Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

a fraction of my ex-schoolmates

This holiday of mine has been nothing short of refreshing. I managed to meet up with almost all my friends. Those previous schoolmates, previous churchmates, current churchmate and friends from other school I don't even remember how I met them. It marvels me for the fact that I have enough close acquaintances (not the ones like you add them as friend on facebook but don't even know who the heck are them) to fill up a truck but is still single (at the moment, I don't guarantee what'll happen at the next second) I heard there is a time for everything so I am neither rushing nor trying anything now. (I doubt this sentence and its' lack of originality)

Laksa taste as good to me as it was before. This is the one I had in the Spring Madam Tang. Apparently Madam Tang's laksa's quality differ from one place to another, now it is just the Spring's one that's good.

for a whopping Rm11.20

I've learn a great deal with this trip back. I guess you could know so with my previous post and my new blog. Anyway I'm not preaching during weekdays, I got a new dog. It barks at me.

And that is Kuching for me, I am impressed by the recent development of the city. Being stagnant on developement since Independence, the last 3 years has been like a gold rush. The rich gets richer and hopefully they will spare some crumbs for others.

In the next 3 years, I hope to see Kuching acheiving it's Garden City status. Making it truly the most livable city in Malaysia, a blend of modern advancement in nothing short of a laidback and easy town. You don't get beggars here, it's the very definition of a middle-class society.

And next week, I got to report back to Najib Tun Razak in the country's capital again. Apparently he couldn't manage the country properly when I merely took a short annual break. MCA collapsed, Military Jet engines got stolen and what more, let me see today's headline (Monday when I am writing this) erm, I see on the Star "Doctor fondle my private parts, says factory worker." Nevermind, blame that on the goverment too!

Oh yes, before I forgot.... HAPPY 2010, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

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