Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Crush You

If I could rename "love at first sight", I would call it crushes. But of course I couldn't do that. It's like when people try to flirt in the movies, they say "If I can rearrange the alphabet, I'll put "U" and "I" together". Yeah right, like they can rearrange the alphabet.

But if I may for once be a love guru, I'd say the problem with crushes are that they often come too fast and leave too soon. Leaving you wondering what's wrong with the world, you, him, her and everyone else.

Some things last for a long time. Others have a shorter lifespan. But the fact that they will someday end always brings us a sad moment. Sometimes we're sad for a day, sometimes longer. But even sadness expires when people move on. Which brings us to a technical question that is, if I know that the sadness I feel today will soon go away in a month, isn't what I feel now very superficial?

It may be. But it's not always the case. Because we didn't intend for crushes to happen. Most of the time, it just crashes on us. Very quickly.

The essence of writing a profound statement is to mix truth, emotions and plenty of erroneous personal opinions.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I am not afraid of the government

I am still intrigued a little when people think that what I write on my blog can possibly lead me to harms way by the government. Obviously this world has over-estimated my capabilities in so many ways. Which is a common and understandable but not excusable mistake. But will I ever get caught by what I write in my blog? No. Why? Because I know what I am writing and again, really what I write and what I think is not so important to the government.

Rule no.1, I do not touch sensitive issues. Never. If I talk about race, all I will ever say is to promote unity. Because I am not racist. Even when my race is not treated with all fairness here, still, all I promote is unity and love when it comes to races. I may criticize government policies, I do not hurt other races. Because they too are human and I show respect to that. Rule no.2, I proudly accept Bahasa Malaysia as the official language of our country. Even when I have dispute between the language used in the teaching of science and maths, I never say we should not use Bahasa Malaysia as the national official language. Rule no.3, I shall never in my life insult others' religion. Even if they do not share the same religion as I am, I set my boundaries clear cut. Rule no.4, I do not insult the royals. Even if the news has lots of scandals and gossips for me to make fun of, I don't think they are so interesting. Rule no.5, I do not make up stories and slam people baselessly. What I say is merely a repetitive of news, facts, truth with the addition of my own opinions and jokes into them.

If I say Chua Soi Lek is an adulterer? Am I wrong? Can I be charged? Didn't the Star already published that many times over? If I say Ong Kee Tiat is alleged to have received 10 million ringgit from Tiong King Kong, am I wrong? Didn't all major newspaper already publish it? If I say don't vote for Barisan Nasional? Am I wrong? Can't I have an opinion about the government and decide which team I want to support? Yeah, but then can I express that view on my blog? Why not? I do not have a lot of faith in Barisan Nasional, but I don't think they are interested to jail me yet because of my opinion. They are crazy in many ways, but not to this extend to block every citizen's constitutional right for the freedom of expression. Please don't regard me so highly. I am like God, but still I'm not really God. I'm just like you and my penis is not even long.

When you read news portal like malaysiakini, malaysiainsider and 1000 more local political blogs. You will find so many more serious bloggers and journalist which are 10 times more critical than I can ever be. Me, I'm just a jester. I'm not a blogging virgin. This blog is 1 year old, my previous blog was 2 years old. I also took a 18 months break in between the two blogs to grow up. I can't say I'm mature now, since life is literally an endless learning process, but yes, I have an idea of what I am doing. SO NO! YOU WONT SEE ME ON HEADLINES ANYTIME SOON GOING TO KAMUNTING DETENTION CENTRE!

Way back in 2007

But on top of that, I want to encourage people to write, to speak, to sing. I want to encourage people to express themselves. I want to tell the world that it is okay to say what you think is right. With all due responsibility. Because if we remain silent, we lose. If we speak up we tried. And if we persist, we win.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Accepted Social Convention

In the process of growing up, you are likely to meet people who are smarter than you. You are also likely to meet people who are less smarter than you. Of course there are also people who are less smarter than you who thinks he is smarter than you and people who are smarter than you and look down on you at the same time. To counter with these social situations, I've come up with a formula that is,

"When a person is smart, he is obligated to tolerate others' lack of intelligence and forgive them. However when he is not so smart, all he has to do is shut up."

Believe it or not, if the society had applied my unfounded social ideas, more people would have become friends.

I respect people by these principles. Firstly I respect them for seniority. Whenever someone is significantly older than me, whether they can offer me sound opinions or not, I still have to show them a little respect for their experience and the fact that they had lived longer. But that respect is sub-standard. Secondly, I respect people for their wisdom or achievements. These are the people that really talk sense into your ears and their opinions and judgement matters. As you might have understood, I am one of those people that don't really care about the "2 cents worth opinions" of the general population. And I think the quote is stupid in itself.

