Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am sad for Malaysia

Super Short Talk: Coincidentally, this drama happened to me on Malaysia Day 916

I was in the Cheras Pasar Malam tonight when my father called suddenly. I thought it was weird that he call at such a time because I have just called him in the morning. Upon receiving the call, here is what he said: “I heard from people that you have been writing politics in your blog, about MACC and MCA and all that…..” and he then gave me a stern warning to take it all down, because he was afraid that somehow I might get caught or thrown down the building because of my blog.

I know who was the person that spoke those things to my father, but if you are reading this, let me tell you something. My name is Andrew Ho, if you have a problem, you come to me face to face and I will show you what the Bible means by “The Wrath of God”. You can take it as a joke, but you know what I mean here. Your action which seemingly to you is harmless has caused me 2 hours of distress. I was very enraged.

I am sad for you. I have been writing my blog for a year now and everyone who reads know that I am socio-political. If you want me to delete posts regarding politics I have written, you might as well shave my balls. But even more than that, I was sad for Malaysia. Which brings us to today’s word – cowardice.

Have we Malaysian degraded ourselves to such a level, whereby we are afraid to speak up even the slightest? Have we degraded ourselves so low, that we fear to go against the powers that govern us? Without questioning? Without scrutinizing, without care? Do you really love Malaysia? Or are we just a bunch of rats that live in this country but never treat it as our own? I despise you if you are such a person. I look down on you with all my heart, mind and soul. There is no level lower of which I will regard a person than one like that. Mark my words Malaysians. Mark my words, I am sad for people like that.

How can I shut up, when my fellow Malaysian are persecuted, thrown down the building in a mysterious death. How can I shut up when my country is labeled internationally as corrupted and unjust. How can I as an educated Malaysian who love my country stand silent in this chaos? If I am truly one, then my education is wasted. If I am truly one, then my life is not worth living.

Please understand that I do not go out and slam politicians with lies or defame them baselessly. Whatever I write would be peanuts compared to what Malaysiakini had done. If someone is going to get sued or arrested. I think it will not be me. I don’t think I will have that kind of privilege. But to shut up? You undermine my character. Too much and too low.

This is cowardice. This is why we fail in every aspect to achieve political maturity.

For the peace of my father's mind, I have removed my previous post about MCA, the one with my favourite politician Ong Kee Tat and Chua Joi Lek. I do that for 2 reasons. Because I know my father loves me and he cares for me. Although his concern might appear silly, sometimes a man has to make petty sacrifices for the greater good. The big picture you'd call. But having said that, I stand and I remain right in what I wrote, jokes and comments alike. This is Andrew Ho, the few kids among the malaysian population who cares enough to speak while others care enough to listen.


chris@dotagaki said...

I am sad for Malaysia too and ya.. You pretty much sum it all in this post.

suz said...

To one of my all-time favourite blogger, I salute you and will support you in your crusade to bring justice to Malaysians! Thanks again for writing such a meaning blog post :)

Andrew Ho said...


Anonymous said...


Pls do not be cowed by the so called "government". I suupport you to exercise your constitutional right of freedom of expression. Keep it up. Malaysia definately need more of your kind.

aris said...

im sad for indonesia..

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