Friday, July 17, 2009

The First 30 Minutes

Some days we oversleep our hours and wake up with the freshest mind ever. And for the first 30 minutes or so, that is when we know our mind can think most logically, most analytically and most emotionless. It is that short period of time when I can see things as it is, nothing less nothing more, you could have played a porn in front of me and all I could see is science in action. But that moment could last no longer than half an hour, as time slips, I know the human part of me is slowly creeping in. And soon, emotions will cloud my judgement, hormonal change will affect my thoughts, there will be mood swings and temptations, and I will have to succumb to them all.

I am writing to you after a 15 hours sleep. You know you've overslept your day when you wake up with cold hands and feet on a sunny afternoon. I do not have a message to convey, this is not an Alien E.T. stunt, trying to communicate with you. This is the part of life when you know you have to seize the moment. And to remember your thoughts now and trust in them in the future, because you don't get this all the time. It is in one of these days when I woke up and realized I needed God. And that has changed my life. And for the other times of usual days, the best state of my human mind can think of is to masturbate once more.

The science we see today is a product of thoughts, wisdom, experience, studies that has been passed down cumulatively over a long time. But revelation comes like a lightning. It happens fast and doesn't strike at the same place twice. Most of them aren't written in books, even if they are, they are always subjective. That's why I never read philosophies, I could have written the same thing they did and receive little honour in return. It is in one of these days when I woke up and chose to believe in nothing else than the Bible. If someone has the right to teach me how to live my life, He better be someone much higher than I or the rest of you, like God.

There is a trend of how my mind thinks when I wake up like this. But I cannot write on now, my time is up.


suze said...

Good one! :D

Leslie Linda said...

:) not bad.

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