Monday, July 13, 2009

Normal Post

Because I am a loser, I only take pictures with a camera phone wherever I go. Although digital camera is now very affordable, the thought of bringing a bulky gadget everywhere I go only to take pictures is just too girly and hasty for me. I think most boys would agree with me, all things are better made simple. Compromising quality, a camera phone is a good thing at the very best of convenience, especially when you like blogging or you just enjoy snapping pictures. Anything better, you'd have to implant a camera into your body. I would personally like to put it in my penis, I just thought it will be hillarious when I go "hey hey would anyone like to take a picture, wait, just let me take my penis out and.... okay, anyone want a picture? Anyone?"

I have been using my previous Sony Ericsson K750i for the past 2.5 years. Though it was arguably one of the best camera phone like 3 years ago, it is definitely losing out in comparison with the newer models. So I've decided to buy a new one last month, and of course, like all my purchases, it has to go in line with my character, cheap.

So I went to the shops around Kuching, at first looking for a Samsung or an LG, but little did I know, all the shops here do not sell AP sets for these 2 brands. AP sets (unauthorised distribution sets) are usually Rm300 cheaper than Zitron's (authorised distribution, 3 years warranty one). So I've decided to get a Sony Ericsson C510 instead.

It costs me Rm600. Good, cheap and practical. I think jobless students don't need a 2.4 K Blackberry. And like it or not, most students are jobless and most people are mediocre. I know, it's quite an unfortunate fact of life.

My aunty was the Chief Prefect for Kuching High School in 1980. What is your aunty?

Most of my peers has left Kuching to study this month. Except for a few sick bastards that are going to cool places like NUS, US and Cambridge where intakes start later. While me, I'm just chilling in Kuching waiting for my Cha Kueh Tiao stall to ready.

I went for steamboat with a few of my friends shortly before they left. Frankly I don't quite enjoy this kind of sizzling steamboat. Half the time, I am busy frying stuff and eating off possibly uncooked meat while sweating through the night. It isn't very enjoyable.

Also I ate this in a new place call "Kimbay" in Kuching. The picture may look pretty, but it sure taste like shit. I wouldn't recommend anything from that shop.

Oh by the way, I found piggy bun in Kuching. My current pastor told me there is a place call Mitsu Teahouse in RH Plaza that sells it. I know it's Tau Sar pau only, but it's cute lah.

For Rm3, you'll have to compromise with the craftmanship

Cacat pig

Normal Char Siew Pau

Normal Pork Rice

And my normal face

Yalah yalah, still fat lah, what to do?

I asked my life to be extraordinary, it turned out normal. What to do?

I know Michael Jackson is dead, some fans very sad. I know the the government has revert teaching of Science and Maths in English. Some people very pissed. I know life sucks, Malaysia sucks, South East Asia sucks, Asia sucks, the world sucks, but what to do? No choice what, just close your eyes and live on loh. Or else go jump river meh. Suan le lah.......

No I am not going to Kelantan!

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