Friday, October 16, 2009

Run fatboy, run!

Ever since I started attending University, I've been attending gym more religiously then I attend church. Maybe it's because of the influence from my crazy indonesian friends that is obssesed with gyming. Or maybe it's because I finally decide to live up to the full potential that I am. Which in short can be described in a versatile english word call -------- awesome. Or, fat.

This is one of the few examples of my crazy friends

For me it's just fun to play in the gym. It makes me feel healthy. Doesn't matter if it's just an illusion, it's still worth it.

Which is why when I read about Kenny Sia opening a new gym in Kuching. I was actually very delighted. Because as we know, Kuching don't really have a proper gym. You cannot put two threadmills and two dumbells in a room and call it a gym. Neither can you make a big stadium call Rakan Muda and fill it up with rusty steels and broken equipment and say it's a gym.

I think it's just a great idea, if I were in Kuching I would definitely visit the place. Unless it's super expensive. But I don't know the rates so I cannot comment on it. My guess is that it will be relevant enough for working adults. I would have drop Kenny an email to take a sneek peak of the place and blog about it if I were in Kuching.

Kuching needs it. If I had enough capital, I would open one. Like how I always fancy about opening a gelato stall in Kuching. Because Kuching desperately needs gelato. Anyone who has enough money and you are reading this, open a gelato stall and sell it at Rm6.90. I like that number, I don't know why.

But I think this will work out well I think lah.


Dienasty said...

Actually Kuching does have a state gym, and all the state sports players go there (for free, but members can sign up too) to do physicals. And it's not bad, too, even if the place is a little old.

It's at civic centre, opposite Sarawak Club. Any idea where Kenny Sia's new gym is located at?

Andrew Ho said...

No idea yet....

Vijay Eswaran said...

Got linked here tru kenny sia..:)
Great blog..

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