I have enough close acquaintances (not the ones like you add them as friend on facebook but don't even know who the heck are them) to fill up a truck but is still single (at the moment, I don't guarantee what'll happen at the next second) I heard there is a time for everything so I am neither rushing nor trying anything now. (I doubt this sentence and its' lack of originality)

Laksa taste as good to me as it was before. This is the one I had in the Spring Madam Tang. Apparently Madam Tang's laksa's quality differ from one place to another, now it is just the Spring's one that's good.

for a whopping Rm11.20

I've learn a great deal with this trip back. I guess you could know so with my previous post and my new blog. Anyway I'm not preaching during weekdays, I got a new dog. It barks at me.

And that is Kuching for me, I am impressed by the recent development of the city. Being stagnant on developement since Independence, the last 3 years has been like a gold rush. The rich gets richer and hopefully they will spare some crumbs for others.

In the next 3 years, I hope to see Kuching acheiving it's Garden City status. Making it truly the most livable city in Malaysia, a blend of modern advancement in nothing short of a laidback and easy town. You don't get beggars here, it's the very definition of a middle-class society.

And next week, I got to report back to Najib Tun Razak in the country's capital again. Apparently he couldn't manage the country properly when I merely took a short annual break. MCA collapsed, Military Jet engines got stolen and what more, let me see today's headline (Monday when I am writing this) erm, I see on the Star "Doctor fondle my private parts, says factory worker." Nevermind, blame that on the goverment too!

Oh yes, before I forgot.... HAPPY 2010, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's a New Year

It has been a year now since I started blogging here. And I have grown throughout this year. Blogging for me is always good as long as it edifies me. Sometimes it come to you as a form of entertainment and I don't mind that. Unfortunately it seems to me that I have come to an end with this blog and I no longer feel that it can help me grow to the next level.

Like I said in my previous post, I am a Christian and with recent experiences in life. I now see to it that it is not possible for me to grow by avoiding God in my sharings. At the same time I do not want to impose on all forcefully my faith and my beliefs. After very little thought, I've decided to write another blog which is completely themed around Christianity. And I believe it to be equal if not more entertaining and meaningful than this nonsense I have here.

Yes I would maintain this blog and keep writing here. I will update both blogs once a week. Almost like real life, on the weekends I will attend church, and on weekdays I'll be at home (which is here) .

This is how I mean it when I say I do not blog for people. Even if I want to, not many people are interested to read this "very bad self-help book" that I am writing. It is good enough if you had done and be commited yourself to certain things and people for an amount of time. And when there is a need to change, you'll have to change and move on with life.

Oh yes, Christmas is around the clock, so here am I wishing all my friends and strangers a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And yes, the whole point of this post, this is gonna screw a lot of religious minds and pretty much any Christian on the street in town. But I am sick of religous people and I like to screw them. I'll tell you why later in:

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last night I had two glasses of Tea C Peng passed midnight and sure enough my caffeine sensitive body reacted to it accordingly. I couldn't sleep until dawn. There is something about lying in bed in a sleepless night, firstly it sucks. Secondly your mind would start to wander around, thinking about this and that. And when the morning arrived, you had to remind yourself that whatever crossed your mind last night wasn't right. It was just your hyped up brain thinking nonsense. And I have decided to share yet another one of mine with you.

I was thinking directions. Specifically the directions of my life. I wasn't sure where my life is leading me to. And I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing so far. Am I investing time on the right people. Should I continue what I am doing, should I spend more time with certain people that poses neither immediate nor long term effects in my life. I was thinking directions.

A person cannot live without knowing where they are heading in life. Even if you're heading to hell, you gotta at least know it. It is depressing to be aimless. Liken to a floating boat in the sea. And I just thought I didn't want to be one of them. It is part of human nature to feel insecure when you're in an environment or a time, an age of your life where you have to make decisions. Decisions that will affect your life significantly. I feel that I have to start with a direction. You got to at least know where you want to go before you can take the first step.

As a Christian who refuses to preach in his blog. You have to understand that whatever I write here is just half of what I believe in. I've asked many questions without giving the proper answers. All my posts read like a bad self-help book. But it's been more than a year now and I've gotten sick of myself. I've decided to take a step of faith, to mention more about my beliefs. When men have a problem God has an answer. It's just that sometimes we are too stupid to realize it.

And to directions? It is good that we seek our heart and pray, to understand what we really want. But yet our futile mind can sometime think so much and plan so far only. We can't go beyond God. We can't even be sure what's gonna happen tomorrow. So in that light, I've also learnt to surrender my cares to God. Believing in His provision to lead me into the path I so much seek. And I believe it will be a good because I believe in a good God.

