Wednesday, November 4, 2009


人与人之间相处是一门艺术,它是一种感觉,也是一种感情。困难在那里呢?它就在当你看着心爱的人与别人做爱时,那个感受你如何承担?所以我们今天的主题是,当她与别人做爱时,我如何再跟她相处。 我再次强调,相处是一门艺术,这是个很烂的开头。 哈哈哈。。。

心痛是痛得很痛。算了也算不了多少。想忘在一时之间是不可能的。这种感觉你叫我如何处理? 他们说这种小爱小恨,迟早会过去,但迟早不是今天。迟早不是明晚,当迟早还没到来时,你叫我怎么死?



English Translation via Google Translate:

Among people is an art, it is a feeling, but also kind of feeling. The difficulty there? It's in when you watch a loved one when having sex with others, how do you feel that commitment? Therefore, today's theme is that when she was having sex with someone else, when, how do I get along with her. I stress once again that coexistence is an art, this is the beginning of Henlan. Ha ha ha. . .

Heartburn is the pain painful. Forget also the number of Suan Bule. Would like to forget in a while is impossible. This feeling you call me how to deal with? They say that this little love little hate, sooner or later will pass, but sooner or later, not today. Sooner or later, not tomorrow, when not coming sooner or later, you told me how to die?

This world is irresponsible, it is not fair, it is cruel. Not some people do not make progress, is a fact too often too difficult. What's more guilty of Jian's always been like you and I ask for it, nobody is to blame.

Conclusion? Is the bar stool to eat with everyone.

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U cakap apa nie??
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