Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Super short talk: As the ongoing politics show and tell, Tiong, a Barisan MP felt that he has been conned by MCA when he rented Rm1 hostel units to Tar College as a symbolic gesture in support of MCA (Tar College is a subsidiary of MCA). As I was reading Malaysiakini, a reader of them pointed out a funny question. "Azman Zainuddin asked: Did MCA paid the RM1 rent?"

Tabuan's Thompson Corner sells one of the besk laksa in town, opens in morning only.

Of all fat noodles, Udon is my favourite selection

It's pathetic so few stalls sell good chee cheong fun in Kuching

Dried Bak Kut Teh in Kuching SUCKS!

I had this on Najib's birthday for watever reason

And I believe Chinese is indeed the best cook in the world. For if it wasn't because of us, pizza wouldn't have existed. Legend has it that:

"Marco Polo missed green onion pancakes (Chinese Dish) so much that when he was back in Italy (From China), he tried to find chefs willing to make the pancake for him. One day, he managed to meet a chef from Naples at a friend's dinner party and persuaded him to try recreating the dish. After half a day without success, Marco Polo suggested the filling be put at the top rather than inside the dough. The change, by chance, created a dish praised by everyone at the party. The chefs returned to Naples and improvised by adding cheese and other ingredients and formed today's pizza"

But of course it is a legend. Which I believe in bias because I am Chinese. Kuching green onion pancake looks like this,

Pizza version 1.0

Anyway Kuching is set to embrace yet another round of dry spell. It's an irony that the wettest city in Malaysia faces haze and water shortage. I wish you all well in this season, be blessed.


Choonie said...

I like the laksa at Thompson Corner Tabuan Jaya too. Not many stalls serve laksa with clams. Though, I know clam is not a healthy food. Once in a while, should be alright.

Andrew Ho said...

I always eat it without clams. I go so often, the stall know my laksa is to serve without clams already. xD

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