If somebody regard their opinions as "2 cents worth", why do they even bother to express it to others? You might as well keep it in your diary, journal or your blog. Because throwing 2 cents around at people's face is socially unacceptable. 20 dollars on the other hand is great for me. Here is the top ten list of the types of people whom I find very distasteful:

10) People who are not sure what they are saying, but still keeps on talking.

9) People who are smart, and is trying to impress upon you how smart they are.

8) People who talks everything base solely on their own perspective and position, unable to put themselves in others' shoes.

7) People who keeps talking and never listen.

6) People who think they are funny when nobody is laughing at their jokes.

5) People that insist on their idealogies and opinions disregarding others'.

4) No heart, no emotions, no feelings, no understanding.

3) Agressive people who want to express themselves to the fullest extend everytime without practising restrains. Even if they are right, they look very wrong.

2) People who talks to you like you know nothing and they know everything.

1) Chinese who support Barisan Nasional!

Reading that, you might not agree that you have fallen on one of those listed. But I'm sure you have the same opinion that these people are annoying at times. How do I know? Maybe I might just be one of them.

Except for no.1, I am critical about that! Roarr.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am sad for Malaysia

Super Short Talk: Coincidentally, this drama happened to me on Malaysia Day 916

I was in the Cheras Pasar Malam tonight when my father called suddenly. I thought it was weird that he call at such a time because I have just called him in the morning. Upon receiving the call, here is what he said: “I heard from people that you have been writing politics in your blog, about MACC and MCA and all that…..” and he then gave me a stern warning to take it all down, because he was afraid that somehow I might get caught or thrown down the building because of my blog.

I know who was the person that spoke those things to my father, but if you are reading this, let me tell you something. My name is Andrew Ho, if you have a problem, you come to me face to face and I will show you what the Bible means by “The Wrath of God”. You can take it as a joke, but you know what I mean here. Your action which seemingly to you is harmless has caused me 2 hours of distress. I was very enraged.

I am sad for you. I have been writing my blog for a year now and everyone who reads know that I am socio-political. If you want me to delete posts regarding politics I have written, you might as well shave my balls. But even more than that, I was sad for Malaysia. Which brings us to today’s word – cowardice.

Have we Malaysian degraded ourselves to such a level, whereby we are afraid to speak up even the slightest? Have we degraded ourselves so low, that we fear to go against the powers that govern us? Without questioning? Without scrutinizing, without care? Do you really love Malaysia? Or are we just a bunch of rats that live in this country but never treat it as our own? I despise you if you are such a person. I look down on you with all my heart, mind and soul. There is no level lower of which I will regard a person than one like that. Mark my words Malaysians. Mark my words, I am sad for people like that.

How can I shut up, when my fellow Malaysian are persecuted, thrown down the building in a mysterious death. How can I shut up when my country is labeled internationally as corrupted and unjust. How can I as an educated Malaysian who love my country stand silent in this chaos? If I am truly one, then my education is wasted. If I am truly one, then my life is not worth living.

Please understand that I do not go out and slam politicians with lies or defame them baselessly. Whatever I write would be peanuts compared to what Malaysiakini had done. If someone is going to get sued or arrested. I think it will not be me. I don’t think I will have that kind of privilege. But to shut up? You undermine my character. Too much and too low.

This is cowardice. This is why we fail in every aspect to achieve political maturity.

For the peace of my father's mind, I have removed my previous post about MCA, the one with my favourite politician Ong Kee Tat and Chua Joi Lek. I do that for 2 reasons. Because I know my father loves me and he cares for me. Although his concern might appear silly, sometimes a man has to make petty sacrifices for the greater good. The big picture you'd call. But having said that, I stand and I remain right in what I wrote, jokes and comments alike. This is Andrew Ho, the few kids among the malaysian population who cares enough to speak while others care enough to listen.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bonus Post

If this is not hillarious, I don't know what is. If you like it, watch all 3 parts. I am only pasting one of them here as to how my friend puts it, sharing is caring =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 years since 9/11

Super Short Talk: I hope Chua Soi Lek win in the fight in MCA,I enjoy seeing that party split into two. They are liken to a group of neutered dogs barking at the moon.

I must have been too young then to appreciate this disaster when it happened. Which again prove me right when I say "life is too short to drink cheap wine". I mean, you can live up to 1000 years old. And all this still wouldn't make any sense to you. In the most unfathomable way 3000 people were killed in this disaster. Who on earth would have thought that one day, when you go to work in your office. A plane will crash into the building and kill you. And it's a twin tower somemore, if you are in the tower which didn't get crash first, you would go like "oh my god, a plane crash into the tower opposite". And while you're glad it didn't happen to the tower you're in, suddenly another plane came by and crashed on your tower. And when that happened the people in the other tower would go "oh my god, a plane crashed into the other tower too!" And while the people in the lower levels or the upper levels of that tower were giving thanks the plane didn't crash directly into their offices, next the whole building collapsed and everybody died. And everyone at the other tower which haven collapse panic and went crazy. Are you following me?

