Saturday, August 1, 2009


Super Short Talk: Can you freaking believe the news? Another state assemblymen from Penang died! Another by-election! It is the 8th by-election already! This is freaking hell. Is one of the strategy from Pakatan Rakyat fielding candidates that are going to die soon? Because you know what? That's a good idea! Like I said, it's bloody politics season 2! So let the bloodbath begins!

我鲜少用华文写文章, 应为身边有太多人太傻太天真了, 没法学会华文, 有的连英语也只是半桶水。语言实为沟通之桥梁,没办法掌握语言,便永远无法掌握上乘精良的沟通技巧。 有言说不出, 有语表不了。丛然有万般智慧感想,拿彩的永远不是你。

当然, 这世界不见得一切都要公平, 如果每个人都那莫利害, 那又有谁来吃大便呢?大便总要有人吃的。我的语言好,英语,华语,马来语,样样精通, 但最喜爱的还是英语华语这两个国际语言。我并非马来人,不觉得自己有责任维护和发展马来语。更何况,马来文这个语文,实在是太过下乘,太过不全面了。不适合贵族运用,in other words, not suitable for the nobles. 怎麽了?我这样说,你不爽吧?

都跟你说了,这世界不见得一切都要公平,我自己爽就行了嘛。 记得第一次喜欢文学的时候是由华文开始。华文的结构是一字一词的, 和英语不同, 我喜欢华文的干净利落,写起诗词来不沲泥带水。当然英语也有它的长处优势,其独特的地方。 有阅一山不能藏二虎, 只不过是说说罢了。马来人之所以无法超越我们,其中就是因为我们懂得他们的语言,而他们一点都不了解我们。有了语言,就有多一份了解。

人没有一生挥不去的惨情, 也没天生高一般的生命. 文章写到这里, 我也已忘了自己到底要说些什麽。 都说了,这世界不见得一切都要公平, 也不见得一切都要合理, 爽就好了嘛,算了吧!

For those that do not understand Chinese, don't panic! Although I do not have the heart to translate this passage personally, I've used "google translate" to help me do the job. Here is what "google" thinks what I wrote!

"I rarely write in Chinese, should be around too many people too naive too simple-minded, can not learn to Chinese, English and some even just half a bucket of water. Language is a bridge for communication, no way to master the language, it will never be able to have superior communication skills. Could not have made, it can not form words. However, there are extremely intellectual Cong feelings never get the color you are.

Of course, not everything in this world must be fair, if everyone Nanaimo interest, then who is going to eat this stool? Stool was always eating. My language, and English, Mandarin, Malay, everything good, but the most favorite Chinese and English the international language of these two. I am not Malay, do not feel the responsibility of the maintenance and development of Malay. Moreover, the Malay language, it is too下乘, not too comprehensive. Not suitable for the use of Jazz, in other words, not suitable for the nobles. How the Mo? I think that a bad mood, right?

Related to you, and everything in this world is not necessarily fair, I have them cool on the list. I remember the first time like literature started by the Chinese. The structure of the Chinese language is the word the word, and English are different, I like the clear-cut language, writing from poetry to non-water沲mud. Of course, English also has its strengths, its unique place. Possession of one mountain can not have access to two tigers, only paying lip service. The reason why the Malays can not go beyond us, which is because we know their language, and they do not understand us. With language, there is more than an understanding.

Did not get rid of the miserable life situation, nor the high-born to life in general. The article written here, I have forgotten to say in the end its more什莫. Say that everything in this world is not necessarily fair, but also not everything has to be reasonable, like the Shuang do, forget it!"


Malaysian Blogger said...

No surprise bro. This is Malaysia we're talking here. Bolehland! Anything can happen. said...

Somehow, I was expecting that 1 day you will post in Chinese, and eventually I was kinda feeling happy noticing your post title in Chinese. You are great!

Kesian for Google, it tried to translate some characters (hey, was that d 100% non-edited translated version?) but ending up freaking humour, especially on "沲泥带水" bcum "non-water沲mud", "那莫利害" bcum "Nanaimo interest", and the winner is : "爽就好了嘛" ended up bcum "like the Shuang do"..

Andrew Ho said...

Yeah, it wasn't edited....

Su Ee said...


My favourites:

1. Nanaimo interest
2. Stool was always eating. (Hahahahahaa...)
3. Not suitable for the use of Jazz. (Jazz??)
4. How the Mo?
5. ...non-water沲mud.
6. the Shuang do

LMAO!! Good job, Andrew, on the Mandarin post. And good job, Google Translator, on the translated post.

~dolly~ said...


raise hand, raise legs AGREE!!!!

SL said...

agree with dolly..


'怎么' 还是 '怎莫'
'什么' 还是 '什莫'

Anyway, it's a very good post..

Andrew Ho said...

I know, I am magnificent.

Maomao said...

U ingat u kuat ka? cubalah tulis dlm bm. saniku! maikuliu.

Andrew Ho said...

I hav a gud fren call maomao. He likes to write nonsense.

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