Thursday, December 3, 2009


camera phone image is like that

My cousin drove me down to Penang at night last weekend. Penang is one city that looks fantastic from the bridge but when you go inside the town area, it kinda looks like Kuching. But definitely, being the no.2 city in Malaysia, it does have more buildings and a larger population.

We have heard a lot about Penang food. Actually they are not bad. Here's the Penang Cha Kueh Tiao, Har Mee, Chendul, Cheong Fun I've tasted.

I've got a problem with the Chendul. Considered I went to the so called most famous Chendul in Penang near Komtar, I didn't really think it was worth it at all. To begin with, I have to line up in a street like this:

And eat standing on the street. You should see how they washed the bowl and spoon. Just rinse it in a big container of brown murky water. It's perfectly the definition of reduce, reuse, recycle. And probably their secret ingredient. The taste is good, I have to say, but far from great lah. It's not even worth a second visit.

I went to Queensbay and all that, but then KL got enough shopping malls already. So nothing much. Oh ya, I ate this yam rice over in Butterworth. Kinda miss the soup with pork, tasted salty and vinegar sour. I happen to like sour things.


Junnie said...

did you stop by at gurney drive to check out the murky muddy water too? we could've a mud spa there.

Andrew Ho said...

I did not, haha..

melvyn said...

I guess you must be going there on weekends or public holiday as I can see so many people waiting for the chendol and please becareful the car while you enjoying the chendol because the road is very narrow.

If you don't look at the way they wash the spoon and bowl then i guess you will enjoy the chendol but that is how they do it cause at road side and they have been doing that for the past 10 years.

Penang got alot of food to enjoy if you know the place.

Thara said...

did u try any ORIGINAL mamaks there? i needed to emphasize on original becoz there are so many mamak restaurants over here in KL and none of them taste half as good as this one mamak restaurant in Penang - Tajuddin Hussain Nasi Kandar Restaurant. its been there for god knows when and its so good u'll be craving for more. ok now i suddenly sound like THNSR's unofficial promoter. ngehe.

Andrew Ho said...


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