Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Crush You

If I could rename "love at first sight", I would call it crushes. But of course I couldn't do that. It's like when people try to flirt in the movies, they say "If I can rearrange the alphabet, I'll put "U" and "I" together". Yeah right, like they can rearrange the alphabet.

But if I may for once be a love guru, I'd say the problem with crushes are that they often come too fast and leave too soon. Leaving you wondering what's wrong with the world, you, him, her and everyone else.

Some things last for a long time. Others have a shorter lifespan. But the fact that they will someday end always brings us a sad moment. Sometimes we're sad for a day, sometimes longer. But even sadness expires when people move on. Which brings us to a technical question that is, if I know that the sadness I feel today will soon go away in a month, isn't what I feel now very superficial?

It may be. But it's not always the case. Because we didn't intend for crushes to happen. Most of the time, it just crashes on us. Very quickly.

The essence of writing a profound statement is to mix truth, emotions and plenty of erroneous personal opinions.

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chris@dotagaki said...

Well said. Juz wanna share some thoughts. Love itself can be superficial as it changes over time. What is believed to be "love" today might not be the same back years ago. Today, not calling or smsing gf = don't love her. Does that mean that people in the past don't know love. Of coz not. So... basically everything we perceived about how love should be, is not reality but rather influenced by time, people, media, environment etc.

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