Monday, September 21, 2009

The Accepted Social Convention

In the process of growing up, you are likely to meet people who are smarter than you. You are also likely to meet people who are less smarter than you. Of course there are also people who are less smarter than you who thinks he is smarter than you and people who are smarter than you and look down on you at the same time. To counter with these social situations, I've come up with a formula that is,

"When a person is smart, he is obligated to tolerate others' lack of intelligence and forgive them. However when he is not so smart, all he has to do is shut up."

Believe it or not, if the society had applied my unfounded social ideas, more people would have become friends.

I respect people by these principles. Firstly I respect them for seniority. Whenever someone is significantly older than me, whether they can offer me sound opinions or not, I still have to show them a little respect for their experience and the fact that they had lived longer. But that respect is sub-standard. Secondly, I respect people for their wisdom or achievements. These are the people that really talk sense into your ears and their opinions and judgement matters. As you might have understood, I am one of those people that don't really care about the "2 cents worth opinions" of the general population. And I think the quote is stupid in itself.

If somebody regard their opinions as "2 cents worth", why do they even bother to express it to others? You might as well keep it in your diary, journal or your blog. Because throwing 2 cents around at people's face is socially unacceptable. 20 dollars on the other hand is great for me. Here is the top ten list of the types of people whom I find very distasteful:

10) People who are not sure what they are saying, but still keeps on talking.

9) People who are smart, and is trying to impress upon you how smart they are.

8) People who talks everything base solely on their own perspective and position, unable to put themselves in others' shoes.

7) People who keeps talking and never listen.

6) People who think they are funny when nobody is laughing at their jokes.

5) People that insist on their idealogies and opinions disregarding others'.

4) No heart, no emotions, no feelings, no understanding.

3) Agressive people who want to express themselves to the fullest extend everytime without practising restrains. Even if they are right, they look very wrong.

2) People who talks to you like you know nothing and they know everything.

1) Chinese who support Barisan Nasional!

Reading that, you might not agree that you have fallen on one of those listed. But I'm sure you have the same opinion that these people are annoying at times. How do I know? Maybe I might just be one of them.

Except for no.1, I am critical about that! Roarr.....


Takaloy said...

shit. I'm 10/10.

Cheng said...

Andrew, all this while, I apply the formulae you quote. It is a good attitude. ^^. Thanks for reminding me of my attitude. I think I might fall on one of them XD.

Andrew Ho said...


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