Monday, December 7, 2009

Pen down my thoughts

I have been playing facebook a lot recently, a little too much actually. While cruising facebook, I actually angered a friend because of the things I wrote. Somehow my sarcastic jokes turnt out.......... really sarcastic to him. And so I made him mad. Another classic example of how I screw up things in life. So I am taking a break from facebook, these social networking sides are sometimes more real than life. People actually take what you say seriously and they treat it the same. Dangerous I would say if you're not careful with your words.

Let's put this aside. I think human relationship is just sometimes weird. Let's take boy-girl relationship for instance. When you're in love, everything seems so right and nice. Then 2 years later, somehow something goes wrong and then you break up. When that happens, all you can do is lie on bed and wonder what went wrong? And then you start to think of all the times you both had together, and wonder if it means anything now.

Which reminds me of what Shakespears wrote "the course of true love never did run smooth" in a midsummer night's dream. Yeah, but sometimes it just run into hell.

On the bright side, wait, there is no bright side.

All you feel is your world slowly collapsing, pressing you down making you hard to breath. You wont die eventually. No, you will survive. But it is damn sad and not fun. Which answers why most of the songs you heard are lovey dovey and poets enjoy writing love poems. Because human emotions are just very good to exploit. If you have 10 songs about friendship, world peace and family values in an album. The only people that will buy is you and your family.

So here is my little poetry:

You could live 1000 years and never would have thought,
Such shits would happen to you,
You thought you're grown up and mature,
You thought you're big enough to handle,
But shits would ultimately happen to you.

To say this life sucks is unfair,
Because everybody shits everyday,
Sometimes it goes down the toilet bowl,
Other times it goes down your throat raw,
So ultimately shits will happen to you.

So days will pass as tomorrows come,
And dreams unfold in pieces,
Some good some bad some pain in the ass,
But as time blows the leaves of memories,
Surely if thou shall endureth thy time with love and patience, hope remains faithful.

In a bowl of tomato soup.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I will buy your album of friendship, world peace and family values :)

- Dawn

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