Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A=Average, B=Bad, C=Crap

Last Sunday I returned to KL in order to start my new semester. How nice would it be if life can stop at one pleasant place and never move on. But that doesn't happens too much doesn't it. You move from one place to another, one phase to another. December was great but this is January, it will come again but only once a year. If only everyday could be Christmas and every night is New Year. It would be pleasant.

I'd wish all my friends can be at one place at all time. Around me. But that doesn't happen a lot too. Some studies elsewhere, some plan to work elsewhere. Some don't belong to this country. And from time to time, they move on, and when they do, we have to move too. The direction we're heading would not so much be the same, perhaps someday we'll meet again. Perhaps we'll forget each other in time. Perhaps "moving on" has another meaning, it also means "letting go".

Obsession is a curse that I hope would never happen to you. But it does, when it does, it's bad. I've heard that the fastest way to get rid of an obsession is to get a new one. But when you can't find a new one, you learn to let go. It's the hardest part of growing up.

On an unrelated matter I got a B for Business Econs. So no mood to blog, New Year just started, take it easy la.....

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Chris said...

HAPPY 2010 2 U YA.

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