Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Of Those Moments

Tonight must be the night of nights, because I can't sleep tonight. I've been sleeping too much lately. And when you sleep too much, you'd wake up in one of the odd nights at 2 a.m. And then you couldn't sleep again. And if you're human, at this hour of time, there'll be a lot of thoughts that come rushing to you, all at once. It's one of those time when sex doesn't seem so appealing. It's one of those time. It happens. First to artist, then to those who suffer a bad mid-life crisis. Nah, actually it happens to everyone with an IQ above 100.

It's one of those time you think about life. Specifically your life. And then you think about the lives of others, and how it affect you or how it doesn't affect you. And then you think about your life again. And then you'd feel empty. You'd feel as if life is suppose to have so much more than what you have now. You feel as if you should be out doing greater things than you are now. You feel that there is so much more that you are missing. And then you catch a breath.

Well that's life gentlemen. That's life. It's one of those time and it happens to everyone. Nobody really capture that moment of their life down. Few poets perhaps pen it down in their poetry, but it happens and that's life. I smile at my life. I smile at your life. Tonight I smile to the world and wishes it well. Tonight I smile to the boys and the girls, and to friendship and to whatever good is left in this world and wish it well.

This is one of those time where you would never understand what it is, unless you too experience the same. You're not happy you're not sad. There is no reason to be sad, but there is not much to celebrate. Nothing is what it seems to be. None. And that's how it feels.


Chels said...

Wat the sai are you crapping about?

Andrew Ho said...

Are you kidding? Everyone know that I am the no.1 sai talker in Malaysia. People pay to hear me talk sai!

Chris said...

U have imsonia?

Andrew Ho said...

No, I sleep a lot.

Mizzsharon said...

its a bad habit!
I have this bad habit too btw.
Its like.. I sleep at odd hours during the day, and wake up at funny hours.
Sleep at 3 wake up at 9.
and people will think that I don't sleep at all.
Fact is, I take frequent naps.

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