Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 years since 9/11

Super Short Talk: I hope Chua Soi Lek win in the fight in MCA,I enjoy seeing that party split into two. They are liken to a group of neutered dogs barking at the moon.

I must have been too young then to appreciate this disaster when it happened. Which again prove me right when I say "life is too short to drink cheap wine". I mean, you can live up to 1000 years old. And all this still wouldn't make any sense to you. In the most unfathomable way 3000 people were killed in this disaster. Who on earth would have thought that one day, when you go to work in your office. A plane will crash into the building and kill you. And it's a twin tower somemore, if you are in the tower which didn't get crash first, you would go like "oh my god, a plane crash into the tower opposite". And while you're glad it didn't happen to the tower you're in, suddenly another plane came by and crashed on your tower. And when that happened the people in the other tower would go "oh my god, a plane crashed into the other tower too!" And while the people in the lower levels or the upper levels of that tower were giving thanks the plane didn't crash directly into their offices, next the whole building collapsed and everybody died. And everyone at the other tower which haven collapse panic and went crazy. Are you following me?

We are living in an insane world. If I had blog 8 years ago, I would have mentioned this. And the guy who fell down from the building in that video clip, it's crazy enough for me. It's like throwing a lizard down from KLCC. It drops like a jelly and follows with a thud.

Some say this recovered 9/11 picture is fake, but you get the idea

Of course when disaster like that happens, people are sad. Even people from far away would feel a little sadness for those who had to live that experience. Talk about life, talk about meanings. The only thing I get from events like these is that life is too short to drink cheap wine. Better not wait till tomorrow to enjoy life if you can afford one today. Because this is a mad mad world. Talk about fairness to all, some people die of hiccups while others have plane crash into their office in the mornings. It is so bad it's hillarious.

I think every new day is a gift from God and we ought to live it like we know it is precious.


Anonymous said...

i cant agree more! mad mad world it is...

Chris said...

Oh my god! it;s very terrible...

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