Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bonus Post

Do you feel that sometimes Christianity to you is just a loose set of moral codes? Designed to keep you in line, and while you obeyed them casually you didn't pay much attention to it: You just did enough to make you feel good about yourself.

Do you wake up in the morning and pray routinely because it is what the church told you to do since young, but you never really mean it in the heart? Do you at times go to church camps or church events, where the music is so good, the worship is so great it “touched” your heart, and for a moment you are excited about God and Jesus but that feeling only last for a week, and then, you forget, and then you slowly and completely leave it behind.

If you have these experiences, you need to pick up the phone and call me. Because many churches ain’t telling you the real deal about Christianity, because many churches are keeping the truth and Jesus behind the curtain. They are not teaching you right. Church is not a law school where you go and learn what is right or wrong. Church is a place you meet Christ, and through His empowerment, love and grace, you change. This is a message from Andrew Ho, the last few people in this nation, that can really preach the hell out of you.

Super Christian Talk: If you are a preacher, you read this out loud to your congreation this Sunday and then you preach Jesus to them. If you can't show them the truth, pick up the phone and call me. I charge by hour.


Khian said...

Did human being really live with the dinosaur since the bible said that the earth is only 5k years old? Do u sincerely believe in the talking snake? Hmmm...and yes, Jesus really did walk on water.

Anonymous said...

i really understand your point. it's just sth being blown out of proportion and n no longer retains sincerity. pathetic.

Andrew Ho said...

human lived with the dinosaur, I keep one as a pet at home and name it dino. Bible said earth is 6K not 5K years old. A talking snake is not blown out of proportion when you are living in the garden of Eden. They have free flow durian.Jesus did walk on waters just as he had rose up from the grave. And people being skeptical about christianity? I have absolutely no problem with it.Just don't do it in front of my face. FYI, I rejoices to see people like so go to hell rather than heaven.Pathetic? Spending time reading my blog is pathetic. Believing in God, not so.

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