I know me talking about my faith is a bad combination. I've tried to avoid it but it's such a big part of me recently it has just been growing I couldn't help. I don't have a talent I have a gift. It has been tested proven, and no one would deny that I can't if I say I can preach. I may not be a teacher that can reveal a lot of things to you. But I can warmth your heart up with a simple message. A message of love this Christmas. As much as humility is one of the virtue I build my life upon, denying the fact that I can perform doesn't help.

Jesus Christ is not a swear word. Tonight you are young and you might feel that with both your arms stretched wide across the air you can seemingly own the world. Well you wouldn't be forever young. Someday, you'd wake up wishing that you had learnt more about this Name you swore upon so frequently. You'd wish life is a little more than what you've owned. You'd think about the past and the time and opportunities that slipped right across you. There will be regrets, it will haunt you. But there isn't much you can do about the past. Have you instead given much thought about today? Any directions?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Politics is The Enviroment

Last week, I had a long time friend over in KL for a night and we just spent a great deal of time talking about politics. Coincidentally his father runs for office and is the chairman of a certain party of a certain state. Rest be assured it is not the ruling party la. I thought it was just very nice to be able to discuss with a peer about the on-goings of this country. I do not get that a lot. Obviously politics is something people in general would care more as they grow older. Because politics is not a far-fetched business, it is the environment.

So what do I have to say about recent development in politics. Well, first of all, there aren't much recent developments. From what we know is the ruling government wins.

1)Let's talk about the Perak crisis. The last we know they overthrown the state govt. and then there were some protest. Then they changed the Parliament chairman, there were some chaos. Then the high court ruled that Zambry was not the legitimate Chief Minister, then the next day, that ruling is overthrown over by Zambry's appeal (most efficient court ever, able to handle appeal in 24 hours) and then now there is not much news.

2) Anwar's case, as ugly as it may seem. The trial is on. Regardless of the appeal to strike out the case, the hound to bring the case to a syariah court which needs a 4 witness to testimony before one can be proclaimed guilty for adultery. Or in this case, a little bit more than adultery. The trial is still on. And we have no idea how this will lead on. Maybe and it's just a speculation, he might go to jail again. You don't see any sense in this but base on the Malaysia Boleh theme, we can do crazy things.

3) Despite all the RPK accusations, all the Bala statutory declaration, no.1, no.2 and now he come back saying another story, involving more people. This thing is resting on stagnant waters. It is not going anywhere up till now. And no one seems to have sufficient power to nail it. It is not anybody's fault, it is just a difficult case.

4) Lingam case, not really crucial in the political scene, but I thought I'd just mention. A royal commision is useless. They have all the power to investigate but ZERO power to take action. It's just a game. This is how I play it. You got a problem with my friend, fine, to bring justice on the table, I'll get the royal commision. Let's come investigate, do it for 6 months, 1 year, not enough? Do it for 2 years. Sooner or later, the public will forget and then we will also pretend we forget. Nobody gets hurt. Investigation finish? So what. Nothing happens. No charges, nothing.

5) MCA problem. This one I can say a lot Haha, because MCA not powerful. They have like 3 groupies in 1 party trying to tear each other off. It kinda remind me of "Romance of the 3 Cities". Chinese people, really, memang like to fight against each other huh? But wait, this doesn't fit into the picture that the ruling govt. is winning, because the situation is bad. It is bad for them and I don't think the pubic would ever give much support to them in the next election.

6) PKFZ, one of the issue why MCA is fighting as the critics would speculate. The money is lost, the project has failed, we cannot recover it. That's all. The culprit? They will not be punished. Because our country has a better definition when it comes to the Free World and Democracy - Everybody runs free.

7) BTN course is a joke. I have not even heard of such thing until the news reported it. It is not ideal for the govt. to teach other races to hold on to the so called supremacy and instill hatered and rasicm. As a Chinese, let me tell you, if the Malay, Indian, Dayak, Black or Western people have any good qualities that I can learn from. I would go and learn from them quickly, not to hate them because they are better than me. From race to race, we may have differences and we may not be the best of friends. But at a certain level, surely we can see eye to eye and live peacefully liken to a family under the roof of this country. So why do govt. instill such courses? Do you think it is for the benefit of all races and promote unity? Do you think they care about it? Or was it politically motivated and for their own benefit? All Chinese, and all Malay and all Indian would agree with me. We got no problem with each other. We have a problem with those politicians ruling us because sometimes, they are just screwing us left right up and down.

8) The future of the political landscape of Malaysia, as I see it today is thorny, but getting better. It is definitely a progress, nomatter who is winning or who is losing. And it is important, very important, we keep on the good work. Bloggers keep on blogging, news site keep on reporting and out of our millions of population surely doors will be open to a few that can carry the weight of leading this country. If you don't make it leap as least try not to destroy it. A taxi driver told me that under the era of Mahathir, there were more progress than under Abdullah. I don't think a taxi driver is all that credible but if a driver can say it. It got to mean something.

