Monday, January 12, 2009

One Break Day

From The Star a few days ago - "Malaysia has given the United Nations Security Council a one-day “deadline” to come up with a resolution on Israel’s aggression against Palestine before it goes “full steam ahead” to call for a special session of the General Assembly. Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said......"

I immediately received a call from the United Nations soon after and they said to me "Tell your country to go fuck herself. Don't mess with the Zohan!"

You have to watch the movie to understand this joke

By the way, I went to Tun Mahathir's blog the other day to see if he is still alive and I saw this:

It happens that Mahathir is selling Safe Deposit Boxes nowadays. I don't know who manages his blog for him, but whoever it is, you are sure doing a shit job. Mahathir not rich enough meh, need to put advertisement in blogs, cheapskate.

Well at least he got ads, unlike me, the Nuffnang I put on my blog is like putting up a decoration. They don't even give me one advertisement since I started blogging here. What to do? I am not the ex Prime Minister who jailed Anwar. I think the only way to heighten my hits is to maybe put a nude picture of myself. Which I am sure all my friends will say "if you put your lan jiao on your blog, I think you will have to shut it down the next day, people will vomit on their screen".

Today a friend of mine gave me a pizza treat in Merdeka Palace, a hotel in Kuching.

I am not a food blogger, but like all Malaysian I like food very much. As a matter of fact I like food so much I'd give my virginity up for food.

Some fruit juice thing Rm10

We ordered a seafood pizza. It looked like this


Some people say they serve the best pizza in town. And me? I only know that I paid Rm5 for parking less than 2 hours. Grrr.......

I understand that this post has got nothing inspiring, amusing or thought provoking. But I read this from kennysia the other day, quoting from him:

"I made lost so much of a personal touch. So much so that these days, I get the feeling somewhat that I wasn't quite treated as a human being anymore.

Instead, I am like this machine that is supposed to entertain everyday, tell jokes and make people laugh. I was told that I deserve to be judged, I deserve to be ridiculed and I have no right to defend. Also I'm not supposed to write any ads, because machines don't write ads. And if I'm not doing a good job, then I deserve to be scolded and ridiculed"

I feel for him lah, it's very difficult to blog while taking care of readership. It makes what is supposed to be fun becomes pressure. Coming up with postings to entertain people every other day takes a lot of sacrifice, especially on time. If you won't admit that, go ahead and try to write something that might possibly inspire me, I am not being proud when I say that many people wont be able to do that even if I give them a lifetime. Like any scholars and geeks would agree with me, literatures and philosophies are not what you learn, it is what you are. You either get it or you don't get it, there's no need to try.

And readers don't even appreciate it most of the time, they just expect their favorite blogger to do more and more. Sometimes when they feel like it, they'll just throw you a comment saying 'fuck you, fuck your father, fuck your mother, fuck your brother, fuck your sister, fuck your grandmother, fuck your grandfather, fuck all your fucking ancestor, fuck, fuck, fuck'.

So if you think I am terribly boring when I sometimes write about my daily life, what I do today and how many times I masturbate. It's really alright. Just hop to another blog that interest you more. But trust me, there are not very much of them in Malaysia. Weee Haaaa, that's all I got to say now, Chinese New Year is coming, have a nice day.

P/S: Kuching rained so much the past two days the road became this in some places.


Maris said...

Oh the pizza photograph you took made me hungry...

I like your upfront straight sarcstic humor when writing. But it makes me wonder if you are the way you write... most bloggers I know have a sarcastic front online, to bring about wit and humor. But in real life they're sweet muffins. Do you fall in the same category?

Andrew Ho said...

I do not want to say it, but since you insist, fine, I am a sweet muffin. *crawl on the floor and laugh*

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