Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Used to Rule The World

Super Short Talk: This is what I don't like about journalism, they say half don't say the other half, not sensational enough.

I do not care. This is me. I do not care about what people will say, I do not care about what people will think. I figured life is too short to bother too much. I did not know where I adopted such attitude towards life. I do not know if it is right. But I do not care.

I decide what I believe, I decide my faith. I decide what I want to wear, I decide what I want to say. I decide when to speak, when to stand, when to sit and when to keep quiet. I do not care what others will think, I do not care if they like it, I do not care if they don't.

I've decided life is too short to bother so much.

Opinions I have heard many, most of them rubbish to my ears. Few are good, and to them I take heed. I do not worry if people look up or down at me, they are the ones who should be mindful instead, if I even care about their very existence.

I used to have some self-esteem, I used to have some confidence. Now, I have none. For the moment I chose not to care about them anymore, I became my own self-esteem, and I became my own confidence.

One minute I have dignity, the other minute it is gone. I tried looking for it, I searched my heart and I searched my soul. And then I remember, I left it in a deserted street in one of my dreams. A dream which I could not get back into, a street I do not know the name. Who cares about dignity and pride when there are more important things to do.

I do not care, for all I ever need, is a chair to sit in front of a very nice view, a beautiful river perhaps, a pair of boobs maybe, and a can of beer of course.

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Self-esteem sometimes derive from what we care on how people perceive us. Complimentary boost-up self-esteem, but if it is e otherway round, I guess we just need to accept it and woes to prove in whatever we are doing is good for ourselves. Cheers, Andrew. Ehm...Hope u dun delete off my comment, just my own point of view :)

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where are pink nipples

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