Monday, November 16, 2009


Don't kill small crabs

Tmnet is a headache. And we all know that. To make a long story short,

I want to apply streamyx, apartment no phoneline,I applied phoneline,after got phoneline,they tell me no port,I wait for the port to be fixed,after port fixed,they tell me no modem,so I waited for the modem and then I found out that the modem got only one lan port which is not enough for my 4 people I have to ask someone who can help me set up my D-link Modem.. Total waiting time, 2 WEEKS!

They say if you want many people to read your blog, all you have to do is to swear a lot. Like how Namewee diao TNB.

So streamyx cibai. But I have no choice but to subscribe to them because she is the monopoly. Other broadbands are still crap. They are either coverage not enough, got thereshold limit, slower or simply more expensive.

Talking about crap did you read the news of the "missing girl" who went to genting with her 15 year old boyfriend? Don't undermine this kind of news because these are the news that made it to "the star" most viewed. People like sensational news. In other words, I'd but Rm50 that they had sex in genting. Because we all like having sex in genting and 15 year old boys can dry hump a bolster for 30 minutes, what more the real thing. Hah, one of the regrets of my life is to never make headlines for this kinda thing.

I mean, who would report a news which says "Andrew, one of the boys that lived his life ordinarily and properly, watching occasional porn with minimal exposure, reject special service when go to massage but masturbate himself in private, never thought of paying for sex, retain dignity by retaining virginity until he finally lose it voluntarily and legally with someone hopefully is not a whore". This is the kind of news where the title would be "Top 10 losers of the year".

But really? Has our world demoralized itself to an extend whereby doing something right equals God damn you are a freaking loser? The truth is it has. But boy, if you've reach a certain stature called "The Andrew Ho standard of I don't care what the fuck you do as long as I don't fuck up my life like you do", you'll be glad you belong to the minority group of so called losers.

Don't regard me as a self-righteouss person who always repeat the same thing. Regard the enviroment and peer preasure a little bit too much to bear. In other words, imagine your 16 year old girl which is in love with me going to Genting for a week long holiday. I swear in the name of TMNet, 7 condoms will not be enough. And you would wish this society is a better place. You would wish the clubs doesn't sell pills, you would wish there aren't so many chinese prostitutes in Bukit Bintang.

By they why did I choose 16? That is the minimum age I will not be charge with statutory rape. That's the difference between men like us and the boys at large, we use our freaking brain even when we're horny. Education not wasted.

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