Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Bigger Man in You

I always believe how big a person is is never determined by how much he has, but by how much he is willing to give. And by how much he is willing to give, I do not mean just money. I guess the world has long limited their capacity to give, to share, to contribute and to love.

In between the needs and wants of us humans, money is never enough to satisfy. The more we now have today will only lead us astray, seeking for even more tomorrow. If there ever was a limit to our pursuit, it might as well be infinity.

So how can we, in our insignificant self play our part to be of any good to this world? I do not know, even if I do, my ideas would at best be theoretical.

Today I speak to thee, as a poor unfortunate soul. In neither possession of power nor influence to make the slightest difference in the world. So I hereby decide to make none. None to give, none to share, none to love and none to all.

It is only until I started thinking like that when it dawned upon me, life would truly become meaningless if you have decided to live for only yourself. That is why I also believe,

Nomatter how small we are, there is always one person we can bless.

Nomatter how poor we are, there is always a smile we can share.

Nomatter how selfish we are, if we would only try, there is always a bigger man in me and in you.

Good day sir. This is the first of July.

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