If there is an opportunity for me to enter politics. Would I take it? I will. It's a 'if', don't quote me 10 years later and say what had happened to me. But I will, and I think everybody should think like that. Because politics is not a far-fetched business, it is the enviroment.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nothing Much

I woke up with an inspiration this morning. But then I continued lying in bed by the time I got up, it is gone. I'm going back to Kuching tomorrow. December is always great for me, just to meet up old friends and gather. I only get to see some of them at this time of the year. It's like seeing Santa Clause sometimes - only once a year. Not the real one, the real one never existed but the one in the shopping mall. That's the part of life that isn't really good. Not all your friends can stay near you all the time. They mostly don't.

I don't think I will call up Mr Alan up there to ask for young and beautiful girl. That's probably because I am not straight. (Pun Intended) I mean, my back is not straight. I always have a problem standing straight after getting used for years to the habit of hunchbacking a little while walking. Which is why I bought this 2 weeks ago.

It is actually painful to use this thing regularly. But I have to if I don't want to be huckleberryfinn. It is suppose to help me fix my posture.

I've recently joined the bandwagon of idiocracy (no such word, I invented it) by drinking this. No offense, detox tea are great. And tru detox have a good reputation of making your shit look like pasta.

But again, you can eat whatever health supplement you want. If you refuse to control your diet and eat anyhow, it wont be of any help. Except to make you feel better mentally. I have extensive experience of being fat and I have made good progress in bringing it down, so I can say it. It has been 3 months I am in university. I guess this is just the end of the beginning. I am looking forward to a good time in Kuching and hopefully next year (and I dread it) would be yet another challenge I can overcome. Peace out.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pen down my thoughts

I have been playing facebook a lot recently, a little too much actually. While cruising facebook, I actually angered a friend because of the things I wrote. Somehow my sarcastic jokes turnt out.......... really sarcastic to him. And so I made him mad. Another classic example of how I screw up things in life. So I am taking a break from facebook, these social networking sides are sometimes more real than life. People actually take what you say seriously and they treat it the same. Dangerous I would say if you're not careful with your words.

Let's put this aside. I think human relationship is just sometimes weird. Let's take boy-girl relationship for instance. When you're in love, everything seems so right and nice. Then 2 years later, somehow something goes wrong and then you break up. When that happens, all you can do is lie on bed and wonder what went wrong? And then you start to think of all the times you both had together, and wonder if it means anything now.

Which reminds me of what Shakespears wrote "the course of true love never did run smooth" in a midsummer night's dream. Yeah, but sometimes it just run into hell.

On the bright side, wait, there is no bright side.

All you feel is your world slowly collapsing, pressing you down making you hard to breath. You wont die eventually. No, you will survive. But it is damn sad and not fun. Which answers why most of the songs you heard are lovey dovey and poets enjoy writing love poems. Because human emotions are just very good to exploit. If you have 10 songs about friendship, world peace and family values in an album. The only people that will buy is you and your family.

So here is my little poetry:

You could live 1000 years and never would have thought,
Such shits would happen to you,
You thought you're grown up and mature,
You thought you're big enough to handle,
But shits would ultimately happen to you.

To say this life sucks is unfair,
Because everybody shits everyday,
Sometimes it goes down the toilet bowl,
Other times it goes down your throat raw,
So ultimately shits will happen to you.

So days will pass as tomorrows come,
And dreams unfold in pieces,
Some good some bad some pain in the ass,
But as time blows the leaves of memories,
Surely if thou shall endureth thy time with love and patience, hope remains faithful.

In a bowl of tomato soup.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


camera phone image is like that

My cousin drove me down to Penang at night last weekend. Penang is one city that looks fantastic from the bridge but when you go inside the town area, it kinda looks like Kuching. But definitely, being the no.2 city in Malaysia, it does have more buildings and a larger population.

We have heard a lot about Penang food. Actually they are not bad. Here's the Penang Cha Kueh Tiao, Har Mee, Chendul, Cheong Fun I've tasted.

I've got a problem with the Chendul. Considered I went to the so called most famous Chendul in Penang near Komtar, I didn't really think it was worth it at all. To begin with, I have to line up in a street like this:

And eat standing on the street. You should see how they washed the bowl and spoon. Just rinse it in a big container of brown murky water. It's perfectly the definition of reduce, reuse, recycle. And probably their secret ingredient. The taste is good, I have to say, but far from great lah. It's not even worth a second visit.

I went to Queensbay and all that, but then KL got enough shopping malls already. So nothing much. Oh ya, I ate this yam rice over in Butterworth. Kinda miss the soup with pork, tasted salty and vinegar sour. I happen to like sour things.