Friday, December 11, 2009

Nothing Much

I woke up with an inspiration this morning. But then I continued lying in bed by the time I got up, it is gone. I'm going back to Kuching tomorrow. December is always great for me, just to meet up old friends and gather. I only get to see some of them at this time of the year. It's like seeing Santa Clause sometimes - only once a year. Not the real one, the real one never existed but the one in the shopping mall. That's the part of life that isn't really good. Not all your friends can stay near you all the time. They mostly don't.

I don't think I will call up Mr Alan up there to ask for young and beautiful girl. That's probably because I am not straight. (Pun Intended) I mean, my back is not straight. I always have a problem standing straight after getting used for years to the habit of hunchbacking a little while walking. Which is why I bought this 2 weeks ago.

It is actually painful to use this thing regularly. But I have to if I don't want to be huckleberryfinn. It is suppose to help me fix my posture.

I've recently joined the bandwagon of idiocracy (no such word, I invented it) by drinking this. No offense, detox tea are great. And tru detox have a good reputation of making your shit look like pasta.

But again, you can eat whatever health supplement you want. If you refuse to control your diet and eat anyhow, it wont be of any help. Except to make you feel better mentally. I have extensive experience of being fat and I have made good progress in bringing it down, so I can say it. It has been 3 months I am in university. I guess this is just the end of the beginning. I am looking forward to a good time in Kuching and hopefully next year (and I dread it) would be yet another challenge I can overcome. Peace out.

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