Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Special

Super Short Talk: I am definitely missing my church and the people inside when I am not in Kuching. I am truly humbled by their input in my life. Thanks to you all in Sib Grace.

Convert this bill and I am worth Rm350

I love Malaysia. I love this multi-cultural country. I love the fact that we are different and yet manage to live together in chaos. I love the Chinese who triumphed under unfairness and discrimination. I love the Malay who take up all the quotas and opportunities to education, business and civil service. I love the Indians, who at most is only 10% of the population yet never give up to fight for themselves. Malaysia is truly a great place to learn how to give and take.

I may not like the system this country is running on. And I shall hate and despise Barisan Nasional for all the days of my life. But nevertheless I love this country. Not because it is good but because I am good. And from this day fourth, let people remember me, as the noble who set aside his political differences to write something good about his country. For this reason, minstrels will write songs about me as history remembers my name.

You may not delight in what I write, but it is alright because I don't care about your opinion. I forgive you. And whoever you are, I want you to know that this step I've taken is a big step , a big step indeed. It is not easy for one like me to love this country, genuinely.

with love from Andrew Ho
a second class citizen in his own country

You want a Merdeka Day Celebration? I watched this clip of Sir Paul Mccartney singing on the Marquee of The Late Show with David Lettermen recently. And I thought it was a really good one. Paul Mccartney is the remaining 2 living Beatles from the band "The Beatles" of course and is a living legend. He's like The Jonas Brothers in year 2050. Just 10 times bigger! Happy Merdeka!


Cheong Hao said...

i love what u just wrote...well, u have to be the best in order to survive in such a chaos country with all the things going on....

Chris said...

haha.. u r really creative wo..

Andrew Ho said...

You too!

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