Friday, November 20, 2009

To Arthur!

I don't drink a lot. I don't drink at all. Not even socially. I only drink when I am sad. It's a trick that I've recently learnt that drinking a little beer helps me relax. You don't get drunk, no, I don't get drunk with a can of beer. I never got drunk and I don't think I will. My point is, it's actually easier to sleep with a little alchohol when your heart is a little troubled. It makes your mind think slower and your heart numb. That's why I guess my dad drink a can (and a can of beer only) before he sleeps. You see, when you're married with the same women for the past 25 years....... ahhh , nevermind that.

It is true that drinking is not a solution to any problem. If it is, then psychologist and counsellor will be very sad because they will be out of job. But not every problem is solvable and technical. Not everything is a business decision. Some of the problems is just stupid. For example, you fall in love with a girl that doesn't like you and like someone else instead. Or you're gay and you fall in love with a guy that is straight and you're thinking what the hell is wrong with you. In short, emotional problems are more complicated and there usually is no solution to it, except for you wait for time to heal itself or........ TO ARTHUR!

Beer is like panadol, you don't use it to treat your problems. You just suppress it until it gets better. And believe it or not, this suppressing thing, it works for boys. Girls would love to crawl and hug each other in bed, talking and crying their hearts out while trying to come up with encouragements and solutions to their problems. Boys on the other hand drink and talk in analogies.

For example, a girl would say: I really love this boy, but he rejected me because I am 1 year olderrrrrrrrrr (insert high pitched voice and tears), now I just feel so stupid, why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyy did I fall for this kinda boy. Although he is really cuteeeeeeeee, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (insert higher pitched voice and more tears)

Boys or in particularly me in similar situation would go: I did something stupid.......really really stupid. To Arthur! And all we need is a few friends that didn't care to be around, just so we can show how damn sad we are.

So which way is better? Of course the girl way is better, that's why they live longer. But will we change? Of course not, if everyone in the world would stop drinking, we will have enough rice to feed all the starving children in Africa. It's a big industry. We can't let it fall. But am I advocate drinking. No, I'm just lining up a social phenomena that neither of us can change. It's an observation base on facts that do no justice to anybody.

Welcome to the cruel cruel world


Anonymous said...

this guinness stout is really amazing. the foam sinks to the bottom which is scientifically impossible.

Anonymous said...

scientifically impossible? are u trying u tell that science can't prove? LOL

Chris said...

Long time didnlt come n visit u. How r u?

Andrew Ho said...

I am fine :)

Anonymous said...

exactly, science cant prove it

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