Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cute In Many Degrees

Morning Gentlemen,

I've just realized if you have recently fall out of love, winter sonata is one of the songs that can most probably inspire a suicide. So don't listen to it. I've been going through some rough patches lately, I became a little emotional as it is reflected in my writing. But I guess this will be the last mushy post in a while. Because life move on and people have to follow it.

You might be wondering what happened, but if you know me you'll know that I do not discuss about my personal feelings and stories very much. Never. Certain things are better kept in the heart, it is no big deal, it's just me being more of a man. A little bit too much sometimes.

The holidays are coming, I'll be back in Kuching for a brief 2 weeks towards the end of December. As I am writing to you I am also listening to a piano piece that sounds almost like a sad Christmas song. And all I can think of in my mind is that this Christmas, it will be wonderful if I could just get the chance to meet up all my friends. Those that I have not seen for a long time, a damn long time indeed and I want to tell them that I still remember them, and I still care. Just as I always will.

I want to do those good things before I get a little older. Wouldn't want to wait until my mid-life crisis come to finally realize what I've missed ^^

There are times indeed when we feel a little sentimental, but God I hope those times wouldn't be too long. As a boring writer that generates all his boring ideas from his empty mind, I can tell you, it doesn't feel so good. For every sentence you write that touches the heart of others, it must first touch yours.

To lighten up this post, I wanna visit the new gym in Kuching when I'm back though, I wonder if they would let non-members in at all. I guess they would at least let me in until the receptionist counter, it's worth a shot because when I look at the pictures from Kennysia's website, the receptionist looks kinda pretty. Just wanna make sure it isn't photoshoped. Hahahaha.....

I'm cute in many degrees. And I deserve a great life. That's what God told me and that's what I believe. So it does to you my dearly beloved friend, whoever you are. Here's a little flying kiss for you from the bottom of my heart.

He goes to gym, he thinks egg white is protein, he needs protein, so he ate all the white and left this aside

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