Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I am not afraid of the government

I am still intrigued a little when people think that what I write on my blog can possibly lead me to harms way by the government. Obviously this world has over-estimated my capabilities in so many ways. Which is a common and understandable but not excusable mistake. But will I ever get caught by what I write in my blog? No. Why? Because I know what I am writing and again, really what I write and what I think is not so important to the government.

Rule no.1, I do not touch sensitive issues. Never. If I talk about race, all I will ever say is to promote unity. Because I am not racist. Even when my race is not treated with all fairness here, still, all I promote is unity and love when it comes to races. I may criticize government policies, I do not hurt other races. Because they too are human and I show respect to that. Rule no.2, I proudly accept Bahasa Malaysia as the official language of our country. Even when I have dispute between the language used in the teaching of science and maths, I never say we should not use Bahasa Malaysia as the national official language. Rule no.3, I shall never in my life insult others' religion. Even if they do not share the same religion as I am, I set my boundaries clear cut. Rule no.4, I do not insult the royals. Even if the news has lots of scandals and gossips for me to make fun of, I don't think they are so interesting. Rule no.5, I do not make up stories and slam people baselessly. What I say is merely a repetitive of news, facts, truth with the addition of my own opinions and jokes into them.

If I say Chua Soi Lek is an adulterer? Am I wrong? Can I be charged? Didn't the Star already published that many times over? If I say Ong Kee Tiat is alleged to have received 10 million ringgit from Tiong King Kong, am I wrong? Didn't all major newspaper already publish it? If I say don't vote for Barisan Nasional? Am I wrong? Can't I have an opinion about the government and decide which team I want to support? Yeah, but then can I express that view on my blog? Why not? I do not have a lot of faith in Barisan Nasional, but I don't think they are interested to jail me yet because of my opinion. They are crazy in many ways, but not to this extend to block every citizen's constitutional right for the freedom of expression. Please don't regard me so highly. I am like God, but still I'm not really God. I'm just like you and my penis is not even long.

When you read news portal like malaysiakini, malaysiainsider and 1000 more local political blogs. You will find so many more serious bloggers and journalist which are 10 times more critical than I can ever be. Me, I'm just a jester. I'm not a blogging virgin. This blog is 1 year old, my previous blog was 2 years old. I also took a 18 months break in between the two blogs to grow up. I can't say I'm mature now, since life is literally an endless learning process, but yes, I have an idea of what I am doing. SO NO! YOU WONT SEE ME ON HEADLINES ANYTIME SOON GOING TO KAMUNTING DETENTION CENTRE!

Way back in 2007

But on top of that, I want to encourage people to write, to speak, to sing. I want to encourage people to express themselves. I want to tell the world that it is okay to say what you think is right. With all due responsibility. Because if we remain silent, we lose. If we speak up we tried. And if we persist, we win.

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Ida said...

"Because if we remain silent, we lose. If we speak up we tried. And if we persist, we win."

Why I enjoy your blog:)

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