Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fishing Virgin

Super Short Talk: I am feeling a bit disappointed to miss an offshore fishing trip on this 25 August. I am to leave for studies on the 26. Damn it.

This was how I look like when I was one.

This is how I look like 20 years later

This is how a piece of beef salami looks like on a piece of bread

And that is how I have just wasted 5 seconds of your life which you'll never get back. Showing you 3 pictures that resemble the same thing ------ BEEF! Hahaha, anyway....

I would like to extend a special thanks to Samuel, a new church friend of mine, who gave me my first fishing experience whatsoever last week. It was very courteous of him to bring me along. Especially when I neither know anything about fishing nor have any fishing equipments, which by the way don't come cheap and can be easily spoiled by first timer.

I was kinda expecting fishing to be real boring the day before and I didn't expect to catch anything, at least that's what I thought until I saw Sam casted the hook far out into the pond with a swing.

I just thought that was really cool. I've always have this genuine love towards swinging stuff, throwing stuff and shooting stuff. So yeah, if you got any sports that involve that, invite me. Shooting absolutely has the high priority. However, it didn't work out that well when I tried casting on my own, my hook kinda end up entangled on a tree.

But still my rod got 5 strikes and I managed to reel back 3 fishes out of them, the other 2 ran away. Apparently, they could not see eye to eye to a human-fish relationship that involve me feeding you the bait and you getting caught by me. What can I say, it's really fun when you catch something.

Considering my fishing mates around who caught practically nothing, it might have been my lucky day. Or perhaps I am greatly blessed by God who sees my effort in turning down all the girls who chose to offer me their bodies as a sacrificial worship to my charm. Or maybe, I'm just saying maybe, all the fishes just turnt suicidal when they saw my stupid face. But anyway....

Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm just kidding, we let all the fishes back to the pond.


Choonie, the Guru said...

Where is the fishing place? It looks like a nice place, especially the pic with the bluest sky.

Andrew Ho said...

It's a pond beside Semariang Cemetery, further down from the state library.

Choonie, the Guru said...

Do you have to pay to fish there?

Andrew Ho said...

Nope, I only pay respect to the fishes.

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