Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Politics is The Enviroment

Last week, I had a long time friend over in KL for a night and we just spent a great deal of time talking about politics. Coincidentally his father runs for office and is the chairman of a certain party of a certain state. Rest be assured it is not the ruling party la. I thought it was just very nice to be able to discuss with a peer about the on-goings of this country. I do not get that a lot. Obviously politics is something people in general would care more as they grow older. Because politics is not a far-fetched business, it is the environment.

So what do I have to say about recent development in politics. Well, first of all, there aren't much recent developments. From what we know is the ruling government wins.

1)Let's talk about the Perak crisis. The last we know they overthrown the state govt. and then there were some protest. Then they changed the Parliament chairman, there were some chaos. Then the high court ruled that Zambry was not the legitimate Chief Minister, then the next day, that ruling is overthrown over by Zambry's appeal (most efficient court ever, able to handle appeal in 24 hours) and then now there is not much news.

2) Anwar's case, as ugly as it may seem. The trial is on. Regardless of the appeal to strike out the case, the hound to bring the case to a syariah court which needs a 4 witness to testimony before one can be proclaimed guilty for adultery. Or in this case, a little bit more than adultery. The trial is still on. And we have no idea how this will lead on. Maybe and it's just a speculation, he might go to jail again. You don't see any sense in this but base on the Malaysia Boleh theme, we can do crazy things.

3) Despite all the RPK accusations, all the Bala statutory declaration, no.1, no.2 and now he come back saying another story, involving more people. This thing is resting on stagnant waters. It is not going anywhere up till now. And no one seems to have sufficient power to nail it. It is not anybody's fault, it is just a difficult case.

4) Lingam case, not really crucial in the political scene, but I thought I'd just mention. A royal commision is useless. They have all the power to investigate but ZERO power to take action. It's just a game. This is how I play it. You got a problem with my friend, fine, to bring justice on the table, I'll get the royal commision. Let's come investigate, do it for 6 months, 1 year, not enough? Do it for 2 years. Sooner or later, the public will forget and then we will also pretend we forget. Nobody gets hurt. Investigation finish? So what. Nothing happens. No charges, nothing.

5) MCA problem. This one I can say a lot Haha, because MCA not powerful. They have like 3 groupies in 1 party trying to tear each other off. It kinda remind me of "Romance of the 3 Cities". Chinese people, really, memang like to fight against each other huh? But wait, this doesn't fit into the picture that the ruling govt. is winning, because the situation is bad. It is bad for them and I don't think the pubic would ever give much support to them in the next election.

6) PKFZ, one of the issue why MCA is fighting as the critics would speculate. The money is lost, the project has failed, we cannot recover it. That's all. The culprit? They will not be punished. Because our country has a better definition when it comes to the Free World and Democracy - Everybody runs free.

7) BTN course is a joke. I have not even heard of such thing until the news reported it. It is not ideal for the govt. to teach other races to hold on to the so called supremacy and instill hatered and rasicm. As a Chinese, let me tell you, if the Malay, Indian, Dayak, Black or Western people have any good qualities that I can learn from. I would go and learn from them quickly, not to hate them because they are better than me. From race to race, we may have differences and we may not be the best of friends. But at a certain level, surely we can see eye to eye and live peacefully liken to a family under the roof of this country. So why do govt. instill such courses? Do you think it is for the benefit of all races and promote unity? Do you think they care about it? Or was it politically motivated and for their own benefit? All Chinese, and all Malay and all Indian would agree with me. We got no problem with each other. We have a problem with those politicians ruling us because sometimes, they are just screwing us left right up and down.

8) The future of the political landscape of Malaysia, as I see it today is thorny, but getting better. It is definitely a progress, nomatter who is winning or who is losing. And it is important, very important, we keep on the good work. Bloggers keep on blogging, news site keep on reporting and out of our millions of population surely doors will be open to a few that can carry the weight of leading this country. If you don't make it leap as least try not to destroy it. A taxi driver told me that under the era of Mahathir, there were more progress than under Abdullah. I don't think a taxi driver is all that credible but if a driver can say it. It got to mean something.

If there is an opportunity for me to enter politics. Would I take it? I will. It's a 'if', don't quote me 10 years later and say what had happened to me. But I will, and I think everybody should think like that. Because politics is not a far-fetched business, it is the enviroment.

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Chris said...

i agree with u..
When u grow older, u will more concern abt politics bcos it is abt our life n environment..

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