Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Talks

I have been writing on this blog for the past 11 months now. It has been over 100 posts consistently generated by my less than interesting life. Sometimes I wish I can write blog in seasons. You know, you get 1 season done. Then you get a long break, and then you come back to make season 2 again. Which is not a very bad idea. Because life is about seasons. It's about stages. If you wonder what does generation gap means, it simply means 2 people who are at different stages of life being unable to communicate effectively.

J.Co Yogurt is a great idea except it being Rm9.10

But again, if you think this is just another blog post that I'm gonna preach about life, you are wrong. I can't possibly do it all the time. Women, come once a month. I cannot come 6 times a month and still be normal. By the way, I am not implying that I am. And I feel that it is time for me to move on to the next stage of life. I know it is a little too early to make new year resolutions, but who are we kidding, most new year resolutions go down the drain. If you want something to be different, you make a move today.

I don't know, maybe I should take life more seriously. Maybe I should fall in love. Maybe I should change my attitude towards life and people (unlikely so, why lower my statures to be one of those lowly beings). Maybe I should rock the world of everyone I know and show them I am alive and kicking. There are a lot of maybes, most of them crap. But between dreams and reality, most people want to be a better person than what he really is when it comes to Christmas and New Year. It's more likely a futile attempt as they will repeat their same behaviour the following year. But there will be a few of us that can really do it.

It is believed that abalone resembles a certain body part

Which reminds me what Einstein said, insanity is to repeat the same action hoping for a different result.This is good isn't it, just me sitting here chit chatting with you randomly. Actually I am just talking to myself here. I don't even know who reads my blog and who doesn't now. This is a one way communication. With the help of facebook, blogs are really dying. It's actually more enjoying to play facebook than this. I mean, we can do most of the things on facebook more effectively than blogging. It's like a blogging tool made for lazy people.

Instead of typing long sentences to say something, you just have to update your facebook status that goes like "I AM SHAVING MY BALLS NOW". And the whole world gets it. You want to show where you've been today, just upload some photos and tag everyone. Events, great tool I used it to organise gatherings this coming Christmas. Just invite your friends on facebook and see if they are coming. And the comments, wonderful, you like something, just click "like". Way more encouraging than someone cursing you on your blog anonymously.

It's the young people thing today. Unrelatedly, I'm having this cough for a week now. It's 2 a.m. as I'm writing, so let's just consider this our pillow talk and say our goodnights.

P/S: The Christmas Carol is actually a good and meaningful show to watch. For those people who are more inclined towards English education, if you want to reminiscence your childhood Charles Dickens story, watch it. It makes Christmas better than 2012.

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