Friday, September 4, 2009

The Crap of Writing

The ability to write is a real gift, it is one of the few ways that can really get a message across other than yelling at somebody's face at the top of our lungs. The best part of writing is that it gives people the option whether to read what you have to say or not. Unlike "talking" which transmit voices through sound waves, people can't avoid it. Do you realize we can close our eyes, shut out mouth, stop breathing but we can never really close our ears up? That's why people have arguments and hate each other, we cannot close our ears up and they cannot shut their mouths up.

But I understand that writing, much like reading takes a lot of patience. You can't rush it. It's not like hitting nails with a hammer. Sometimes in order to write the good piece of work you expect yourself to, you need time. In performing arts, sometimes the more you learn how to relax and let go, the more you advance. Like solving a complicated question, you have to be at peace before you can come up with a solution.

The art of writing has been taught, learnt, practised, studied for centuries. Eventually people got so bored about it today they are replaced by ipods. Nevertheless the practice of writing serves everyone in good purposes. Should I have something to say in my span of time, may I say it worthily like the great writers of all time.

Unfortunately, like physics which see no significant contribution since 1930, literature meets the same fate. We live in a time so special, so different from the past. A time where Internet is a global phenomenon and porn is easily accessible. A time where people are so advance they think they are a result of evolution and their ancestral roots traced back to apes. The greatest flaw I see in the theory of evolution is that apes can turn itself into human that talks while fish keeps swimming, birds keep chirping and dogs keep barking. How arrogant. My dog should be able to breathe fire if she were a result of evolution for 40 million years.

My point is, and its pretty hard to decipher from my previous paragraph, people don't appreciate writing so much anymore. Look at us Malaysians, we don't even read, what more write. Clearly writing is the higher end of civilisation where we have not yet grasp the importance of. In short, we are not a very bright nation. Repent! This is the crap of writing.

Genius is 99% crap and 1% luck.


Anonymous said...

Haha. With someone like u, maybe we're not that doomed after all.

bs said...

"like physics which see no significant contribution since 1930"

heyyyy... have you been watching the Big Bang Theory?? haha

Andrew Ho said...


Wayne Teh said...

Well, I'm a 16 year old but I absolutely adore reading. I'm writing short stories too.(crappy ones). But your literary has a sense of profound meaning, you're always a profound writer. Keep it up! :D

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