Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pause & Ponder

I have been watching so many movies and sitcoms recently, it kinda bored me out already. The thing about movies is you'll never finish watching them all. So I'm going to slow down things a bit as the holiday season of my life is coming to an end. I guess it is time for me to put on my thinking cap and move on with the next chapter of my life.

I really wanted to post up something fun for this post. But then again, as I entertain you, I bored myself. What's the point of having a blog when nobody reads it? But more importantly, what's the point of having a blog when you write only for others and not yourself?

Do you know how I know this is not a perfect world? In a perfect world, I would be prince and you'd be my princess. And we'll both live in our castle at lala land. =D

No, I don't have something particularly thought provoking today. Neither have I great inspiring ideas. If I can cook up something so serious and intense all the time, I would have vomit blood and died long ago.

Today I just feel like having a chat with you. Like those random chats we have with friends. It doesn't have to be meaningful or with a reason. Sometimes people just talk.

When one door closes, many more opens. I live life by chapters and seasons. When one ends, the other begins. The only thing I could ever hope for is to live every one of them to its fullest. So that one day when I look back, I would say "yeah, I have lived my life".

If you are a person that like sitting on a cool park bench and just ponder about things. Or you like taking long walks in the evening just to chill with the breeze. Then we have something in common. We appreciate life. And have absolutely more than one side. =D

Today I pause and I ponder.


Cindy said...

I wish you have the poster from How I Met Your Mother.

PoisonKagero said...

Cool pics! =)

Florence said...

Hi there from Canada...perchance i found your blog -- the old one first by accident -- was looking for a visual using google image search for a newsletter i do voluntarily...

You seem like a thoughtful young man. In my twenties, I was clueless as to the rules of this crazy world and the crazier people living in it. I really had nothing to say and even less to write and yet I always dreamed about writing that great novel...Another twenty years have passed and I've learned a few things...but (I'm embarassed to say), I'm still largely clueless -- now going through a midlife crisis (look what you have to look forward to, eh??? :)) wondering what the hell do I do when I really grow up??? No, I haven't written that novel... some pretty good short stories, but no novel in the offing (yet). Ah well, no one promised me any easy answers then and no one does now. We just have to try and keep moving and figuring it out...and having a bit of fun in the journey... best of luck to you! ps -- I like those "success" posters.

Su Ee said...

HAHA.. i like the "Cluelessness" poster.

Andrew Ho said...

thanks for the long comment =D

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