We are living in an insane world. If I had blog 8 years ago, I would have mentioned this. And the guy who fell down from the building in that video clip, it's crazy enough for me. It's like throwing a lizard down from KLCC. It drops like a jelly and follows with a thud.

Some say this recovered 9/11 picture is fake, but you get the idea

Of course when disaster like that happens, people are sad. Even people from far away would feel a little sadness for those who had to live that experience. Talk about life, talk about meanings. The only thing I get from events like these is that life is too short to drink cheap wine. Better not wait till tomorrow to enjoy life if you can afford one today. Because this is a mad mad world. Talk about fairness to all, some people die of hiccups while others have plane crash into their office in the mornings. It is so bad it's hillarious.

I think every new day is a gift from God and we ought to live it like we know it is precious.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Updates

I started attending University 2 weeks ago. When I touched down in KL, I took a taxi right up to my hostel at a whopping Rm120, which is ridiculous as normal price would be around Rm70-Rm80 at most. So I asked the operator and she told me that taxi price has increased. It is logical NOT. Anyway, the riddle was answered when I got the ticket, it said "Package: Premier". Only then had I realised that I did not specify that I want to take a budget taxi instead of the more expensive premier ones. And of course when I don't specify, most people would tend to over estimate my capabilities which I believe is wholly influenced by my exotic good looks that surpasses a major population of this earth and beyond. The end result? I was driven up to my hostel in a black Nissan. I was pretty sure some heads turned around when I got down the car. Talking about reaching in style. It isn't worth it but things like these do happen when we travel. Live and learn.

The real thing does not look that good at all

It's funny to note that my faculty has so many international students I feel like a foreign student more than they do. Indonesian Chinese are lots here but they are nice people. So yeah I'm still adapting to it. My area is relatively comfortable and I got a few ex-schoolmates in the same Uni. So I guess I'd do fine. Geared up to study though. Can't wait to learn something new and score some good grades. Bless me.

I spent my first weekend in Cameron Highlands with some of my Kuching friends. It's was kinda crazy to head up there on my first weekend.

Sticks out my turtle head

Cameron has always been the same though. But I got to say, the best corn in Malaysia is definitely there.

Visited the pasar malam

Rum and Stout Ice Cream which is exceptionally


Overpriced Steamboat which I didn't pay for...

Went to agro places

with ridiculous green vegetables...

And make very girly post among them

So yeah, this is a little of my updates. Hopefully someday it will be worth reminiscing.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Crap of Writing

The ability to write is a real gift, it is one of the few ways that can really get a message across other than yelling at somebody's face at the top of our lungs. The best part of writing is that it gives people the option whether to read what you have to say or not. Unlike "talking" which transmit voices through sound waves, people can't avoid it. Do you realize we can close our eyes, shut out mouth, stop breathing but we can never really close our ears up? That's why people have arguments and hate each other, we cannot close our ears up and they cannot shut their mouths up.

But I understand that writing, much like reading takes a lot of patience. You can't rush it. It's not like hitting nails with a hammer. Sometimes in order to write the good piece of work you expect yourself to, you need time. In performing arts, sometimes the more you learn how to relax and let go, the more you advance. Like solving a complicated question, you have to be at peace before you can come up with a solution.

The art of writing has been taught, learnt, practised, studied for centuries. Eventually people got so bored about it today they are replaced by ipods. Nevertheless the practice of writing serves everyone in good purposes. Should I have something to say in my span of time, may I say it worthily like the great writers of all time.

Unfortunately, like physics which see no significant contribution since 1930, literature meets the same fate. We live in a time so special, so different from the past. A time where Internet is a global phenomenon and porn is easily accessible. A time where people are so advance they think they are a result of evolution and their ancestral roots traced back to apes. The greatest flaw I see in the theory of evolution is that apes can turn itself into human that talks while fish keeps swimming, birds keep chirping and dogs keep barking. How arrogant. My dog should be able to breathe fire if she were a result of evolution for 40 million years.

My point is, and its pretty hard to decipher from my previous paragraph, people don't appreciate writing so much anymore. Look at us Malaysians, we don't even read, what more write. Clearly writing is the higher end of civilisation where we have not yet grasp the importance of. In short, we are not a very bright nation. Repent! This is the crap of writing.

Genius is 99% crap and 1% luck.